REVIEW: TW64 Bluetooth Smart Fitness Tracker Watch Band

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As a low-cost fitness tracker the TW64 Smart Band does a decent job of recognizing steps, sleep patterns, and displaying incoming notifications. Although we're not crazy about the propitiatory charging cable (nor the tiny OLED display), the TW64 is a good option for kids or folks looking to experiment in the world of wearables before investing in a more expensive model. Find out all the details in this official video review.

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....Just bought it today, second -hand at a flea market, 2 US dollars only, it's almost new, got the charger too, black color, good deal. installed all monitors on 0, here we go....
mohsin ullah
How to switch off this watch please some one gauide
David Casselman
how does the sleep mode work
MD Valla
Literally the only reason why I watched this is to figure out how to charge it. You literally explained everything but :'>
dude great video so detailed please more on the tw64
We just got these for Christmas. My wife and I have the exact same phone but her app has the sleep tracker but mine does not. Any ideas?
Architect Carmela
I have a new one as a gift and i charged it for over 2 hours but still wont turn on :( anybody who encountered the same problem?
How did you link it? Mine isn't found by the app
Charity Littrell
You should do a video on how to turn it in sleep mode
Jane Williams
I actually have this same watch and thx for adding more information that on the box
Alicia Stinson
Im a blonde and need help getting it to charge, charger is on correctly but it's not lighting up it turning on
Elanea Corral
I lost my charger.. They dont sell them online?
usman shahid
Does it has vibrating alarm (so i can wake up without disturbing others)
Did not explain how to set the correct time and date which is not listed anywhere.
Jenny Linaburg
How do you get the text notifications to work? And how would you reset every thing back to 0 for like the next day? And how does the sleep mode work?
How do you go into set up mode
Whois Why7
Thank you so much. I forgot the brand and after watching your video I realized we have the same one
Anu Riive
Oh thx i have have the metabo band!!!
Great channel keep it up!!
Awesome review, mate!
Kent chubs
Can't connect to day day app. It's said device disconnected even my Bluetooth on and my band was on. Please anyone help me.
Rakkesh Subramaniam
what is the price you bought
Niraj Kumar
Mine doesn't charge it only shows battery icon when I connect it with charger
Darcy Gray
Nvm it counting was just delayed
Dudalwar Ramalu
does it work without app
Jorge Emilio Trujillo Estrada
Mine doesn't have any buttons
The app won't even install
Devices was not found, why?the power is enough
Joshua Hernandez
I got $12 for in the shop
Sankalp Veershettar
how to use the mil64
Sandy Elizalde
I can't seem to find a way to sync my date and time into my watch, how can I fix this?
Nelly Velez
How much do I have to walk before it starts registering
Gudrun Ullrich
Forst things first. From where can I download the UG setup guide ? any url ?
i give it my cosin on his birthay
im 8 my cosin 7
This is so much better then the 135 dollars FitBit charge i bought few years ago and broke in a month.
Daniel Duboi
How do you change the 24 hour clock to 12 hour clock
Brittany Hodge
How do you change the step length I don't see a button for it
Thanks for this video..I just received mine today. I have 2 questions. Do you know how to power it on/off? The clock was set to 12h and randomly changed to 24hr. I wanted to restart to see if that fixed it. My 2nd question was do you know how to fix that particular problem.
Thank you so much
i got 2 of them
Adriana Rosa Gudino
How do you charge it?
Someone plzzz tell me how to use the stopwatch
Dop you know what the Lost Function is for?
No one h2u78y62n:h
Mine at first had the right time but then the next day the time was two minutes ahead?
johnny johnson
I just purchased this yesterday and I really like it and I'm curious do you need to have your cell phone on you for this to work ?
Kaitlyn Shirey
Does this watch have a vibrating alarm for waking up in the morning?
Debra Smith
I cant seem to get mine to pair with my android phone via bluetooth. any suggestions?
Jokes and Riddles
How to connect this watch with my phone
Pathy04 LP
I Bought 2, but didn't work I can see the screen if is not conect with the charged :(
Centurion 1
Is anyone else having trouble turning theirs on I've charged it and it isn't working
Casey Melvin
All I want to know is how to switch from military time to 12 he need help quickly
Christopher Murphy
$6, its going for £19.99 on Amazon, another example of rip-off Britain.
I just got one on Christmas It is a light blue band and a white and black band
Jaines Fermaint
Mine doesn't track anything 😣😥
Penny Metheny
I need a Charger
Matthew Bielecki
does this have sport mode an what about heart rate?
Dave Ramsey 1
I have a Fitbit charge 2
Darcy Gray
I don't have a phone and it won't count my steps
Do you set the time with the app? Or does it set automatically when setting up bluetooth?
Matthew Lecompte
How do U call
Glorious Muffin
I lost my charger :(
I have this but I can't do anything with it coz the app doesn't work with my google pixel
Russell Maxey
i habve one
Apostolis Sp
How to change the clock?
Jose Sanchez
Just got mine in the mail today. How do I change the time from military to hourly?
Eggward 09
How do i make it track my steps??
vikhnesh unni
How to change time
oh mai maia
It works really well for me. Basically, how it works is that you have to get the app and it only connects to the phone through the app from what I found out. Its iffy.
Ellamae Gillling
Is the watch supposed to vibrate when you get a text or call? If yes, mine wont do that, how do u fix it?
How do I change it from millitary time to regular time
Maxim Mihálik
My is still vibraiting, if it discharge the vibrations stops, but when I put into the charger vibrations starts. Pls HELP!
Grace Johnson
How do you get it to call and message you
bowen joker
How to change the time?
How to change time on it
Azka Rahman
It’s not connecting my device
161 minimall
Nik Baranov
What is app. name for this one?
Naomi Winter
Do you need a phone for this? Because I got one of these and I have an IPad.. I need to know asap!
Deanna Allamong
I have a question how do u set the day on the band
how is the app called. I can't find it and I don t have a guide
Edgar Martinez
Mine won’t turn on can someone help please
Gaming With Abiya
I did I returned it cause it won't work
Monica Hernandez
I have one with no instructions what’s that app?
Jennifer Williams
How do you reset the watch via the watch? i deleted the app by mistake and now it wont find on bluetooth list
color green
Just a word of warning.....One other and that is, the buckle that fastens the straps together, don't trust it, easily unclips, I nearly lost mine first day I bought it. You know what I did, I took out the buckle and something you may not agree with, I replaced the buckle with that plastic coated wire you get with any electrical product you buy, like to tie the charging cable together of your bought product. I know, it looks ugly, but my TW64 is black and the wire i use is black, it can't be seen some distance, it's also under your wrist so again can't be seen easily, I twine the wire together and it holds great, this will do until I find something else to hold my straps together, that buckle is a disaster believe me. I've gotten lazy and decided to keep the wire as a fastener, it looks ok to be quite honest.

Let's put it this way, which do you prefer, a black, (whatever color your TW64 is, get the matching wire color) wire holding your straps real good and NEVER undoing, or you chance the buckle? I know which is good, and it ain't the buckle, it's completely useless that buckle. I'm sure they the manufacturers/designers did this on purpose, it comes undone in any sort of catching surfaces! So you have to buy another one, it's cheap to buy, that is why they made it to undo easily, you are more likely to buy again! Good selling trick. So there you have it, nothing worse than losing your new product first day is it.

That's strange, my date is under the time and the battery indicator is above the time and to the left side also. I have looked at many TW64's and all are same as in the above video in display, mine is opposite from all of them!
Kim Ortiz
who do you change the time?
pinau marius
can you plese tell how i change the clock?
Can we play games in this
Ivan Odintsoff
This "DayDay Band" app is way better than the "Your Fitness" app that mine recomends to download in the box.
Baitwe Colman
is it compatible with iPhone 6s?
Lucylu86 S
how does the heart rate works ??
Tejas Chavan
I have forgotten the paring of same watch that you have plz help
Cali Horton
how do I change my step goal? and how does the stop watch fuction work? and the sleep tracker
What's the app called
Chelsea Kale
How do I text?
Crystal Nika
Thank you
Palm Tree
After working for two days I get message Day day bend has stopped and it shows as disconnected all the time even though Bluetooth is on. Tried reinstalling the app - didn't work. anyone knows what's the problem. Manufacturer does not offer support.
Jose Sanchez
Need help syncing. Please.
Christina Smith
How do you know when it is properly charging?