THENX (Chris Heria): Youtube Fitness Peer Review #5

THENX Review from Shredded Sports Science

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I do some high intensity straining in the morning on the toilet to empty out the tank😂😂
George Jewel
Chris may misunderstand some fitness knowledge, however it does not really matter for most people, cause for them the most frustrating thing that stops them from keeping fit is laziness and lack of motivation, which I think Chris provides enough.
Danny Zuehlsdorf
Yeah, but he has NECK TATTOOS so his bro-science must be legit
Finding Rimow
Can you collab with ATHLEAN X? That will be cool and as a subscriber I want to see your workouts too!
Matthew Eubanks
Can’t wait for THENX to reply to this video using emojis. 🤣🏋️‍♀️💪🏽🔥🤣🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽
Nick Winderweedle
"these calories are for tomorrow" video could have ended right there, but James is a cool guy and wants us to learn while we laugh.
I've heard Chris Heria is even black and white in real life
Arno Schäfer
Giving Chris Heria the benefit of the doubt, he likely just worded it unclearly. By "natural caloric intake" he probably means maintenance level, and "being under the 2000 line" he probably means reducing the caloric intake below 2000. That is how I immediately understood it, but of course I already know what a caloric deficit is. Words matter, and not using the right ones can lead to misunderstandings. That is what I would fault him for, I don't believe even Chris Heria will confuse caloric deficit with surplus.
Nautilus Stop Motion
I have a PhD in Bro Science, I feel attacked by this video
Christoph Haselwallner
Information: Calisthenicsmovement
Motivation: Officialthenx
"These calories are for tomorrow".....Put that on a t shirt and I'd proudly wear it
Ioan Margineanu
Hahahaha. "These calories are for tomorrow" 😂😂😅😅 Dead
I don't know, I'm almost 40 & couldn't do a push-up or pull up to save my life. I kept working out with the ThenX app, & now I can do 60 strick push-ups & 10 unassisted pull ups. I just kept trying even if I couldn't do it, kept pushing myself until I could.

To each his own.
Jayrel Hilario
It's depressing to see a grown man use the word clout...
The name "THENX" always bothered me like he was trying to be a discount Athlean-X.
PS if you want a well-rounded fitness and nutrition channel, you can't go wrong with based Jeff (Athlean-X).
The more I learn about fitness the more I start to think that we have seriously overcomplicate the whole thing. It seems as long as you eat right and stay consistent in training, you'll achieve your goals.
Danimal Winston
So, perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but his explanation of calorie surplus vs calorie deficit at 10:40 appears to be in line with your visual explanation, yet you say he's got the terms reversed. He says consuming under 2000 (assuming that is your daily requirement) is a deficit and will result in weight loss while and consuming over 2000 is a surplus and will result in weight gain. Any clarification would be appreciated.
Chas Lewis
I like to store extra calories for the next day inside my human camel humps.
He would disappear if he was in a constant caloric deficit 🔥😂😂🤣😁💯
Shokiko Yagune
"This is not a V-Shred, This is not a Vince Del Monte, This is not a Thomas Delauer" *Banana Picture*

Thomas "Banana Man" Delauer...
Harry Wong
Damn I really like Thenx too, guess someone can't always know everything and is bound to make mistakes occasionally, eh well i haven't lost much respect for him
xtraOrdinary Athletes
The beginning of your videos are too good James!
I have to go for a bike now, there is a muffin I ate on Monday that I have needed to burn off since. :P
Conner Sinel
Can you do a video on overtraining?

would like to hear the facts you present on the topic.
Brad Fry
I fast and eat low carb but I try not to relate it to much to training at all, I just train when I can fit it in and eat when I feel it's needed and keep an eye on the scale and mirror. If things are going right keep going if they aren't change it, I think these young guys like to over complicate it and try to look impressive to their follower. Eating is a tool to me I train to achieve a result and if I'm not getting there something is amiss so I fix it easy.
Jeremy Fink
I know I'm late on the comment here but the Banana reference for Thomas....killer. I almost spit out my BCAA's 🤣
Hipster Toast
I enjoy Chris and his videos because he does provide motivation and good technique training. However, I approached it knowing a fair amount about nutrition. Thank you for this video.
James Palmer
Oh thank god. I can’t workout til like 4 pm each day. So waiting to eat before doing my cardio was really making me hangry all day 😋
the bagang
So I was f**king tricked for 1 week
Anthony Dickerson
Constant caloric deficit = death by starvation (eventually)
Kenny McCormick
Is there a THENX video for what he eats on days when he sits in his room, cries, and beats his dicc to his Ronnie Radke posters?
Jad Dagher
Don't you feel offended when you call them peers?
I feel offended for you
Elizabeth Fowler
Omg, you have given me hope for the fitness industry again. Love you extremely well researched information as well as your very dry wit. You make me want to return to the profession! Thank you 🤨
John Circuit King
This channel is hurting more butts than Trump's Presidential election
s i
Looks like 1500 people are not familiar with concept of peer reviewing
Q: What do you get when a bald bespectacled scientist makes an objective, factual, straightforward critique of a pretty tattooed boy?

A: 20% dislike rate
Aaron Lott
He's not Mr scientist oh well lol
Jorge Pinero
Props to you for this content, there's alot of research the goes into this type of video ,an yeah kriss is wrong he's only knows about exercising not dieting
Dean Clydesdale
Just found your channel. You're very knowledgable. Subscribed and looking forward to more content.
"My cranium hurts" made me laugh out loud 😂😂
Thank you James! I'd be interested in you checking out Red Delta Project and doing a peer review on Matt's work. I believe he produces good honest content, and is really underrated. Would be curious to see your take on that
Abenezer Fetsum
appreciate your honesty and openness to sharing your knowledge
Broke_ N _Barz
Thanks for everything you do man. Got here through in my opinion and have learned so much. Keep it up.
Primus 001
Your videos are gold man keep it up!
Quick question: does the intake of calories above or below a basal metabolic rate have any real effect or is that pseudo science?
TL Strength & Conditioning
@SSS...Please please please endorse my own personal testosterone boosting formula, it contains zinc, exercise and plenty of sleep. I'm not sure how to package this yet, but I will ask v-shred to announce the proprietary blend containing only words of one syllable!
paul harper
Hang on a minute. I know Dr Eric helms. He used to train at my gym in New Zealand. Had no idea he is a Dr.
whatever he does wrong I wish I did the same mistakes and looked the same
Rod M
So good. Well done exposing @ChrisHeria = Bro Science kook 🤪
Just discovered your channel (yes, I live under a big rock)... Love it! Keep these vids coming! ❤️❤️❤️
I believe this info in the video but what Chris does works for me... why?
Jake Whiston
You are Michael from Vsauce but fitness smart
Nicky Thissen
Best part in the video... 5:50: we dont know because of is unique to each person!
.. that is the truth about food and 2 people are the same .
Chris McElroy
Honestly I don’t go to this guy for the details on general fitness. His how to guides on complicated calisthenics movements are great though
great video once again i love the content bro keep it up
Diche Bach
I've never watched that guys channel. Know well enough from watching samples/thumbnails, etc., that I'd despise most of it.
ADDIT: Oh Lordy, he calls caloric deficit "caloric surplus" . . . yep, would've despised it almost completely. THANK YOU! for saving me the pain! I'm a retired professor of biological anthropology. Stress psychoneuroendocrinology and addiction were my specialties. I appreciate your channel!
Rafa Lopez
Man, you're simply awesome! I love watching your videos.
Johan Limanjaya
heria still makes me work out everyday because he is giving me positive vibes. your video asking for subscribe with kind of content ? lol really helpful bro. @thenx
Will Moffat
Ok so basically thenx had poor form on his jump rope elbows should be tighter
Boxwith Straight Right
As Someone who has studied anthomy and physiology lol. Enough said as you said it all 🤣
Thumbs up from me lol
your video is all well and good, but... now what am i meant to do? i never really used him as my main source of nutrient info i used a few other channels to corroborate what he says and base my daily food plan around that. ill look for a video on your channel about what i should actually do to burn fat (currently at 16% body fat). if there isnt a video would you be cool to make one?
Yeah... You're pretty awesome. Subbed
Hemant Pandey
If he was in a constant caloric deficit for a very long period he will just disappear😂😂
Physique of Fatness
If Chris was in a constant caloric deficit he’d be 💀.
Aaron Lott
Yea it doesn't really matter he's a good ass dude, in great shape and motivates millions of people so whatever lol what he does works obviously, nobody's perfect 110 percent of the time
cahir docherty
Can you do a video on the guy whois on an omad diet and claims he can eat whatever he wants I can't remember his name though
Labaka Beast
May I ask what's your opinion on fasting and the research on it support cellular autophagy
Great channel. You got a sub.
JuWo Gaming
fasted workouts only helps for better energy because your body isnt digesting food, thats it.
B Bacc Soon
I fw Chris Heria, but when I seen that bit about burning leftover calories from yesterday, I did have a "wtf is this dude saying" moment in my head 🤨
Derick Clark
When you said 10 points to whoever can guess what'll happen if you're in a caloric deficit indefinitely I just lost it 😂😭😂😭
Lifting Weights
yeah at my fat burning days i just drink pure oil and i eat no carbs thats how i lost 200lbs of fat and got shredded in 3 month just awesome
Don't lose anymore hair over it.
Stay on your lane bro.

Let people be.
Mark Hancock
Love this, but I’m still a bit confused on the correct terminology of caloric deficit/ caloric surplus/ output/ intake. Could u make a vid explaining those ideas?
Beta Ray Bill
Constant caloric deficit indefinitely: death.

Where are damn points?
Chris Tomlin
It's what works for him. He looks amazing
Mate you're mistaking @10:44.
He says in order to lose weight we should have a deficit. To gain weight we should have a surplus.
Got a vshreds add on this😂😂
I thought heria explained it correctly.... What didnt you get about caloric defecit or surplus??
Phoenix Poi
Whether or not Chris heria knows the exact sciences of fitness and calories etc, who cares. The dude is clearly ripped and extremely strong.
Christian Heenan
Looking forward to more content man! 😊 awesome video!!
Every body is different but I have found a huge benefit from Intermittent Fasting. Which is what he preaches.
Taf Omeje
I must say i fully agree!! awesome video!
Vegan Gains, Every Day Damn Fitness, Tao Physique and now Shredded Sports Science LOL. Thanks for another great video.
Great video James! 👍👏🏻
Alex D'Romero
Dude! Thank you! Subscribed af
Greeeat jokes!! and thanks for all the work in your videos <3
Monique Lopez
Just started watching your channel. I thoroughly enjoy your videos BUT HIGHLY disappointed that you don’t do a *mic drop at the end when you drop that knowledge lol 😜
are there any benefits to working out fasted or while in ketosis?
what do you think about a meat only diet?
or a zero carb zero fiber diet?
Charles TURNER
Ever heard of metabolic flexibility? I think you need to watch a few hundred Joe Rogan podcasts before you make a new video
Mahir Sayar
3:42 but doesn't he actuallly mean, he's using up his whatever converted sugars might be stored in his liver for that day? i mean if he did a 8 hour fast, some sugars are gone, right?
Bitch Say, What?
Thanks for this video I've been doing what he's been saying & I haven't been sure if it's been working but this video helped!
Ben Pon
When I work out, I burn off all my calories from my waist first, then move on to my neck, then if I wanna be risky, the calories on my chest. That's right, I'm so skilled at working out, I decide which calories from where to burn.
Chris believes himself and what he has experienced. This guy believes Science he knows.
Great video, thanks for dropping knowledge.
Laura Te Aho-White
Chris is clueless about physiology
Rafał Burdzy
I think he does look impressive and do an excellent callisthenics. However, a look is not enough. He needs to update his knowledge. He can achieve it by watching your great videos on "Shredded Sports Science". I wish him best!
Khorne Flakes
Just to be clear : i agree, specifically.
James McNary
I’m sorry you had to watch his videos to make this for us. I know it was hard. Thank you.
constra tricking
Been learning about this stuff in my kinesiology classes and what you're saying is entirely correct.

Like you said thenx is awesome for calisthenics and I use him a lot.
Arslan Aftab
These videos are so beautiful, completely neutral. I wonder why you get so much backlash. Also a good laugh ♥️
I follow Chris but this got me subbed to your channel