Suunto 3 Fitness Watch- Tested & Reviewed

The Suunto 3 Fitness watch features 24/7 activity tracking including steps, calories, and sleep. It includes training guidance with intensity and duration and a training plan that adapts to your fitness level. Although it does not have internal GPS, it does have connected GPS and over 70 sport mode options to suit your needs.

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9 комментариев
Nicholas Ritchie
How long does the watch stay charged before you need to recharge it?
Mike Asenato
I have alpha now for about 4 years and it's flawless and the screen is black and white.
Tic Tech Toe
Do you recommend this watch.
M. Y.
Hi, do you think the Valencell heart rate sensor on the Suunto 3 is better than the most high end watches of Garmin? I'm planning to buy a new sport watch with a very good heart rate sensor.
Next Gen Aesthetics Group
"not a touch screen."
Welp. That's all I needed to hear. Not buying it.
Lu Pa
Hi, could you please help! Do you know if the Suunto 3 is sampling daily heart rate at every 24mins or it is simple daily HR less the 24mins? Thanks !!!