Samsung Galaxy Watch: A Fitness Review!

The Samsung galaxy watch has been on my wrist for every single workout that I’ve done since I’ve purchased it. In this video, I wanted to share my personal experience with the watch from a fitness perspective. Where it shines and where I think Samsung needs to improve. Check it out!

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Thao Huynh
If you own a galaxy watch, what has your experience with its fitness features been like?
I just want to say that I’m glad I found your channel. There aren’t many female tech reviewers out there and it’s great to see other females into tech!! I just recently switched from an iPhone X to a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (I had the S8 before going to iPhone X) and I’ve been watching your Galaxy Watch reviews like crazy. I love Samsung so much more than Apple, but I did love my Apple Watch. So I’ve been watching your reviews to find out if the Galaxy Watch is for me. Great video! You have a new subscriber! ❤️
Crypto Mogul
Great review. Not like other YT reviews i watched they just talk about the features only. But for you testing it while excercising is more better review.
Bryan Easterday
Came here to watch Thao workout. 😁
Game with Swayne
Personally, I find Workout Trainer for Samsung, 100x better, create your workouts, still tracks heart rate, syncs with Samsung health, set rest periods,reps, EVERYTHING. You can do soooo much more. Is free, but you need a subscription to create works. Luckily, Samsung users have a 3 month free trial. I used this to create/copy workouts, then unsubscribed. There's even a summary of your workout when you finish, showing avg heart rate, heart rate per set, calories burned, etc.
Nicholas Parisi
Ive been trying to find the app on the App store and cant find it anywhere. Has it been removed?
I would previously have a steps competition with a friend that has the Samsung S2 watch (it's a feature on the watch where you can challenge other Samsung watch users). I'm a professional dancer and on my feet a lot, yet he used to be me quite often despite being a standard office worker. Your observation regarding the inaccurate step counts seems to explain this! Thanks for another great video! :-)
Love your production quality and thorough information. My Galaxy Watch is my best smartwatch yet!
jason mimms
Well thankyou you have made my mind up after watching your reviews of this watch im gonna save and get one as well for gym work.
Carmen Tarot
I'm a new for Samsung watch I can't wait to get the galaxy watch is on the way 😁
Jonathan T
You have answered all the questions which were running in my head. Thanks! This review makes it easy for me to decide now...about Sammy watch.
Evzen Pour
Nice detailed review! Thanks. Looking forward to your full review 🙂
I'mHim 773
I use gear fit 2 or gear fit pro there both very accurate
Dennis Furlan
So, what I've wanted from Samsung Health is a log of all my workouts on one screen, which they have done in the latest version. Previously, I could only look at the log of each individual exercise, such as running or "other workout." It only covers 30 days, but that's good enough. If I want to go back further, I can go into the individual exercise logs.

I have a Gear S2 watch, and it does everything I want it to: notifications, basic fitness tracking, workout logs, and I can even use it to keep my Galaxy smartphone unlocked when it's within distance. I will definitely buy a newer Samsung watch when the S2 starts getting old, which it hasn't.
Jordan Green
I watched sooo many reviews but THIS one convinced me to buy my Galaxy Watch today. Thank you so much!
Willie Madrid
Your videos makes me happy.
Thank you for your efforts ❤
Chapay Gahramanov
I have already guessed the video from Instagram post ! 😲😀
Nice video! Tho the zipper is kinda distracting- to me atleast
Marcos Peron
Thank you!! I'm searching for a Gym App Forever!! I'will test it ! you are awesome!
Tajia Moore
Thank you so much for the review. I just ordered mine as a Xmas first to myself
George Nasser
I love these videos
Thx thao 💙💙
Inspired. Thank you 💪🏽
Esmeralda Escobar
You are awesome. Thanks for the review of the Galaxy watch.
victoria martinez
Thank u for the review I'm wanting to buy this watch for fitness plus its gorgeous
Love your vids, they make me happy!!❤️
Benz Jackz
Your a true BAE and love your tech (Pixel) Vids!!
Riantami Nurul Fajria
Hi Thao! Thank you so much for your review. What smart scale are you using btw? The link in your description box is not working :(
Mark Ruiz
They will fix it with an update!
Earl Owens
Thanks for update ✌️
Tyronne Person
You will not like the pixel 3XL. That notch is enormous. #STAYWITHSAMSUNG but this watch still needs work 🤦🏽‍♂️
Sorry it's called Samsung Health now just a fyi😉
Sold By Tech
Great content. This will help with my buying decision.
Samsung should be sponsoring you for real!!!
Dontè Hendricks
Awesome vid!!
Who This
Thank you for being honest (:
I'll get it for the sole purpose of notification! 😂
Marco Reus
Will you review the fitbit ionic or versa?
Love the videos!
Tic Tech Toe
i was wondering how is the battery life with workouts and continuous heart rate monitoring.
Thao I love you boo
Great in-depth testing! I'm pretty happy with mine.
Aggressively Average
awesome vid. super informative and exactly what i was looking for
Shyandra Spencer
Loveeeee ittt😍😊. Getting my S8 phone in 2 weeks and getting my watch next month can't wait😊❤
Very insightful and well produced video. I'm surprised it doesn't have more views. I'm thinking of buying this watch and I'm happy to see there is a way to track gym workouts, as most fitness watches focus on running almost exclusively and I don't really run.
Chris M
I'm waiting for your quirky personality
Nice review! You talked about everything i wanted to know. New subscriber too!
Igal Karlinsky
Nice. There're not many fitness reviews for smartwatches.
Oriana F.
Hi Thao— now that you had the watch for a couple of weeks, do you find it a little too big and/or heavy especially during workouts?
Love your videos.
I thinked you switch Galaxy line for Pixel
Magdalena Lesińska
Hi :) i was wondering if there is a possibility to connect this watch to an external heart rate monitor (eg. chest strap) ? :)
Cayden Thompson
I'm a hardcore Android/Samsung/Pixel (literally Anti-Apple) guy but I think the Apple Watch has us beat.
I wish the Galaxy Watch supported MST, for now I'll stick with my Gear S3 Frontier :D
Kader Mahiuoi
I love❤ you 🤕
captain socho
I think u should start sharing your post over YouTuber like an advert so people can know how good u are
Howard Mackenzie
Thanks for the app recommendation! Gym Run sounds like a good one. Great video Thao! When I had my Galaxy Watch, I also noticed that the step tracker was hit or miss.
Iyaaz Haroon
I bought my samsung galaxy watch 2 days ago and i love it😊😍😘
Always good to see your smiling face makes the review worth it
Agent Aech
any app suggestions for HR zone tracking? I've been using endomondo so far, but that comes with a $10 a month subscription. Definitely a feature I'd like to see added native to S. Health
this video needs more hand gestures
Janrey Buenconsejo
Oliver Hirt
You're so likeable! Great review, a lot of info not many others covered. Good mixture between shots of you talking to the camera and actually seing the product in action. Keep up the great work. Btw did you find any benefits to having the HR sensor always on? Do you feel like it takes a big hit on battery life?
Shakib Zaman
I really like this video idea, thats how i found it. Keep it up I wanna see more videos!
loved this video! <3 now i know the reports are substantiated
Juha Kosonen
Good watch but for me is S Health enough
Coe Zilla
Love the socks lol
Jessica Sansone
don't know what's going on but I only get 4 hours battery life with my watch and only using it maybe 4 times to reply to a whatsapp message.
Elizabeth Lopez
Im a girl and i got the silver one wich is 46mm its kinda big hey i love it😍😍.
Rajat Chamria
Can it track sports like tennis or badminton? I couldn't find an option in Workout list
- Ardmore
She is real beautiful my new favorite channel
K Lynch
Watching this video makes me wanna work out
Very Impressive review abt training aspects. Thumbs up
Awesome video! like always! 👍🏼❤️
Claudinei Lustosa
You are so beautiful Thao
Joseph Yabut
Try getting a breathable nylon sport band for your watch. Really comfortable and i find it reads your heart rate better. Also good for work outs
Mary Frolova
Hi! Can u tell which program from google play use for tracking sleep? And what other programs in this video? Thank you :)
My calorie meter goes to high I was just setting it up and it said I did 98 calories
Manu Serrano Husky Musher
Can I see the meters climbed during the workout? And can I share with strava?
American Freedom World Peace
Galaxy Fit2 Pro is much better for exercising because it's more smaller and comfortable
Gilbert Khayat
When did you get the update? I am here in Canada and I couldn't figure out how to get the floor counting to wor.
More Love
You are so freaking cute
M Burns
I have this watch. Great honest review
Buddy Quaid
Thanks for the awesome content! Loved it. Just got a Galaxy Watch and glad you turned me on to GymRun. I'm setting it up and bought the standalone smartwatch app BUT I have no idea where the app is and how to install it. How do you install it onto your watch?
obi wan kenobi
Before any workout you need to change the HR (hart rate) to "Always", Otherwise it is not accurate !!! This is unbelievable !!
Pritam Dugar
Hey Thao, just a few questions.
1. Are you able to see your progress on the watch if you start the workout on the phone? Suppose for running. I don't want to keep taking out my phone while running to see my speed and distance. I want to use the phone to start the workout since I want to use the phone's GPS as it would save battery on the watch.
2. If you start a workout on the phone, does your watch sync the heart rate to the workout? I haven't been able to get the heart rate to sync with the workout if I start an exercise on the phone. These work perfectly fine if I start anything on my watch.
Lee Stopforth
Have you tried on the 42mm size watch?
Get It! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Kmi Ley
Fitness wise Fitbit has it hands down but smart watch features samsung .... I have to say my go to is samsung now tho I just love the look feel and everything else. Minus the stair climber that does not work at all.
Nepheleh B.
Cody Smith
That smile 😍😍😍😍
Dmytrii Dolhov
I am going to return my watch because galaxy watch doe not count steps properly and it is very common issue. There was no such issue with frontier I am really not happy with galaxy watch :(
Keyitta Dawsey
It's also works great with my note 9
Justin Campbell
Great review. I really appreciate that you've actually tested the claimed features. I've purchased a fitbit Ionic and wanted to know how the Samsung Galaxy Watch compared.
My name is BOB
Did you hear about the samsung active watch 2019?
לי היימליך
wow, that's a great video!
Lily Olvera
Hi thao, how do you like the samsung ecosystem I.e samsung phone, watch and earbuds together? Is it worth it? Maybe a video idea? Lol thanks!
How has using this watch affect your phone battery life
anuraag khan
You are so sweet.
Maciej Zieliński
Im think about Samsung Gear Sport. Does anyone know how it is now? in 2019?
The deep sleep is broken !
I also still have a Gear S3 Frontier that I had to use it for sleep tracking. With it I normally get between three and a half hours to six hours of deep sleep in a 8 hours circle.
For me, sleeping less than 3 hours of deep sleep I feel very tired.... two days in a roll of that happening and I will take a break of working out heavily.
It gives me a good second opinion about how my energy is for the day and if I should or should not go too hardcore...
Hopefully Samsung will fix the Galaxy Watch so I can FINALLY retire my S3 and use the Galaxy Watch 24/7.
Rizzy Rodgers
Where do you find the workouts