I Tried The 7-Minute Workout For A Month — Here's What Happened

The 7-minute workout is a science-backed circuit routine that uses only body weight. The high-intensity interval-training program was designed by two exercise scientists, Chris Jordan and Bret Klika, to be the most efficient workout. Our video producer, Kevin Reilly, spent 30 days using the 7-minute workout as his exercise.

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Sam Nub
And he's right - he does look damn good in that tux
Izzy May Be Great
If you're working out to lose weight. Don't check the normal scale because muscle weighs more than fat. I have a scale that measures my fat percentage, water percentage, add pulse. I've been going down on my fat percentage (I'm getting skinnier) but my weight has been going up. I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm trying to gain fat and muscle because I'm underweight.

P.s. For some reason the scale also tells the weather.
shlok saxena
he did that even when woke up in Bangkok after doing drugs with Bradley Cooper
Jonathan awx
it's because of your diet any workout can't out weigh a bad diet
Divyang Zaveri
i watched this full video while lying on bed and now it makes me feel more tired!!!........
James Shuster
The target audience here are the people who don't work out at-all (like me). If your already working out regularly then your body has adapted before you started.
Primo X
Nice to see an honest review for once. I guarantee if he keeps this up and adds a few weights for biceps, worked his back to keep his core/ posture in good stead and looked at his diet he would definitely continue to see results. There is no magical fast track to fitness. But he looks good anyway and feeling happy and positive is a very big deal!
Roppo Barber
My 7 minute workout 3 minutes sat down and 4 minutes lay down.
Since he said he didn't lose a lot of weight, I'm thinking he lost inches. He was able to fit his tux, and he did look great in it I might add.
Jen Alviar
I loved how honest this video was!
Shhrzd _isml
the 7-min workout is meant for people who are too busy to exercise. It gives you the mentality "it's just 7 mins so why not do it?" it's also a way to break the habit for people who are having a hard time incorporating exercise in their routine.
Anandya Deasyandra
I appreciate his effort and his consistency
Because being consistent is really hard
He didn't lose much weight but it depends on his diet.. he said he didn't change his diet so maybe someone should try this out as well as eat clean for 30 days and the results should be a lot better.
I think it makes sense that he keeps his meal the same so we will know what is the true result of the workout and not the meal change?
Well hello ginger man. Nice job.
raya sessoms
You looked great in the tux man
JFam _
NINOO said the workout is raw
Love the honesty in this video. Most people look for immediate results and quit. But the dude scoped out the good and the bad. Thumbs up.
Katie Sacramento
Only 30 days?! KEEP GOING!! You're replacing fat with muscle so it makes sense the scale didn't move much. That tux pic was smokin' hot and I am jumping on here to comment (which I rarely do) to encourage you to keep it up. I didn't see results from my HIIT workouts for MONTHS. And now after over six months I'm seeing the muscle form and it's incredible. I look good and feel even better. This video was great and I appreciate your honesty. I'm here to nudge you to keep it up!
Chris Wang
weight loss isn't always the best indicator of a great workout. your body fat percentage, muscle to fat ratio, etc can all change without losing a lot of pounds. kudos for the month of work!
Corny Pinkuni
Wish you had taken body measurements instead of relying on weight alone but I guess that's kind of what the tux thing did. Good vid, thanks for the share.
Studio Vulcan
Losing fat is 80% diet and 20% workout.
You don't /think/ it did a lot because it looks like you only based it on how you felt and the small amount of /weight/ you lost. You don't govern health by weight loss, you govern it by fat percentage. If you didn't even measure that then you have no real way of knowing how well it worked for you. You would have built muscle and burned fat in that course and thus your body weight would not have changed that dramatically.
This video makes it seem like 'Yeah it's okay to do if you want something to do at home on the days you don't want to go to the gym, but don't use this as a strict workout plan'. Well the thing is the necessary changes nor measurements weren't taken, so it's just misleading people to think it's not that beneficial...
Aidan Lisney
The fact that you lost weight without a diet change is pretty BA. Thats not a common occurrence, even if it only was a few pounds. Imagine what changes you would have seen in a calorie deficit.
Andreas Christensen
Where can i find the exercises??
Dude your push up's perfect, i cant even do once😂
Travis Godfrey Evans
He still ate the same, that was the problem.
Nidza Valentin
You look very handsome in your tux.
Dev Grohl
aren't you the guy from Hangover?
Ms Wonderfulgem
I completed two days of the seven- minute workout and my husband noticed the change in my mood and energy instantly.
He lost a couple of pounds while still having the same diet he had before, isn't that terrific results?
maybe u needed 1 more minute
Roy Asturias
One banana is enough
No use of air conditioners or heaters

Gotta train so hard to the point where your hair falls out! Sooner or later, all his hair will fall out, too, LOL!
Gerardo Garza García
you only dropped a couple of pounds because you didn't eat *enough* for your body and eat *right* nutrition dictates everything and everyone's body has a budget. do the workout with some modifications in your eating, and you'll lose more lbs. if you want it.
You look superb in that tux, my good sir.
rwish Chowdary
The point:- He's just bragging that he looks good in Tuxedo even after ten years
Ranzeed Sins
I work out 1hour a day and switched to 7minutes a day work out, and I dont feel happy about it , what I noticed I gain more muscle in a 1hr work out.

but the tux look good on you though
Taric Alani
I would love to jump in the shower with him.
Ohin Alam
TBH 1 month is not enough for a body shape change, change usually comes around 3-4 months but everyones body is different so u know....
this whole video was made to promote him in his tux
Milind Mehrotra
No wid exercise.. U should hv kept a control on ur diet😀😀
Bennetta White
S Jackson
Diet + Movement... that's all dude :-)
Workout alone will never be enough for weight oss
Harpreet Singh
Will Adding this into a weight training plan be overkill? Bad for gains or good to shred some much needed fat?!

Thank you.
Muhammad Ikhwan
I lose weight about 5-6kg for about 2-3months countinously doing 7min work-out, easy and simple... at first yeaa... it was hard but gradually can handle it, and most important thing is food that you feeding in 😅
william dowling
"The good thing about the 7 minute workout is that I just walk to my living room.. then bam, 20 minutes later I'm done."

Wait... what?
rachael orozco
good video...shoes on the couch struck a nerve. JUST WHY
Maddie Abbie
I like his beard
This was a nice review. Thanks for sharing!
Hunter Of Legendary Memes
Can i use a bed instead of a chair? I don't feel like getting up anytime soon.

Edit: it has been 2 days. I slept really well.
Mr. Tooki
I found a better workout it's 5 minutes in bed with my girlfriend. Sometimes only 2 minutes.
Tomar Crauswell
You looked spectacular in it 😍
Happycup Mugman III
Zack Galifianakis came a long way in the way of professionalism.
Jack Macpherson
Good work man. Btw, you sound like Kevin Smith.
Do Dodakowski
I'm sure that continuing it would have a positive impact on you
V Gaming
I Tried Refraining From Clickbait Titles - Here Is What Happened
Michelle Baker
I agree, you look damn good in the tux!
Farid Mokhtar
thanks man, after 4 months I've got my 6packs
Joe-Anne McMillan
I was thinking of trying this, but like you, I have terrible knees, so I don't know. I used to do Pilates(beginners) maybe 3 times a week and walked a lot, that worked very well for me. I'm going to go back to that. I'm 60 now and I've done all the diets and exercise stuff and really the best for me was the "Eat less, Move more" motto. and believe me when I tell you I love food and have a ferocious appetite. Thanks for posting this and by the way, you look fantastic, as far as appearance, you don't need to change a thing. But it's good to be healthier.

Thanks again, this was very helpful
Daniel L.
Loved this work out since I found it. Mixed it with my stretching and at home dance lessons.
David Macdonald
Eat well, hydrate and exercise.
Life is so hard right?
At 0:35 seconds is when I said to myself, he looks like Zach.
Sun Dancer
It's heart intensive - I would warm up.
Yes I can confirm you did look DAMN GOOD ON THAT TUX!!! thx for the quick & honost review
Marie Tiburcio
I totally agree with the energy boost. I mean, it enhances your mood and lasts for the entire day. Definitely not skipping morning workout. ☺
Iqa Sopyan
Lazy in the morning.😫so related
Me: doing a yoga pose before going to sleep.
So glad his testimony wasn't "I lost 500 lbs in 30 days"
no before amd after pic? tf!
Leon Foster
This is essentially another model/variation of the original H.I.IT Tabata Workout from Dr. Izumi Tabata.
charles Mendoza
Working out is so great when your body starts asking for it. If someday you feel down, start working out, that kind of control over your body feels so good.
fawzia saleh
Such a lovely personality! He needs to do more videos 👌🏻
Cole Johnson
Lunges are a lot easier on your knees if you step backwards instead of forward.
MIA purplefrog
You looked great in the suit! and inspired me to get up and do it too, cheers ;)
The kind of review I wanted for this app thanks
Watching this was soothing. I like the way he narrates
Sherryl Keith
I know more about workouts from Unflexal handbooks !
jamie clarke
If it's too easy work faster and harder
Lawrence Ospina
Great idea. Thanks for posting
I want to work out, I have many times but I couldn't figure out why there wasn't any changes, I researched and found out that it's because of my diet, I am a really picky eater, I have been since I was 7 so it's pretty much a mental thing for me that I'm trying to battle. Good luck man!
SinnerSavedByGraceThruFaith InJesus
Intro was $1 McDonalds burger 🍔 😂
Cha-J Jeannette

The website listed here has a awesome book . Ultimate Physical Fitness 5mins a day .

People trust me you would love this book
I started yesterday and i already lost 4 lbs?!💀
Zeeno SwagMaster
i generally do HIIT but i do 7 sets so lasts about 30 minutes
Kev Jones
Cant beat HIIT, no other form of exercise gives me an endorphin rush like it...besides the obvious😁
Mikael Karlsson
Yeah, lunges are knee killers (for me at least). Other than that, seem like a good thing. Moving around in general is preferable to not.
Juana Vega
Muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat!🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s denser.
One pound of fat weighs the same as one pound of muscle😭
Rick W
Realistic and motivational. I think I can do this without injuring myself.
Robrt Porter
Damn!!! Hot Hot Hot in that tux. 🤩😍🤩
jason lasseter
Do intimate fasting and working out
Jj Jones
Hey thanks for this video. Well done too.
if you're just sweating a little bit and just breathing hard that means you're not doing HIIT correctly. In HIIT after each round you should feel like you're dying. Idk about the video he followed but the basics of HIIT is achieving maximal heart rate (or above) with little rest in between rounds
Fka figs
Thumbnail looks like James corden
7 minute workouts work great for a month or two if you never worked out, then your body becomes accustomed to it and it does nothing.
Ranjit Singh
You gotta do the 8 minute workout, no one can get a real workout in 7 minutes
I can relate to video someone heavy set to tell you how these videos really work. I wish more videos like this one
Ashley Masion
Thanks for the video. I want to try this for myself. The tux looks amazing on you. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration
7 minute workout 20 minutes later
Stan Yeung
I’ve done this 7 min workout thing for a while. While it’s great to get you off the couch, eventually, like all workout routines, you’ll plateau and will need to do something else or increase the intensity to continue to see results.
T Stanton
He looks like a big young garden gnome
Alex Covarrubias
Someone has the version of all the routines. All bought. Where I can find it.
Sir lolallot
7 min workout in 20 mins