Apple Watch Series 4 fitness review: We tested Apple's fitness claims

How well does the newest Apple Watch hold up as a fitness tracker, and are the new features worth the splurge?

Read the Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress -

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What do you think of the watch? Worth it or wait for Series 5? Read the Apple Watch Series 4 review in progress -
Friday Apple
Finally CNET found a fit person to review a fitness device
Johnny Crash
Six hour hike??? Wtf
Mark Sones
Was the series 3 brand new out the box or had it been used for a year? Quite important for battery testing
To be fair, this test would have been more accurate with a brand new series 3 because of battery degeneration
Aly Sallam
Wow 6hr hike!! Thanks for doing this!!!
Fido Montoya
Apple never lies about battery performance. They usually under estimate it.
John Doe
You should compare a month old AW4 with a month old AW3... because the AW3 you’re using went through at least 356 more cycles y’know.
Paul Martin
I'm finding the bigger screen and, more importantly how quickly it turns on with a flick of the wrist, allows me to actually check my stats while swimming as I push off the wall. I quick wrist flick underwater just before I start the stroke is all I need to see what I need.
test it again after they start releasing updates
Gracie Mae
I have been waiting for a proper fitness review!!!!
tgoon 90
Will be getting the series 4 for sure
Just a tip for watchOS 5: You can hold down and drag up the control panel anywhere in the watch. In the video she keeps going back to the watch face for that but it’s not necessary. But to be fair, it’s not well explained :)
Dream Big
It’s amazing how old the series 3 looks. The series 4 i think it perfect!
literally just got series 4 yesterday for my birthday. I want to figure out what I need to do to set it up for my style of workouts, and how well does it link to my mapmyrun, myfitnesspal, etc. or do i even need those with internal apps.
To be fair that Series 3 battery probably isn't in its full capacity after a year of usage
A Vantastic Life
Not enough battery life for the cost.
insta: dame306
i actually appreciate you so much for actually taking that hike to test the watches! super awesome
Paul Martin
2:00 - Tip: You can swipe to see control centre (or notifications) from any app or screen on Watch OS 5 now... :)
Hate all of those who keep telling me that my series 3 is irrelevant.... grr 🤬
Joshua Lindsey
Thank you for your battery comparison! I calculate easy 25% better battery on series 4....that’s under shooting it. I’d say 30% better than series 3. Thank you again for your video!
Series 1, version 1 doesn't get the update :(
Rosalie Clark
Is that a 40 mm or 44 mm series 4?
james Newell
Great video but I have one question is it waterproof? Please answer
Paul Martin
5:35 - I hope they fix the Competition Badge display bug in an update. It looks awful when it messes up the line/star positions!
Angel Galvez
Oh I gotta get it! Great video Vanessa!
Ferry Gunadi
How about the battery wear? Was the Series 3 brand new? Because after a year of usage, battery life can be degraded a bit, so it could affect the result.
Patec T.
Series 3 was brand new? like the series 4?
Henry B
A six hour hike; now that’s dedication to the test!! 👍
Jackson the Meme Warrior
Holy crap, MARIN COUNTY!!!!
Thank you for this!!
Paul Martin
I did 6 hour trail runs with my Series 2 Apple Watch running WorkOutdoors (with a moving map) and it was just fine. This new one is even better.
At 5:08

Wow, that little bird by the road did NOT care..
Great review. Always prefer these type of reviews over stationary.
The Absolute Madman
4:24 I don’t take advice from adults who dive head-first into 6-foot pools...
You cant pay me enough to do a 6 hour hike to test something. Respect dude (and the camera dude).
Gerald Garcia
Man thy should come out with a apple 4 circle watch
Tofu S
6 hours hike is kinda intense LOL
James Baker
Is that a new Series 3 or are you testing a new Series 4 against a 1 year old Series 3 - not a great comparison if that latter.
Vikas Gahlot
commendable work by the lady.
Diego Alejandro Garzón
For a fitness review this is barebones, look what DC rainmaker includes in a fitness review
The problem is one watch was connected to phone and one wasn't. That is actually a very significant battery drain.
John Manley
Hiking for 6+ hours is not so easy. Good job!
Fernando Moran
Is that Stinson beach? Pretty sure I've done this hike, beautiful view!
Thanks guys, good test. Out of interest was that a new series 3? If it's a year old that would probably affect the battery a bit.
Series 4 has a far more accurate heart monitor than series 1-3.

It really makes the older models obsolete.
You know you don’t have to exit the fitness app to check the battery right?
Eaton Pooter
6 hrs really 👎🏻... buy a garmin ✊🏻💯
Baltazar Cortez
Unless both watches are new out of the box this experiment has a critical flaw.
Carlos Hernandez
I love those stretchy pants on you..
Winston Posvar
How was the battery health of the series three? Was it a brand new watch?
Yovanny Vasquez
Wouldn’t the battery life decay over a year
How did you get a workout shortcut to appear on your photo watch face?
Lukas T
what kind of band is that on the series 4? looks dope.
So... people who bought the Apple Watch below 4 series what’s the point lol... can’t even go for 6 hours just take your damm phone lol

Not a mention about heart rate accuracy wtf
Darth Vader
She’s cute
Great review. Thank you.
Eric Draven
Didn't have LTE connected either it appears so that would degrade battery life.
Airraca Lee
Bpm were inconsistent between the two. Is that normal?
Zane Singh
The location services was not running - battery save right there correct? If so, then how would that help her map while hiking ?
if you workout more than 2h straight get a fitbit
Samantha Turn
Any tips on eliminating wind/cable noise from BeatsX?
The series 3 is obviously older than the series 4. Most electronics lose battery life after a year of usage.
Tomáš Puškáš
MO Nike Run Club is great app too. I like design, especially I like coaches, like audio coach. And the best part is training program with goals, it is interactive, every single day you know what to do, and also you are able to see your progress.
Strava has nothing from that. AW app can't notify you about segments, training plan is just sending you emails. And there is no checking your progress, no checking how did you run... Every run seems like free run / with no goals.

iSmoothRun is amazing. You can costum every single workout, you can set every parameter of fartlek or interval running ...
And you can export that data :)
Pseudo Nym
I'd give you six hours
Nur Aprilia
Gen Lin
Thanks for the test
Michael Gill
That was a grt review. Very easy on the eyes as well.
justun chan
Your series 3 watch has probably gotten a full year of use before this review right? How has that affected your battery ?
Lucas Lopez
Brian Tong (Apple Bitz) has his own YouTube channel, you’re welcome
Colt Kirwan
what size watch was used in this review?
Stuart Doyle
Great effort on the hike!
At last, someone with ability & passion to review an Apple Watch real properly for its actual functions vs all the other reviewers nonsense relating to obvious specs that we already know. Thank you lovely lady!! 👍🏽
Doberman Pincher
Don't use apple products and still liked this video.
Cool Squad
For me on cellular just alone lasts 6:35 hours on avage
Sherry C
Debating on size... are you wearing the 40mm or 44mm? Thanks!
L. Scott Johnson
umm, six-hour hike and absolutely not a bit of sweat.
Tech Review
Six hours isn’t that long time
Good job guys :)
traydevon over here into my arms. 😅
OfficialSyca Entertainment
Thanks for the invite
Harry Mahindroo
Review is great, but Vanessa does my head in... I find her really annoying.
Luke Pruscino
I’m getting the series 4 from a series 1 I’m so happy
john devlin
That battery is probably been used for a year and has degraded a lot on the apple series 3
Marsorry Ickua
Nice, I quite enjoyed that. Definitely on the cards to getting one for myself. They’re hard to come by on our side of the world, so travel is needed.
Erick Posada restrepo
She's so hot. 🔥🔥🔥
Hand put watch 4 on her wrist
Series 3 has a years old battery now ?
Eric Z
Video starts at 0:24
Rickey Wallace
I got the series one
Turre Tuntematon
Yeah. Apple series 4 made it through 6 hours of hiking. Wait. That’s appalling. Should be good for several days as a Garmin for example.
Does it k ow you are on a treadmill?
I noticed your distances were off between watches. How accurate is the 4 compared to the 3? I have a 3 and feel it’s terrible at distance
such a cutie... love her
Yogesh Jaiswal
Ryan Sweet
Notice when she compares watches the ❤️ rate, distance and elevation are different readings.
Lew Lope
0:00 CNET, kindly provide song and artist name please. Thanks XD
Juraj Benak
As others mentioned, was the Apple Watch 3 brand new like Apple Watch 4? Charging cycles deplete battery so quite important. I'd also put in in airplane mode since it's just trying to get the connection and depletes the battery even further unnecessarily.
why did you have wifi open ?
But where they both new out of the box