Mi Band 3 Review: 10x More Powerful than Mi Band 2!

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Xiaomi recently launched the new Mi Band 3 in China and it looks like a great successor to the Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1. It brings a new touchscreen display, better design and various cool features. We have been using the Mi Band 3 for a couple of weeks now and this is our Mi Band 3 review, where we also compare the Mi Band 3 vs Mi Band 2.

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Kushagra Mehrotra
So, basically your definition of a "review" means Dictating spec-sheet in front of a camera... Which anyone with a brain could check on Mi's official website...
You never talked about the stuff that Xiaomi would never tell:
Like how's the heart rate sensor accuracy, or how was your experience wearing it instead of an old school Quartz watch; or like would you wear this "smart band" instead of a typical analog watch; or how about comparing it with other fitness bands in approximately same price range instead of comparing it with it's own last gen...
You should emphasise on its imperfections as well as the things it's really good at...
But no what you tell us is that it's 10x better than its older version...
pencil sharpener
1:03: "and it looks gorgeous"
- features a scuffed up device
MD Aamir
Mi band 3😍😍😘😘
Kushagra Kanchan
Please review the Honor Band 4 also
נדב פרץ
what's better. The xiaomi hey or the xiaomi band 3
Retro GOD
LOL dude @1:43 .. That is because you're supposed to push the device backside out not frontside in. That is,push from the back side of the main body out of the groove. Common sense bro !
Shiny Heart
Are you even gonna talk about accuracy of sleep tracking, HR Sensor, and pedometer of Band 3 as compared to Band 2? Did you see any improvements in these areas? We want a Fitness freaking band not a smartwatch.
Overall, It was an incomplete review.
Shridhar Manche
can we control music eg forward, next play track etc through MI Band 3
Pradeep Kumar
Minakshi Dewan
Is it necessary to download mi app
Daisy Kumar
Xiaomi, I have an idea for you.

How about adding ad to Mi Band 3????????
Surya viper
As we all talking about all technologies and products.. but we started neglecting how much life does the product stay with us?? (Apart from getting new upgrades to a technology)

That's the very important part of anything right..

I personally feel that these gadgets are real funky makes no profit for consumers. Not even 2years for 2000Rs.
Menghuot Han
That's really nice Mi Band 3 from Xiaomi!!!!
My Websites
Always good and satisfactory information. Please make REVIEW and COMPARISON video on Honor Band 4. I am waiting for your video.
Muhsin Mohamed
I found your review so honest &genuine.
Gedas St
I have MiBand2 for two Years. And already ordred MiBand3.
I was in shower with MiBand2 many times and swim with this stuff too.
This is standart for for watches, meaning, protectio from splashes, rain, and maybe - light swim. Same, like a IP67 for electronic devices.
Ankit Jain
Well I have ordered mi band 2 as per my budget and I don't have any complains
abhi lash
Nice Review.
I've purchased it from the link you mentioned in the description. 1 question, How may days does it took to get it shipped?
Nithin Ivan John
Please do a comparison between Mi band 3 & Fastrack Replex 2.0
It looks beautiful and gorgeous?!? Your tastes are questionable.
Nicolas Furtado Saar
Amazing video. Thank you so much for the review!
Is it pair with redmi note 4
Chakib BigBoss
If I ask you between Huawei band and Xiaomi band, which is the most accurate in the data collected? (Honor band 3 or Huawei band 2 pro vs Xiaomi band 3)
vanshika Khairnar
I felt your reviews are honest thankyou brother ❤❤👌👌👌
VickyVlogs !
Should i go with fastrack reflex 2.0 or this mi 3 ?
Chanchila kumari
It was a very informative video but in mi store it's price is 2000
akanksha mishra
Could you please tell me the name of the musical piece that you guys have out at the end of this video? :P
Also, thanks for this video.
Please do a review of blink fit smart band ! I request ...
Arindam Roy Choudhury
Hey guys ...
You are doing a great job 👍🏻
Why dont you people review an apple watch ??
Riton Aktar
Really value for money.
Great review! Will the notifications work with iOS?
Dr.Online guide
Bhai band vand chhod,pehle naha le jaakey....
Everything With Anirudha
Mi band 2 and 3 are great
notin mood
You stole Linus tech tips intro. Can't even come up with an original. 🤣
Shashidhar M.S.
You really make us listen unwaveringly. Nice job bro.
Amanpreet Singh
Vignesh GS
1. Looks good with curved glass.
2. Raise wrist to see time. Shows watch face when you raise your wrist, works almost all the time. The band needs to be facing you(the device needs to be in vertical orientation) for it to know when you raise your wrist, it doesn't work if the watch is facing upwards.
3. Vibration is strong and works for almost all things that you would want it for.
4. Heart rate tracking seems to be quite accurate.
5. Step tracking is very accurate and very hard to fool. Steps do not increase if you're on a vehicle or by shaking your wrist. Steps are accurate even if you are holding your wrist up(when it is not feeling the jerks from walking).
6. Sleep tracking automatically knows when you're sleeping and when you woke up. Also shows how much time of deep sleep you got and how you're doing compared to other users.
7. You get app notifications based on apps you've chosen.
8. Reminds you to move if you've been idle for an hour. Can be turned off as well.

1. Not enough watch faces. Only 3 basic watch faces, not customizable.
2. Glass is Prone to scratches.
3. Wearing the band while sleeping is kind of uncomfortable if you're not used to it, like most people. But you get used to it after a few days.
4. Heart rate tracking has a always on mode where it keeps monitoring heart rate all day, but this takes a lot of battery and your battery lasts for only 3 days at max.
5. band vibrates 2 times for each app notification which is annoying. I prefer to keep it off for whatsapp, etc.
6. You can't customize which notifications you get from the selected apps. For example, it is not possible to get only private message notifications but not group notifications from whatsapp.
7. Alarms need to be silenced on phone even after it has been silenced on the band.
8. Band keeps vibrating even if call has been silenced on the phone.

Use my referal link and grab a discount: https://amzn.to/2ykeZg5
sunil jangra
Bakwas h...
After two or three months brightness is very low..
rahul bhatt
Yaa pretty awesome, when will they launch in India ;
Mohasin Inamdar
Nicely revived.. . all features are covered.. . no nonsense talk.. . I m going to purchase mi 2 HRX edition but after your review I set my mind to purchase mi band 3... thanks for the amazing review.. . keep it up bro.. . god bless you. ❤❤❤
Shridhar Joshi
Hello, What about the accuracy of a number of steps..As it was not accurate in prior versions
Hey you forgot the best function

It reminds you to..........

Robert Francis
Tech That Really Matters Man... Really Good Review👌😘☮️💟😍
Navin Shringi
Tested my Xiomi Band 2 IP67 Works under water between 15cm & 1 Meter Depth Only.
srikanth s
can you compare MI band3 and fast track reflex 2.0
Prasoon Mishra
Moving ur arm counts as steps...
Useless feature of step count in all mi bands
Mi band 2 is more better all these functions are present in MI BAND2 HAS 41Mh battery correct your artifact.
Yuan Xi
It's okay,I mean just a bigger screen and a few more features.
Overall I'd not buy this version yet ,maybe the mi band 4 will be more impressive.
Entertainment world
Mi band 1 gives battery backup for 5 days only but mi mentioned 20 days backup don't expect 20 days backup
Bijoy Sakha Ghosh
Can anybody comment on difference in accuracy between Mi Band 2 and 3? Or, are they same in that respect?
Bigger screen, more notifications, good daylight visibility are none of my concern, I am only bothered about steps accuracy...
Mobile Addiction
The battery backup is not at all good!!
Partho Das
Mi band 3 long term reviesw please
vrushti kuriya
If I want to use this watch in school and my phone is at home does it work like Heart
Sensor etc?..
Sumit Joshi
Bro! Nice video
But when will gearbest provide other colors 🤔
Ayush Rajora
Is it safe to charge my mi band 3 viva mi qualcomm 3.0 charger
Sh Sh
How exactly did you manage to measure that 10x?
Adi Singh
dude you really don't know how to review a device, yes intro is dope and video quality is awesome but you are just telling what everyone already knows, where is your opinion????
if i need to know these things i will just go to site, you need to learn a lot. You are just a noob with really good team and fancy office . Hope one day you become awesome !!!!!
vuLTure _
You got a really nice intro dude! Please don't change it.
Your coupon code doesn't work for Canada :( But great review. What notifications does it support (I see WhatsApp in your review)?
Mohammad Faizullah Hussaini
How's the quality of accuracy in SLEEP MONITORING / HEART RATE TRACKER & STEP COUNTING in Mi Band 3 ? Please explain
How about the accuracy of calorie, sleep, heartbeat measurements?
Hey Akshay short n simple yet very clear video as usual. But how about the accuracy of this band? How accuratly it measures the steps, heart rate, calories burn, & sleep. Plz tell about that as Mi band 2 was not that accurate. Thanks
vishal_ vox
Can you do a review for fastrack reflex 2.0
Ali Tahir
Very nice video. Love the production values and the format in general. I am subscribing 😁
Siddharth Pratap Singh
Bhaiya should I go for Honor band 3 for 2.5k please please please reply
Sabyasachi Dash
Is it better than the Fastrack reflex 2.O??
Physico Gamer
got notification from bee boom after 6 months.....and you guys have croseed 1 m subs .....time runs faster than it seems
Jan Šebek
u gave word "unbiased' new definition *walks away chuckling sarcastically*
Rutul Dave
Today I ordered for this on Gearbeat @ ₹1750 so, just want to know that is there and thing extra I need to pay for shipping or taxes?
Nitin Kirnapure
Can we use it for cycling? And track something?
Ejaj Qureshi
Display looking glossy and very much impressive i love it love you sir
Who know abot the iphone discharge ??
arpit kothari
Is gearbest trustworthy ?
Cause I ordered amazfit bip on 23rd June and has still not received till now
Vikash Kumar
Nice vid...bhai 1 baat puchhni thi ye baal tumhari asli hai???😊
Ankit Saha
Thanks Beeboom! using it since 2 months. Loved it!
izac ._
Out of all the Mi Band 3 review, this channel has the top notch quality content!
looks like this guy destroyed his mi band 3... all those scratches...
MK Rules
How accurate are the steps and heart beat tracking? Thats really important
Tech Guru
Bro notification nai aati call ya msge K... Kya kru
Pooja Dongare
Fastrack reflex is better than MI band 3
Fastrack Reflex 2 vs mi band 3
Muku Gaming
Man When Miui 10 Is Coming? i Really Need That Internal Sound Recording Option ♥️🤗
Siva Kumaran
Which is best Mi 3 band or Fastrack reflex 2.0 ??????
Prabhat Tiwari
Mi band 3 or Reflex 2.0?
Sanu Kumar
do a fade on your hair!
awesome review :)
Ilona Heinonen
Grandmother ethnic immediately plan strip role stop head round.
Venkat Lokesh
Nice cinematic shots,nice intro,nice man.Best video quality ever on youtube by a genuine youtubers rupesh bro , Akshay and more....😘😘
it doesn't crack because it has 5atm ip rating bro
Alex Cui
can i get notification for my OUTLOOK &TEAMS from Mi Band [email protected]:43
Steve Jobs
You guys should review like Dave Lee (Dave 2D2)
Krishnamurthy Setty
A great detailed review, keep up the good review and posts :)
Rajjyoti Baishya
Can we connect mi band to other brand mobiles?
Guru Prakash varma
CONGRATS...On 1million subscribers....
anshul shukla
sir how many days it takes get deliver if i order from banggood..???
prashanth kumar br
How many mobiles can be connected to devise and when can I expect in India
shyam narayanan
Bro how is the accuracy of pedometer??
Vijay Kumar
Background music so good...
Plz give me that background music link
Ken Brio
I guess you should remove the tracker from the band the otherway around.
You're destroying the band.
Observe the design of the device, you have to remove it upwards not downwards.
Savage Brothers
My office doesn't allow mobile phones on floor so whole day I keep my phone in locker so i want to know the connectivity range is how much distance?
Raihan Ansari
can you show us how to make a intro like you its stunning intro

loved it