Amazfit Stratos review - English - The low down on fitness & sport tracking - garmin alternative?

Amazfit Stratos review - Fitness and activity detailed

The Amazfit Stratos is also known as the Amazfit Pace 2

The review will cover the following

* Design
* Hardware
* Software
* Sensors
* Activity tracking
* Fitness features
* Battery life
* Verdict

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The Amazfit Stratos or the pace 2 is the updated of the Amazfit Pace 1 that came out in 2017 with lots of great reviews on Amazon and on paper. When the successor was rumoured everyone thought it would be called the Amazfit Pace 2, but it was not… well so to speak,

I have been putting the AmazFit Stratos through its paces over the last month to bring this review that will cover design, features, fitness tracking for running, cycling and gym work.

The Software used in the Amazfit Stratos review is running the latest English international version and during the review, the device has been updated several times.

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The Stratos was provided to ActiveJR free of charge by xxxxx for the express purpose of testing such product; however, we are under no obligation to provide a favourable review or endorsement of this product. ActiveJR retains full editorial control over the content in this video and has not accepted any monetary compensation from Amazfit to provide this video.




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anshul kamra
Thanks for the review ! Any thoughts after a year ? I'm thinking of either Stratos or the VA3
Вукашин Стошић
Can you create your own interval workouts for running?
sasch bresemann
Hey john thanks for the video it was very informative. One question info have .
pungus attah
If this could have an indoor rowing sport mode or, it could have the ability to link to a concept 2 that would be amazing
Beer Siam
Thanks for the informative review.

I have a problem with the caller id when pairing with Samsung Note FE running on Oreo. It shows "unknown" instead of the caller name even though i granted all the contacts permissions. After uninstalling and reinstalling several times, it's still the same

But when pairing with IPhone, it shows names flawlessly.

Any advise ? Thanks a lot
George TJ
What screen protector would you recommend for Stratos?
john mannion
golden cheetah i have it plz expand on this
Dawood k vali
Hi John, kudos for the very detailed video with all the real time data. Amazed the way you presented. Please tell me how to track gym workouts(like weight lifting) in this watch. You mentioned as it can be tracked under non GPS mode which shows accurate data on calories burnt and HR!!!.
Please let me know on this as I'm very much confused whether to go with this watch or with fitbit versa(as it has dedicated gym workout tracking but no inbuilt GPS). Awaiting for your early reply!!!
zachary catledge
I have Bluetooth connection between the watch and phone problems with my note 9 I can be right by the watch with phone and it will keep disconnecting did u have these problems?
Best review ,deaply ,short,many argumentes...
Parvez Ahmed Jalil
If you're selling the Stratos let me know... PM me thanks (based in UK)
Run Guru Run
wonder if they would send me a freebie? Although the new Fenix Garmin would be a nice freebie also ;-)
Your max cycling speed at 11:22 was 190.3km/h. What sort of bicycle do you ride ?
Hi, does it provide alarms for interval training? That would be a deal breaker for me. I'd really appreciate your kind feedback!
Bibi Rai
Please review Garmin vivoactive 3 and Galaxy Watch. I want to buy one of those beautiful watches but the reviews I've watched on it is very vague. You on the other hand do the best review.
chadi AB
Great review
Luis Romero Plasencia
Hi, many thanks for the review. One question, on the sports tracking part, what is the App that appears in Black? Is it the same as the main App that appears in White? Or ismit something different?
Hello and thanks for your review. I can tell you that your review is probably best on the YT about these watch... I have seen a lot of them because I'm waiting for my Stratos watch for Month and i still dont have them... But EN version was on E-bay for 127 USD so hopefully it will be pricefull to wait some time.
Iwan Santoso
how about this watch durability after user regularly running 6 month???
hi :) i would like to ask you what are the main differences between Startos and Garmin Forerunner 235? i am looking for a watch for half marathons and some easier trail runnings (10-15km with max. 500m elevation) and they have a very similar price tag (at least in my country) and i'm a bit stuck which is the better choice...and I'm a bit worried that maybe the Stratos can look too big on a girl's hand...thanks for helping me :)
Jason Star
I have been looking forward to this. Still waiting for mine to be delivered from China!
lu luu
hi,friend,i like your video,i have great fitness tracker,i want to make business relationship with you want to make a review for my product? waiting for your good news,have a nice day
Keshav V
Very good review. With regard to indoor gym activity (HIIT, cardio, weights) which profile did you choose? I would like to capture Current HR, Max HR, Average HR, cal burnt, HR zone, time elapsed etc). Also, does the device also tracks all day HR including Resting HR? Finally, if I have Strava Premium, can I also export non GPS activities to it?

Please advise.
vony p
awesome review as always
Brad Wilson
I'm a Bip owner, and generally satisfied, but I'm tempted by the better build and look of this device, as well as the additional services it provides. Is this a worthy upgraded from the Bip?
Vedi Haryanto
thanks bro for the review.
in my android i only suffer 1 time that i need to factory reset to reconnect my amazfit stratos.
maybe thats the bug on IOS. they need to update the app fast or people gonna leave their product
Felix Jaquez
So, viewing the review i can conclude that this watch is totally fine for running (even without chest strap) and use full enough for swiming. Am i correct?
I have heard many times that Stratos is too big and bulky but in your video, it looks alright on your wrist, maybe you have a big wrist?
Anthony Simpson
Would you recommend this over the Fitbit Ionic ?
Tim Dent
What type of phone do you have iPhone or Android.?
Brady Plays
I bought this watch and love it but there are some downsides i dont know if i can get past. The hr monitor is not very accurate. It can be off as much as 20 beats per minute. The other issue is the temperature doesn’t seem to auto update until i refresh app. So these are important features to me that i hope can be fixed with an update but not as of today. Debating whether to get a refund.
sasch bresemann
Hi Johnny thanks for that it was very informative. One thing thou about calories . It seems like it does not count calories when I'm inactive . And if I do move it's very low calorie count is there a way to change that I am using the versa at the same time and by the time I wake up in the morning I have already done 600 calories . Inactive obviously but the stratos does not include then and I do relly in correct caloy count . Thank you s
No streaming music is a killer i dont know anyone that still actually downloads music to there pc.
John Manley
Really comprehensive video. Thanks Jon. I have the Garmin VA3. I don't see enough there to convince me to get this and ditch my VA3. It seems a bit buggy, but certainly has alot of features for that price range. It looks alot more bulky that the VA3 also.
blez thomachan
If u don’t want to cry over 700 pounds,u must see this! Nicely biased review in my opinion! My request to garmin is to bring down prices and stand with heads up!
Henrik Örtenvik
How is the heart rate? Can you match it with a garmin heart rate band?
Sebastian Martinez
this watch doesn't calories while I'm not working out, If I go for a bike ride early in the morning, it gives me 500 burned just for the ride. But when I check my total calories burned at the end of the day is something like 600 calories total, what a disappointment. I have reset to factory settings, review my weigh and height are accurate and I have made sure the the watch it has the continuous heart rate feature on. Does anyone has a similar issue and has being able to resolve it?
Mitja Čebokli
Hi, would you be so kind and make a comment on altitude/elevation tracking performance? I have major problems with that. While in let's say Running activity, or Climbing, altitude seems to be pretty good, but after the activity is ended, data on the phone app is totally wrong. Like Max is few hundred meters higher than reality, Altitude gain higher, sometime Altitude Loss is bigger then gain - but the start and end point are same, etc. Also the chart usually shows Max to Min instead of fluctuating (when going up and down the hill, the hill should be visible in the middle of the chart...) - i've seen this on your chart in the video, that's why i am asking about your experience about that. Thanks!
Yasser Saadawy
I think it is no way near to garmin in terms of accuracy, consistency, build quality and battery life. You have less for a much less price.. If they keep updating it, it has the potential to lead the market and displace fitbit, sunnto and other less premium products before hitting garmin. Eg early samsung beginnings vs apple..
Can you connect and export data to Google Fit?
Yoriz Zaharoyannis
Just a heads up for those invested in the Xiaomi ecosystem, if you buy the International English Version you cannot use it with Mi Fit or the Mi Home App. Won't matter for most users but those like me who thought this would have equal features to the chinese version, well it doesn't.
It seems to be a fake hr sensor
Yusof Jaafar
People invested so much time, sweat and blood inventing and creating tools for humanity, these chinese companies rob theirs rights by copying it and mess produce to sell cheap. Their intention is to destrupt the market in order weaken the Original developers. It just like any other western automotive and tech giants in the past. Once the have the money they will take over the control of these companies.
Eyal Shahar
I have some questions regarding notifications and getting info from my Xiaomi watch. Will it notify my of all incoming email? (those I see on my cellphone screen of course) Can I read them on my watch? If not, how much is being shown? What about other notifications? How much of them can I read on the watch? What about alarms, will it get the alarms I have on my phone or do I need to set them separately on the Stratus? What about incoming phone calls - will it show me the caller's name from my contacts or just the number? Thanks
Techy Agent
Hey, thanks for the comment on my page! Are you on Instagram? Or twitter? I’d love to shoot you a private message, maybe talk how we can collaborate at some future point.
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