Why Cycling Is The BEST Sport for Weight Loss


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These are the top 5 reasons why cycling is the BEST sport for weight loss and fitness gains. It is a great cardio sport that allows you to train under aerobic and anaerobic respiration at a low impact which decreases your risk of injury. Cycling is also a great sport for adventure and being part of a motivated community. If however you can't find someone to ride with, no worries. Just grab your bike and helmet and explore new roads!

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Jacob E.
I was 350 lbs when I finally got back on a bike. Size 48x34 pants.. I rode my bike 14 miles round trip 4 or 5 days a week. I lost a total of 159 pounds and had to buy new pants and shorts every week. Im back up to 250 and am getting a bike with taxes. Anyone looking to lose weight needs to get a damn bike because the pounds will literally melt off you. thabks for the video brotha!
1. It's cardio.
2. Low impact sport.
3. It's exciting and adventurous.
4. Social aspect (group rides / clubs).
5. You can do it on your own (no team required).
the best workout is the one that is fun
This man is absolutely correct. I've lost over 100 lbs from my stationary bike.
I could not agree more with you. In 2000, living in Dallas, I purchased an inexpensive bicycle and started riding. At first I was riding only 7 miles after work each day. As my enthusiasm for riding grew, my mileage increased until I was getting 25 miles a day. In 18 months I went from 300 pounds to 190 pounds. I moved to Chicago and became an avid rider typically doing more than 30 miles a day to and from work plus adventure rides. I'm now 66 years old, 165 pounds, and I live in Ecuador. I only ride between 10 and 20 miles a day now but I live in a village 8300 feet above sea level and ride uphill from here into the mountains. Bicycle riding took me from being a sedentary person to being an active, alive, adventurous person. I love my bike riding life!
Use your bicycle for transportation. Saves you time to workout, save money for gas and car, and good for the environment.
I just bought a bike yesterday. I haven't been on a bike in ages. I was worried how I'd do with balance. Im recovering from knee surgery. It felt great riding. Good video.
Jessica Green
Cycling clears the mind and releases some great hormones for stress relief!
Luciano Narno
I have seen results in just like 6 months of cycling.

I do not have all the money in the world but I got and 80's road bike and upgraded to Shimano components (some 105, some Deore).
For 400 USD you could get a very good bike to start with.

My tips are:

1.- Don't spend too much: You don't need a cycling computer, your phone with an app like MapMyRide can give you all that data and track your ride.
2.- Start easy and build up effort. I started with 5km rides and have worked my way up to 10 km rides (it's not easy for me, I have asthma)

3.- Learn to clean and fix your bike yourself. It so easy and there is so many videos of how to keep your bike on top condition here in YouTube (some are: GCN, RJ the bike guy, etc...) This is extremely important.

4.- Invest in a good quality helmet. No excuses, never ride a bike without safety gear.
That lipstick just looks ravishing on you.
Suzie Duran
So funny. I cycle miles on my Dolce for work, school, and home. I never intended for cycling to help me lose weight and just to get from point A to point B. My legs have never been so strong and toned. My calves too. My heart rate. I've lost weight and gotten mentally and physically stronger. Going fast is a plus too.
Pavol Petik
Why Cycling Is The BEST Sport for Weight Loss....because it is lot of fun...and every climb is awarded by downhill
im iam runner mtb and road biker
Universal Soldier
I definitely agree about cycling, but lock your diet in FIRST before anything. Vegan is obviously among the best ways to go.
Bojo David
I'm just starting out in the world of cycling
Rockhead Gary
Fasted bike rides. If you commute by bike, do it Fasted. Quality oatmeal with nuts, cranberries, and blueberries almost daily. Don’t eat breakfast until noon, and make your last meal at 6/7 ish.
Cut the bread and cut the sugar.
Peach Mango Moon
I think the best sport is the sport that someone will actually do regularly. If you like rowing then do rowing. I do like cycling but I know not everyone else will. I totally agree with your video it is great for exploring. Great to see you are promoting cycling! Liked the video! :D
Sean Surdovel
Agreed wholeheartedly - 1 year ago I was 225 lbs and had knee issues from a baseball injury I sustained in my teens, so every time I tried to take up running my knee would balloon up and I had to stop for a week. I switched to a vegetarian diet and took up bicycling as a low impact way to turn my commutes into a workout. After a few months I got a proper road bike and took up cycling as a hobby. Today I'm 165, and my resting heart rate has dropped from 85 to 60. I'm in the best health of my life thanks to cycling.
Thomayam Upright
I'm glad I came across this video. I've been cycling for over 30 years. Three years ago, I had both my hips replaced because of arthritis. Last year, July 4, 2017, was my first month back in the saddle. I actually found it to be beneficial for range of motion improvement. It also strengthened my legs. It's almost a year later and I'm already up to 300 miles per month, weather premitting. I strongly encourage cycling, not only for physical health, but mental and social health as well. I'm 57 years old and I approve this video. See you all on the road someday.
Stop harassing me, dude, I can't afford a bike right now!  Thanks for posting ; )
"BEST Sport for Weight Loss" is running, but cycling is better :-)
Cedric J
Really like the theme of your video, "Just get your bike and helmet and go have a healthy and fun-filled adventure!" I think people just make things so complicated these days, so much so, that we lose the fun and adventure aspect of it. I can remember when I was growing up that we just would grab our bikes and ride everywhere and it was so fun, but little did I realize of how healthy and in shape we were in. Just a thought.
Dhananjay Sahu
Liked your lipstick bro need it for my girl.😁😁
Btw amzing video.
Kara Camille Delonas
I prefer yoga, but I bike around town to get groceries sometimes.
You can go up a tall hill and lose weight then ride your bike down the hill and have fun= win win
ajay phillips
@ bananiac--- great advice n info.. i totally relate to ur 5th reason.. i love cycling on my own.. its meditation time me. no intrusion from anyone by my side. esp people who want to know things from ur personal life n ready to pass judgements without knowing u your whole life. Thanks for the excellent video n God bless.. Livestrong!!
Fau Q
Durian Rider made this video like 10 years ago!!
Amy Worley
i love strava! i’ve been getting into biking way more this summer trying to get healthy and cut my carbon emissions... however i live in an area that gets VERY cold in winters and wonder if you have any tips for biking in winter?
I bought a MTB last May 2015, been at it for almost a year. mostly road riding and small trails. It encouraged me to change my diet and drink only water now. I started at 374lbs I'm down to 298lbs and feeling great!
Yes. Cycling for the win! :)) much love Tino!
Branden Kohs
After 2 years of cycling with an average of 2 rides a week, I'm almost 80lbs lighter than I was when I started. A lot of that was because of a drastic diet change. Cycling was not only physically helpful, but it pushed me mentally as well.
Hank Moody
your exactly my personality type damn. Cycling is for me. I love just getting on the bike and exploring new roads like you said. that's the best
Joseph Romasko
Well said bro..
Nige Johnson
I started cycling properly about 5 years ago after reconstructive surgery on my knee. Since then I have lost over 5 stone in weight and am fitter than I have ever been, 46 years old and still going strong. I would recomend cycling to anyone.
Dennis Nowland
compensatory resting , compensatory eating.
Jaspreet Singh
nice video , i like to use Runkeeper app for tracking my cycling and Jogging
patrick Clark
its all fun and games until a car takes you out
How much weight I can lose by 10 km per day cycling in a month. My weight is 112 kg
Kall me Koala
My dad kinda ruined cycling since he made me do it everyday, but I'll give it a try :P
Now it's 60days of cycling ,feel like I have reclaimed my life ! ❤
All Paints
You are absolutelly right!
Cicling the best exercise ever .
Freedom, the #1 and good life style I LOVE IT!!
Omar Maldonado-Battistini
Totally agreed! Adventure + MTB + Freedom = Happiness.
George Koch II
"plus it's a great way to stay in shape"
family guy
The perfect sport is the one you enjoy and do consistently. For people who doesn't like biking but love to dance, then dancing is better.
Khyra A
What about indoor cycling 🚵‍♀️ is this good as well?🤔
Jack is not in the box
Is Strava on android? I'm thinking of getting an android phone
anjel ching
i started about 2 months ago and i quickly fell in love with it thanks for the video man!!
thank you for being so positive towards cycling
Gwynn Jason Arevalo
you dont need padded shorts in mountain biking because u rarely use the saddle
Just got back from my sleeping pill ride! Following you on strava too! Keep making them bicycle gains!!
Thank for being so positive toward what you like, thank you
Johnny Rizvanovic
Thanks Bro, I'm thinking about buying the Schwinn 700c GTX2. would you recommend?
Agreed with all of it, then you lost me with that vegan talk. It’s cool though I’ll keep riding and enjoying meat and dairy products. I will still have fun and get fit.
Thank you for the tips! I am going to get my bike back on the road.
remember cycling is always better when your in the way of everyone else
Mohamed Ismail
why cycling rides are skin? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
escalation protocol
As much as I love cycling, I don’t want to end up like the sticks mans you see at the Olympics. I want to keep my muscles.
Hey man, you should try unicycling for a nice challenge.
Dude, I think I will give this a try. Thanks.
Sha Zam
You had me until you said "Vegan" .
Jane Doe
"if you fall off it's not low impact anymore" LOL
George Muirhead
A very good video really agree with your valid points
Buzzode Buzz
Ride On ...... It's One of the Best Activities a Person can do .... Anytime !!! Great VIDEO !!
Nordic Skiing is better.
Cosmic Beancounter
I say this as a 35+ year cyclist.
honestly, swimming is probably the best
Amani Graham
I definitely agree!! I lost 5 pounds in just 5 days lol 😂
Cycling tips are great but not plant based nutrition. Veganism ruined my health and I did it by the book.
you can get excellent entry level bikes from Bikes Direct for under $400

I ride exclusively vintage steal bikes I would put them up against modern bikes any day of the week.

Have you talked about choosing a bike that's affordable?
I Road Cycle doing around 2500 miles a year which isn"t a lot compared to some but i absolutely love it. I prefer Cycling on my own to be honest and for fitness you can"t beat it.
As for Strava, be careful,..............it can become Addictive, my Downhill Segments are Bordering on Reckless.
exactly the video topic that I was looking to see.
I just bought a Durban for myself and I need to lose weight and unfortunately walking / running are not an options for me since my left foot tightens and swells up.
Luis Otavio Perroni Sarmento
holy crap, I'm 22 and train near 180~190 heartbeats, it means i'm doing my best efforts?I can't afford a power meter
Bill Jones
This man is correct, I've lost 46,367 pounds collectively since beginning riding.
ii HydroX
I've lost 60 pounds from cycling and I love the strava app I'm mikey helman jr look me up
ghostspider KGS
I love walking after work when im free
Sometimes long distance
At some point it got boring I've already been here and there so thought i should get a bicycle even tho
I never ridden a bicycle
But your video helped me
So im excited to get one
Also i need to
lose my weight anyway
So thx man:)
Uncle Dad
I bought a beach cruiser from the thrift store. $35 ,,,usually ride twice a day to work and back,have lost some weight,was discouraged at first,but,still burning calories,,best $35 I invested in
Hey Bananiac, as a vegan cyclist, what drink do you take as an isotonic with you for hydration?
Excelents advices!! Thanks .. and very very True!!
Nicole Barnes
What is a good bike to ride on A cruise bike just let me know
*Reason 6)* The awesome kit
Panranch PSN
I lost 50lbs in 1 month with cycling
nikolaos stavrou
i agree my friend im the living proof ! 68 kilos in 4,5 years
Thanks for the video!
Ahnaf Al Islam
Dont have hills even 100 km near me. So is flat road okay?
I agree 100% .
Dan Grissom
the possiblity to go up quickly and leave earth is also quick
Jim Hollis
Great video on WHY cycling is tops for great health!
you are so smart and cute and i hope i can find a vegan boyfriend like you :)
Mike Coleman
And the 5 reasons you didn't declare at the beginning you were being sponsored for this video by Strava? Lol
Ghost Rider
I'm more of a mountain biker lol
Msafiri Mhehe
Yap. All you said is very true and real.. Great courage...
Brother John's
A very true video, plus this may save your life. jUST DO IT
G Syb
“Obviously of ty have a fall, it’s not low impact anymore” 😂😂
Map my ride, great app
Jay Wheeler
So I'm 300lbs and got a bike yesterday so wish me luck
Vault 378
I just bought a decent aluminum 6061 roadbike and trainer for $160 on kijiji. So it is possible for those who don't have a grand to lay down.
Gary Butt
Great vid man the word FUN is very relevant people
Tim Bullman
Today was ment to be a rest day. I'm now getting changed.
George Gilles
+Matthew Jenkins it's true gel saddles are the best. I am fortunate to have a couple.
Scenic Cycling
Cycling has helped me not only with my weight, but also endurance and muscle tone too.
John Lo
hey, thanks for that info, I should buy racing road bike for loss weight hehe