Apple Watch Series 4 - Fitness and Health Review

The Apple Watch Series 4 may be the best smart watch on the market, but is it the best all around fitness tracker? Watch this review and I'll give you my opinion on the latest Apple Watch Series 4 and it's health and fitness features.

The fitness trackers and products I use:

Garmin Fenix 5X

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Scosche RHYTHM+ Heart Rate Monitor

Polar H7 Bluetooth Chest Strap HR monitor

Yunmai Smart Scale - Body Fat Scale

The Skulpt Scanner - Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality

My All Purpose Gym Shoes - Saucony Jazz Low Pro

Mava Elbow Sleeve

Mava Compression Shirt

Reebok Nano 2 Shoes



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Gean Citizen
This is one of the best informed review of the Apple Watch on youtube. Job well done Eric. Keep the video coming.
Calvin Ong
Tip for tracking swimming: You can press the side button + crown at the same time to pause the timer, the watch doesn't have to be unlocked for that so you can pause it and spin the crown to end the workout.
Elibobelly Sandoval
I’ve been debating about getting an Apple Watch but wow your review is really straight forward no BS lol. New Subbie.
& I’m unset there’s cool things in the watch we can’t use yet
This one, Garmin 645 or Fitbit versa? I like GPS and heart rate tracking during sleep. Thanks!
Abdulla Fit
So I don't need my chest heart rate monitor in the gym for weight lifting ? Thank you for the amazing review 💙
LAHRdeco and more
Top Vidéo...rarely seen with a real Sport Freak 🤓 greetings from Luxembourg
Tim Lara
Wow. That's really surprising and honestly a little bit sad if Garmin and Fitbit optical wrist HR are outdone by Apple. The "Swiss Army Knife" of mainstream smartwatches isn't supposed to beat the specialists at their own game! As mentioned by others, I'm really curious to hear if you have a better/worse/equal experience with the new Polar Vantage sensor when it's out.
Harry Bizzle
Thank you. So good to have someone who actually knows about fitness features properly review the watch.

I’m looking forward to your review of 3rd party running apps. I’m looking for something which gives me all the data I get with Garmin connect and my Forerunner.
Jonah Ahearn
Heart rate chart unavailable is because you didn’t swim for long enough for it to gather the necessary data for a full graph
Bill Campbell
Great review from being informative and well done. The series 4 is my first Apple Watch obtained for helping with recently diagnosed heart issues. My doctor was pleased about it too. Aside from that though I just find it to be a very cool gadget. Looking forward to your further reviews. The atmosphere of learning and even an entertainment value is very good. Thanks.🙂👌🏻⌚️
Jong Min Yun
That’s absolutely informative and systematical fitness review of brand new apple watch 4 series. 👍🏻
Charles Wendt
I cad set up one of my ekg system to a monitor and view my pqrst wave as I exercise .
A'Lexuz M
Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseee do the galaxy watch 👍🏿👍🏿❤👍🏿👍🏿
Nicholas Petre
Your reviews are always the best and the most detailed just what I wanted to see. Thank you for covering so much detailed!!
Ser Jeremy
Great review! Very helpful for me to understand the Series 4 tracking capabilities! Thank you! Looking forward to the 3rd party apps review.
Stevie Richards
Great review as usual. It does seem like Apple finally got it right with the Series 4.
Carnel A
Review so good it made me subscribed. 😁
Mari Paz Garcia Rodriguez
Great review! Waiting for the next about the app for crossfit!!!
Saif Imam
Pls do a comparison between series 3 and series 4 in gym based activities
Paulo Lima
Please Review Huawei Watch GT
taptheblackkey y
The first wearable video that i watch from the beginning till the end.
Chris Arguello
Link for 3rd party app review?
please compare it to Polar Vantage when it is released
Just picked it up yesterday. Switched to Verizon and got iPhone 8 for wife and I and a series 4 watch for both of us as well
Mariusz Dolatkowski
Hi Eric, Great review. How would you compare the apple watch 4 vs fitbit versa for gym based activities. Thanks
Александр Никушин
Что ты так тараторишь. Воспринять речь невозможно.
Awesome video! Thank you. Makes me glad I decided to order one.
Thank you for the very detailed review from a person who works out. These were all the questions I would ask pertaining to the data the watch pulls.
Sneaky Ray
Can you turn off sleep mode? I want it to never sleep just like a real actual watch
Harold William Knox
Great review, looking forward for the third party Germany there is a delay on the watch I’m getting my watch in the store 14.11.2018 😎😎😎
Damax Thomas
Great in deep video. Real fitness review, impressive!
Subscribed to the channel
Hey @Techy Agent. Where do u live? On Minute 6.. it looks so nice there <3
Miguel Maciel
What about for work? I work at amazon and I walk around 35k to 40k steps a day. Used to use a Fitbit but thinking of getting an apple watch
salvatore leonardi
Witch is the best application for the gym workout.?
Mikey J.
It's time to upgrade my AW series 2. Great review, BTW.
Can you turn off activity tracking while driving??
Finally an optical sensor accurate!
hey, about to buy the series 4 as well, would you recommend the sport loop youre wearing at 10.57?
Tic Tech Toe
How does the Series 4 compare to Samsung Watch/Gear Sport?
How does the heart rate sensor and GPS compare?
Unique Xtha
Doesn’t it count steps while running ???
Tic Tech Toe
Whats your take on the recently announced (Feb 200 Galaxy Watch Active ?
Very impressed with your comprehensive - no BS review!
Jorge Sedano
Hi, I had a question... When you use the watch for weight lifting do you pause the watch in between sets? During your 1 to 2 minute rest? Thank you and great video!
This and That
At last! been waiting for this!
Brian Lancaster
Great job, looking forward to your other reviews on this watch!!
It’s a reachable review loved it
I'll get this watch when it goes on sale for black friday 2019. I was debating to get the Series 3 now for cheap but the Series 4 seems much better and I can wait.
Osama Madlom
Fantastic video, you don't get the recognition that I think you deserve, keep up the good work!!
Great video, probably the best ive seen related to the heart rate... would be good to do a comparison video between the series 3 and series 4 when it comes to the gym lag times.
Jeremiah Pierucci
I've used just about every tracker out there and I completely agree with you. Best optical heart rate monitor yet.
Kyle Gray
The watch automatically breaks down laps, so the issue of time having added seconds isn’t an issue
Ben Hernandez
I use the scoshe rhythm + with my series 4. So with this would you suggest I just use the watch instead of the external heart rate monitor? Love your videos
Which apps do you use for weight lifting???
Pilates Bumps Beyond
No yoga or pilates ?
may i ask the size of watch you uesd is 40 or 44mm ?
Trey’s life TM
Should I get space gray
Gwilym James
Looking forward to a video with your preferred workout apps. There are a few apps like run gap that let you push to multiple apps at the same time.
klif estorco
Battery Life??
Carlo Timpano
Hi Techy are you still using the Amazfit Stratos?
Christian Timbol
Series 4 still not available in the Philippines! I’m so excited with this Apple Watch. 😀
Chianna Nicole
Would you say the calories burned and the heart rate reading for the series 4 is just as accurate as the apple watch series 3? those two are all i usually care about
Matthew Walters
If I sell the ionic and buy this will I see a big difference?
Ashley O’Neal
Dying waiting for your favorite workout apps for Apple Watch series 4! Great review by the way
Andras Kiss
I bought same watch, but little bit disappointed after Fenix 5x, especially battery time, only plus fancy screen.
lior razli
any way to syc activity in with garmin connect app?
Really looking forward to the weightlifting app segment you said you will do for the Apple Watch. I always just use the strength tracking built in mode when lifting weights but have always felt there were other more useful apps out there to use.
Kendra Orndorff
So sad, I am unable to upgrade to the series 4... will have to hold onto my series 3! Great review Eric! Thanks!
Great review! I'm curious if you still use the Fenix 5X as your daily wear watch, or if you've switched to the Apple Watch.
There seemed to be an unusually long delay from 112bpm to 139bpm. This is why I gave up on wrist heart rate. I use a chest strap and my watch shows changes in HR in real time. The optical was always delayed and even more so when recovering.
jose canales
Work with a forklift and it tracks a stupid amount of steps for me granted I do walk around maybe 50/50 on foot and the lift and I leave work with 12k steps there’s just no way
Remo Füeg
Would you say the sensor on the applewatch is more accurate than the polar oh1 ?
Do you have a fitness channel?
Hi, great video. I have a question. Is there a way to complete turn off the heart rate sensor and gps and auto enable them only when i use the workout app? Thank you in advance
Chad Shawver
What is a good third party app for running that will show more metrics?
Very detail and good review, I’ll stay with Series 3 👍 peace
chris worth
You make me want to work out. I’ll follow for that reason alone
fofo queen
I need help
should I buy Apple Watch 4 or garmin viovactive HR or fit bit blaze?
Terry Shiu
Will the watch fit if you put boxing gloves on?
Larry Silverman
A key point to the heart rate accuracy is the choice of straps, with the sport loop having the necessary adjustable settings for a snug fit. Excellent review.
Still ECG haven’t suport in mu country indonesia
Joaquim Quintaneiro
Ey Eric just another fantastic and help review! Can you just tell me what App do you recomend for strength training on apple watch?
Ismael Rivera
Great review. What app you use to track sleep?
Excellent revue guy! Thks
Natalie M
Do you need the cellular data to use run keeper without your phone
bose Chris
Hi il like this vidéo.
I just suscribed to your channel.
Il want to buy a bracelet or a watch to do more exercice.
Il like the 3 activities circles.
Is it useful to monitor the heart beating?
Wich is better : applewatch 4 or versa or new garmin?
Paolo Fine
The best review of the Apple Watch 4 for fitness
Nice you have make the best reviews of the Apple Watch thanks! And pleasss make the video for the other app on the Apple Watch store for the strength traning and the cellular mode worth it?
Kio Milenium
I can't wait for the "third party apps" follow up, mate :-}
Can I use an Apple Watch just with a 12.9" iPad PRO (Without any iPhone)? I'm very tempted to get a Series 4
Lammert Vos
Are there a lot of differences between AW3 and AW4? Or is the AW3 also very accurate (during running, strength training). Thanks for the review!

I have a question : )
I was interested in buying the original Apple Watch for measuring my heart rate during my High-Intensity cardio sessions. Unfortunately I was told that it was not only inaccurate in measuring heart-rate but equally importantly it did not have a 'Continuous' heart rate sensor/feature.
After viewing your video I see you mention it now has an accurate heart rate sensor however I did not clearly see you mention if it has the ability to Continuously display heart rate or it only measures when you flick your wrist?

Thanks for your review.
Ira Bliss
I just want to say that the fall detection works like a fact it save my life! I fell so hard , I cracked my skull so hard that I needed 36 staples in my head.......note I had multiple skull fractures prior to this..
, from being hit by a car, on the expressway , as a pedestrian!,.( I have a T.B.I.)
I was hurt so bad I couldn’t even get my bearings to think where a phone would be.?
....I didn’t have to do a thing! My wrist vibrated and said fall detected,calling emergency services in 5,4,3,2,1. And boom I am on a 911 call!

So 5seconds not a minute.....the blood was pouring from my head.....I couldn’t even think straight to do anything....I,e. Mess with trying to make a call etc.

Yeah. I. Would not be here if it wasn’t for the watch.......because I have the watch I can continue to live ALONE. The watch expensive? Are you kidding me? Price Life Alert or another Help I’ve fallen and can’t get up”.service ! that is way more expensive in the long run.....

This watch is BOMB,!!!!! It works great as a phone! Please I spread the word.....this is a must have for the elderly...You don’t have to be a geek to use it for a fall detection....just charge and wear it.

P.s. incidentally ,I’m pretty cool, and it still worked for me.....dang maybe those people are righ, I am. A geek? Ha
@5:12 the heart rate graph doesn't look any better than on S3 for example. There's quite a few gaps in between so apparently it lost track of heart rate there... Unless the reviewer was pausing the workout in between sessions?
Can the apple watch series 4 track my heart rate constantly 24h a day? Or does the apple watch has a limit when its about tracking the heart rate? Cause id like to track my heart rate the whole day and have a nice little overview how my heart rate was during the whole day.
Daniel Atkins
By far the best fitness based reviews. What you cover is exactly what people want to actually know but it always seems to be brushed over or not reviewed at all in other reviews. Thanks for your hard work!
John Walton
Just the information I wanted. Great reviews.
David Corsi
Question: Do you like the Sport Loops for workouts? It seems so but I worry sweat leaving it wet / smelling and you swam with one and doesn't that leave it damp for hours? Thanks.
Ishwinder Singh
What apps do you pair / use with your Apple Watch? I have Strava but haven’t used it in ages. Thanks
Jhoan Palacio
Fitbit Ionic vs Apple Watch 4. Which one should I get. Specifically for fitness.
John Manley
Best OHR so far? Wow. As an android user I'm feeling a bit jealous. I'd have to leave Project Fi and buy an iPhone and get this watch. Too high a price but I'm liking what I see in the AW4!