Samsung Gear Sport Hands-on Review: Serious fitness tracker

Our Samsung Gear Sport hands-on review at IFA 2017 shows off this fitness-tracking sports watch, boasting GPS, WiFi, heart rate monitoring and offline Spotify support.

The Gear Sport's 1.2-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen is a stunning way to view your activity tracking details, while the spin wheel can be used to zip around the interface. Samsung's Sport watch is water resistant too, up to 50m!

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49 комментариев
Thanks I think I'll buy this product
Minci Phillips
I think the gear sport is something . I would be interested in. The only thing I that might hold me back .Would be the price.But I never had a smart watch before.
Renz Alfred Villegas
what's the name of the watchface?
rohan ramteke
Really an awesome gadget...
Lucilles' Reels
no sleep tracking on this device?
Seema Phadte
Does this have sleep monitor
Ian Rothell
Did you see if the sport had a built in speaker? Not a deal-breaker, but would help me decide between the sport and the s3.
pretty and polished
does it automatically register a run working out lime the fit 2 does
Sharon Ferolino
Does this stack up to Garmin watches? Swim, bike, run features pretty accurate on the Samsung watches??
this or the Garmin Vivoactive 3?
Mr Hememz
whats different from gear 3?
Koby Chandrabalan
Does it have cellular? Can we answer phone call on this one.
Sol Foot-abrey
can i swim in the sea with it?
Dream Fighters
hm, now i have to think... samsung gear sport or garmin vivoactive 3..

dang both are good. been years of using my garmin vivosmart hr, its dying soon lol. need to pick out of this two.
hope to see a full review on this samsung gear sport too from you guys.
Kritos Georgiou
Read in the official site that it takes a micro SIM. So this can be used as a separate phone devise as well? Where does the sim fit?
Is there going to be an upgrade for Frontier?
Does it support endomondo?