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Garmin vivoactive 3 Review – RIZKNOWS GPS Smartwatch Reviews. Back with another Garmin GPS Watch review. This time we are talking about the new Garmin vivoactive 3 Smartwatch. This is a mid-range GPS sportwatch that compretes directly with the Fitbit Ionic and Apple Watch. The VA3 is lightweight and has a sleek design with a full-color display. Plus, it’s fully waterproof, which is nice. The new vivoactive fitness watch will of course track all your standard activity and sleep metrics but it also a number of smart features and sport tracking. It also features a new Garmin Pay feature for mobile payments. This new fitness tracker also had an ambidextrous design for a right or left wrist. Lastly, it has increased training features and VO2 max estimates. On the downside, it’s expensive at $300 and there’s no native storage for music. There’s also limited app support in ConnectIQ and the side swipe feature is not very helpful. There’s also no open water swimming feature. Still, we like this watch. We’ll see if it ends up on the list for Best GPS Watch 2019 or Best GPS Sportswatch 2019. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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539 комментариев
If the Vivoactive is overpriced, how do you call the pricing of the Fenix? They don't have much more features but cost double.
Bravo girl
Thank you so much for this video!
I have been researching activity trackers trying to figure out the one just right for me. 😊 And I've come to the conclusion that,
the Garmin vivoactive 3 is the one!
This video helped me make my decision, thanks again. 👍🏼
Just started checking on reviews again, as I'm in the market for a new watch. Please (and this is a recommendation for all reviewers that are as awesome as rizknows, but I just happen to comment here now ;))... when you review a watch, please always always show it off on a woman's wrist as well. Most gps watches look great on male wrists but just unbearably bulky (to the extend that they cause problems while wearing) on a woman's wrist. So a comparison would be nice to know if the watch is really "sleek and lightweight" or just sleek and lightweight for men.
Great video! What do you think the best smartwatch option for swimmers is? Thanks!
Sah Murray
Hey, you mention connecting to Bluetooth HR. Does that include polar h7/polar h10?
Hey Jeff.. what's your opinion of this vs the Vivoactive HR?
I have the HR and LOVE it, but really like the look of the 3 better, however, if looks are the only significant change (Garmin Pay aside), I'm not sure it's worth it for me to upgrade.
Thanks for your thoughts!
nik lee
Can you do HIIT like interval cardio workouts? Like set split rounds boxing 🥊 rounds also ??thanks :)
Wayne Malcolm
I have had this watch for over a year now and it is the best watch I have had. Looked at more expensive Garmin ones but this one hit all the buttons. I’ve other brands as well, but this one fits right. The features are great, but what I really like is the look. It has a sporty look, but not too sporty. It has a sleek cool style that goes with a more semi-formal even formal outfit. Always the right watch. I run a fair bit so that was the most important thing, and it hit all the running boxes for me, but that style and profile really stood out.

Oh, the one I have is quite durable. No scratches or knicks so far. And the battery life is pretty good. Can get a good 5 days out of it. Not a problem as I charge it every 3 days per habit. Always good for a weekend away from the charger if I go camping or on other travels.

The app is pretty good as well. Great addition. Keeps the data secure.

Now, if they could get music saved that would be great, but that is not a deal breaker for me.

Anyway, great watch!!
The beta for the new connect app is much better than the old version. Looks a lot more like the FitBit app which is not a bad thing.
Glenn Wood
Pity Garmin is absolutely disgraceful when there is a warranty issue.
When you contact them it becomes corporate avoidance 101
I wish it had the Gear's rotating bezel UI...
Steve Wilson
I loved my HR but it was ugly as sin. Now I have a buggy Fitbit Ionic and looking to return to Garmin
Julie Bravo
I just purchased this watch and this review was extremely helpful. Thank you!
Which sport mode / profile should I use for HIIT workouts to ensure the most accurate HR tracking?
Earned a sub.+ like! Thanks for sharing.
Léo Han
I've got the original vivoactive, and I'm excited for this review!
Rodrigo Lima
Best review so far.
Keith Becker
Just purchased and the cost at the local Walmart was $169.00. At my age of 73 has everything I need
Any chance of a Vivoactive 3 vs. Fenix 3 comparison?
1 min before review starts, need to work on making that smaller..
peace taker45
4:56 i think if you want to become that better hand modle u need a better lotion ...🤔 use maybe when doing cardio👉👌
Janice Chen
I think it is a great activity watch. Thanks a lot. finally, I made up my mind. I m going for this vivoactive 3. I like the features, it fits me v well.
Conj PP
I've had this watch for 14 months now. Doesn't last over 20hrs in watch mode anymore. Was good 2 to 3 months ago
Doan Weber
Thanks! is it good for paddling in the ocean? surf skis and oc1 or oc6?
please wear gloves when you go the gym!!! I was eating my tea.....
Alfonso Fraire
Touchscreen for running in winter is really bad
Dave Pudliner
Upgrading from my vívosmart HR to vívoactive 3 after watching this review 👍🏻 looks awesome! Thanks RIZ!
Mitchell Ellison
Could you do a review on the polar m200
The review we've all been waiting for.
Mack Liporada
Would you recommend this watch for MTB trails? Thanks.
Nike Nikes
@RIZKNOWS What about heart rate accuracy
jimmy Sugiarta
Finally, this is Great review that i waiting for to decide whether get this or forerunner 735xt. Since I need running watch for small wrist.

Anyway, anyone can help? Whether this vivoactive 3 has audio notification (like pace notification, distance information) over bt headphone or directly from the watch itself.

Thanks for the great review..
Metehan Akdag
I have a quick question. Would you buy fenix 3hr (since it went down on the price) or would you choose vivoactive 3?
Luis Rosario
Can you test the Amazfit Stratos?
Deanna Fink
Why does your RIZKNOWSDEALS app require access to my photos and call information?
Finaaaalllllly rizknows. Thanks a ton for reviewing I was dying for it . Just compare it with Fitbit ionic
Jerry Pitchford
Which watch would you recommend for swim tracking
Diego Alejandro Garzón
Please do a review of Samsung gear sport!!
nico agressor
What about the Garmin Coach? I've found that these watches should to be supported, but I didn't find any more informations. Thank you.
Dominique Basson
The watch basically does not work. I'd love to see an updated review ...

There are many known bugs - bluetooth dropouts, HR dropouts (in broadcast mode), ANT+ problems, crashes ...
Rahul Gupta
If we have to practice with kettlebell we risk cracking the screen. So if we take offthe watch and pair it with a heart rate sensot will it still calculate calories burnt?
Allah Turbo
Is the display always on?
Hound Life Vlogs
What I love about Garmin is the constant software updates. The app is great and your watch always feels refreshed as they release updates and cool new features.
anybody know if it's compatible with the Wahoo chest strap? Thanks
Still loving my OG Vivoactive.
raj kumar
vivioactive 3 or forerunner 235 or fenix 3?
fitness is OK. Not that I care about it.
How does it handle notifications? Any way to display different types and counts of new notifications on main screen? If I dismiss it on watch, will it dismiss on phone?
Just decided to replace my Fenix 3 HR with this - $268.95 on Amazon
Sebastián Frerk
versus vivomove hr?
Can you control music from the watch when tracking a workout? I have the Vivo active and that has been my biggest complaint...
Vicky Lynne
Does the time display on this at all times or is it like other trackers and the screen goes blank until you push a button?
Kilian Hana
Will There be a polar a370 review?
Kana Lord
Bruno Ramalho
How do I alternate between the rest and the series options, when I'm training in strength mode?
Usually I press the display repeatedly and It switches! Is this the correct procedure? I'm doing the correct or have a number oficial times to press to switch? Tnks!
Doug Penner
No stand alone music player?
Ryan Leavengood
I see you @Rizknows, listening to the Ben Shapiro podcast!
Nora J.
Is it good for horseriding? And to use the GPS for trails? I'm between this and the Samsung galaxy watch 42mm rose gold .. which do u recommend?
John Hendrick
Thank you for these reviews!! and the videos are put together very well!! Thx Rizknows!!
Lorna Fletcher
so is this the new version of Garmin Vivoactive HR
Richard Phipps
can you upload premade routes using the navigate section that I saw on the watch?
please can we have a review of the Suunto Spartan Trainer vs the vivoactive 3. How do the Suuntos compare with the Garmins? Battery life, accuracy etc
J Sheeba
hi. if i want to use it for open water swimming, what tracking mode would you recommend?
Nuno Carvalho
Este relógio não compensa comprar!!!
Eu tenho um vivoactive 3, e o sensor barométrico dá uma de diferença de 200 metros em 1000 metros de altitude em relação ao Garmin Edge 520. Em relação ao cardiofrequencímetro a história complica bastante. Este relógio dá valores muito, mas muito abaixo da realidade. Para terem noção, num teste que fiz com os dois aparelhos em simultâneo (vivoactive 3 e edge 520 com banda cardiaca), enquanto o vivoactive 3 me dava um valor de 115 bpm o edge 520 dava-me um valor de 151 bpm. É surreal a diferença de valores em produtos da mesma marca!!!
Já mandei duas vezes o relógio para a Garmin e eles deram-me um outro relógio novo sem burocracia, porém o problema continua... relógio após relógio.
Para quem quer resultados precisos não aconselho este modelo da Garmin, agora se quiserem um relógio bonito para receber notificações inteligentes e contar passos podem contar com ele.
Anthony Acosta
Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music or Apex Coros 42mm?
Lim Lye Ting
I find that the side swipe is really useful especially with sweaty/wet hands.
Jonathan Parham
Did I see a music player that was relaying song info? Would love that on my Fenix 3HR
Kittipong misterTrin
it's good enough for tracking marathon ? @rizkknow
Brian Meljac
Trading my iwatch 2 for this
Gábor Vértesi
@RIZKNOWS would you pick still the Fenix3 instead of this as the price dropped or go with this?
Philly Anchor
Row machine functionality?
Raúl Morcillo
Is this better than the VivoActive HR?
Trent Imeson
You should show the rep counting functions it apparently has
Can you still broadcast your HR to a Garmin cycling computer?
Craig Morton
HI..does it do live segment updates?
Jopoy Capulong
can you please do a review on Amazfit Bip, it's the cheapest GPS fitness tracker I know from a decent brand
Dj DaNny Reyes Oficial
Please help me!!: vivoactive 3 o gear sport ???
Dallas Johnson
I'm excited to get mine. I loved the Garmin Vivoactive 2 but didn't like the form fit. The regular watch look is much better. Thanks for the review.
This and That
So if you already own the vivoactive hr, no need to upgrade.
Bettwen this watch and the forerunner 235, which one is better for meassuring SUP, i mean by strokes per minute and all os that stuff
Viet Le
You should do a comparison between this and the ionic. Personally i think this is more sporty and the ionic is more smart-watchy(???).
Cheaper than fenix 5 and will do what I need it to do. So yeah, gonna patiently wait for this to come out and purchase as my first fitness watch! Plus, round watch > square watch
Real Edward J
Waiting on the Gear Sport
I'm thinking the Forerunner 645 music is a better option over this.
tuff gang
What fitness tracker can track mph
Frey Halim
Is there cadence calculation on vivoactive 3?
Can i make alert for minimun or maximum spm?
Because when i see at the specs there's no written cadence on running feature.
I use fr 235, i can set alert to min or max cadence.
Neil Rosser
Awesome review and I’ll say I like my VivoActive 3. Got the silver one (yes I’m a dude) and I really like it. Got it three days ago at my local Best Buy (they had one in stock) - set it up and jamming. My Garmin journey has gone like this:
1. Original square VivoActive. Liked it well enough (I had been using Polar GPS products for like 20 years, and seemed the world had passed them by, at least here in the US). So I wanted to check out the land of Garmin.
2. Then after a year or so went to the Forerunner 230 - literally RIGHT before they launched the 235 and others with optical heart rate. No big deal, as I’d been using various types of heart rate straps forever. I did really like the 230 - still do.
3. And then now with the VA3. It’s so much lighter than the 230, and lower profile, and just overall BETTER. Screen is better, device user interface much better - all that you’d expect from a NEWER device. Love it.
Great review Jeff and look forward to more!
chowhall 1
My original is still going strong, 0 issues. Garmin just makes good stuff
subba reddy chittem
Which is the best fitness watch ,please Suggestion to bye
Tara Lown
look at that cute doggo in the background
Ricardo Russo
how do you set a manual lap on this thing??
Zheng Ren
Can we see the map on the watch?
L.T Nicles
Hey, what's navigation like on this watch?? Can one view maps? Or use navigation to places? Undecided
Isa Argueta Mosquera
It works for mountain bike?
Ashley Vermeulen
Is it durable? I'm a tradesmen and want to wear for everyday as well as workouts.
Does the vivoactive 3 display your instantaneous pace to the nearest second when you run or the nearest 5 seconds?
How do you turn off the smartphone notifications on this device? I tried everything and read a lot of forums, nothing helps. I get spammed anyway ...
Anita Raw Veggiesaur
I wish it was only $300, here in Australia the basic model is $450 and the slate version is $500 :(
cameron matkosky
Wow! Corning Glass! I know that place!
Mine cost $250, which happens to be the price you wanted to pay. I’ve been using it for about three months and I couldn’t be happier. At work, it’s taken a pretty good beating against steel shelves with very minor scratches to the case. No visible scratches to the glass yet. At play, it’s accompanied me on several hikes in the Sierras and some more local river kayaking. It has great tracking profiles and feels like nothing on the wrist.

Something you didn’t address is sleep tracking. I work nights, and so my sleep is extremely important. Garmin devices do a great job of monitoring sleep, dividing deep sleep, light sleep, REM sleep, and active ‘awake’ periods. I’ll typically wear a tougher mechanical watch at work, but swap for my Garmin vivoactive 3 when I go to bed.
Juan Climent
Vivoactive 3 or 735xt??