Best Fitness Trackers ! (Best Activity Trackers)

➡ Fitbit Charge 2:
➡ Garmin vivosport:

➡ Garmin vivofit 3: (ON SALE)

➡ Fitbit Alta HR:

➡ Misfit Ray:

➡ Garmin vivomove HR:

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Best Fitness Trackers 2019 | Best Activity Trackers. It’s time to update the best fitness band list. In this video, Jeff walks you through his picks for the Best budget fitness tracker, best fitness tracker for weightlifting and Best activity tracker for swimming. Some of the products discussed include the Fitbit Charge 2, Garmin vivosport and Misfit Ray. He also touches on the Fitbit Alta HR, Garmin vivofit 3 and Garmin vivomove HR. Topics covered include battery life, wrist heart rate monitors, and activity tracking and sport profiles. Hope you enjoyed the video.

Best Fitness Trackers / Best Activity Trackers 2019 Write-Up:

Fitbit Charge 2 Review:

Garmin vivosport Review:

Garmin vivofit 3 Review:

Fitbit Alta HR Review:

Garmin vivomove HR:

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Android -



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Eddie Lusk
Sorry, but the Fitbit Charge 2 doesn't work as well as ones that are water proof. You have to remember that some people want a activity tracker that you can wear while you are swimming, but even others that just don't want to have to remember to take off their tracker when they shower or even wash up. The Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus is in my opinion the best at this.
Sin Stalker
Can you please test out and compare the Mi Smart Band 4? The price is so compelling.
C.C. Brett
You should do a 2019 Version
Can you please review the Gear Fit 2 Pro now that it's compatible with iOS?
Let me borrow one so I can test it lol
Lead Domination
Btw your website isn’t available in Australia, kinda sucks
Info LastName
I’d love to see a review of the Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro!
Marcel Volz
Hi, review of the garmin vivomove hr coming?
Nimo Kali
I don't know why you don't buy some of those really competent capable chinese fitness trackers at a cheaper price, test them out, and show these people how some of them work well, so that some students may have cheaper options and ways to save money. You're only touching on these known popular brands, and I don't really like that.
Ryan Valentine
Glad to find out I don't need to replace my Garmin Vivosmart HR +
Maia C. Colucci
You should also tell your subscribers that fitbit only updates/syncs with an internet/data connection. If you run/hike in the back country, vacation off the grid or work in a location that you can't use your phone fitbit is a total failure.
Thanks for doing these! I just ordered my charge 2.
Adrift and Happy
I like a lot of your video, but I down-voted for releasing this before 2018.....
which one of these is easiest to see under bright sunlight?
ajaira duniya
100 dollers. Affordable?! Let me knock myself out lol
Max Power
Why 2018 when this video is from 2017 november
Hansen HKS
I was so convinced for the first and second models but start from the third model im beginning to lose my trust
Thank you for making sure to review affordable products too, unlike too many review channels on YouTube.
Where's your review of Atmos Fit Hydro Smartband?
I got the Fitbit Charge 2 for $99 during Black Friday. I love it. I got a rose gold metal band for it on Amazon, and it's so adorable! I've gotten many compliments and I don't think people even realize that it's a fitness tracker at all. I truly do feel like it hits the "sweet spot", especially when it's on sale considering all the things it can do!
You missed a 2017 in the title. You're welcome.
is fitbit charge 2 accurate?
Most of these can be beaten by Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Janet Strohl
How do you set the fitbit charge 3 to walk?
Ishwinder arora
Gear fit 2 pro review please
G. Elliott Nielsen
I'll wait another 10 years until somebody gets it right. All fitness bands are crap at this point.
Will you test the WHOOP Strap? Hearing a lot of good things when it comes to recovery.
Loki geen
dude, you're being sponsered by Garmin
Ahmad al ali
Did Garmin have vievo HR have cycling track
Erik Pechmann
Very much disagree with the Fitbit Charge 2 being the best overall watch. The connected GPS is crap and doesn't accurately track, it's an issue in the fitbit forums as many others have complained about the same issue. Fitbit says they are going to release an update which will fix the issue, however that claim was last year and still nothing. The step count isn't all that accurate either. Seriously considering moving to Garmin if they don't fix it fast!
what's the best tracker for tracking heart rate for most accurate calories burned data during a workout?
Carlton G
Hey guy I have the first vivosmart smart was wondering does the hr+ screen scratches easily to
Grayson Heydorn
I love you man. I also just got the garmin fenix 5.
In RIzknows we TRUST! thx
Can you compare Jaybird Reign to the Garmin?
I got the charge 2 and it's exactly what you said. Minus being able to control your music, which I have bluetooth headphones anyways, it does everything else I wanted in a fitness tracker :)
Operator Clyde
Fitbit charge 2 or garmin forerunner 235 for running heart rate tracker?
PengCake Marcosius
Best Fitness Trackers 2018 yet Published on Nov 3, 2017
Blue Raven
I'm happy with gear fit2 pro and the best feature is compatible with spotify 😀
Hi Jeff, have you tried the Nokia Steel HR, was the former Withings.
Armağan Ergüney
i want a watch that constantly track my heart beat an if passes a certain limit it will warn me. do you have any ideas?
Michael Lee
That vivomove HR has got my attention. Currently have Apple watch series 1. I have a chest strap and vivomove HR can connect right?
Genevieve Ruedas
Uhmmm just wanna know is Microwear x2 smart watch ok???
*_"for style"_* Seriously!!
Sree Hari
If my heartbeat gets abnormal it alarms?
I think the best overall fitness tracker is the Garmin Vivosport, because it has all features of the Fitbit Charge 2, plus a sunlight readable colour display and GPS. Plus it's slimmer, too.
Video is from 2017, not 2018.
dont know if these devices are as accurate as the ones used in hospitals
Jesse Valdez
I am looking for fitness tracker that my wife can use during her water aerobics.
סימונה כיאל
Hello! Can you recomend the best devaice for profesional swimmer !
Zsolt Gáspár
Hi Riz! When will you review the Garmin Vivomove HR? Thanks
Bloom Free
Thank you for making and uploading this video,:).It helped me by showing me how to use a fitness tracker band,:).
Ege Okyar
So glad I got the Fitbit Charge 2.
Katka Muchova
Hi Jeff, I know you have probably a lot on your plate, but I am just hoping to get answer to my question. You have tested bunch of products both smart watches and fitness trackers. I have spent some much time going throw all review and still can not make decision. Hope you would help. What I want from my device:
- I play competitively squash, so basically, I need something to accurately track my heart rate during my sessions
- I do side sport activities to build up my muscles and to stay fit and good physical level such as gym, running (mainly inside treadmill), strengthening - I need also heart rate and for running accurate distance and time tracking (would be great not to take my phone with me)
- I would like to precisely track my steps and daily activity + sleep
- Would be nice to put some music in it, so I can just grab my watches a go running or just jogging outside
- I have really tiny wrist (143mm)
Please if you can help me to make a decision according to what I just described, you would be the best from best
Best regards
Plz suggest me best HR monitor for 24 hrs in watch form
Alessio Melani
I think it would be interesting a comparison between the “bigs”, like polar v800, fitbit ionic...
guo lea
Great introduce of fitness tracker . I bought a fitpolo fitness tracker which was also so nice . Technology changes life and makes health a fashion .
Nate The Great
GO Cal Bears
Dwayne Brock
I have the Fitbit Charge 2 and I love it.
Genevieve Ruedas
Uhmmm just wanna is Microwear x2 sportwatch ok???
Follow meback2
Mi band 3 good for long runners yes r no
Ilya Karakotov
What about the xiaomi mi band 2? Its really nice and has a huge variety of cheap bands, while being around $20 with a 20+ day battery life
Can you do an updated "Best of" video? This one's almost a year old, I'd like to know what you think of the latest trackers ⌚️🙂
Jeff, can you do reviews on some of Nokias offerings? I´d love to hear your opinion on the Steel HR and the scales, maybe even the new Nokia Sleep. That would be great!
Nottoofit Max
Charge 2 has no GPS, otherrwise it's quite perfect
Stein-Arne Falch Pedersen
You should review the SMA coach
Fitbit won't let chest straps be paired with their devices, so they are inadequate for any serious user.
Abdulrahman ALWahaibi
Was Fitbit Ionic taken in consideration !! Because i think its the best fitness tracker in the market right now
Phonze M.
Vid starts at :50 if anyone is interested
Shannon Underwood
Forward: SPOUSE

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Seamstress ( movies, music videos reference)

1,254.00 monthly

Jimbo Liu
I just want to know why no "GULAKI Fitness Tracker" ?
Michael Plays Games
Is it worth getting the versa for an extra $20?
Steve Tiller
Rizknows... I'm a gentlemen with seizures, and I'm trying to get something that can record my heart rate. I have both daytime and night time seizures. When you have seizures, your heart rate goes up drastically, and that's because your brain is over firing and your body is along for the ride. The doctors want to put a vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) in my neck, but I of course told them, "no." It's practically a pace maker for your heart/brain.

What would you recommend Rizknows? Please keep it under $150.00. I have no income, SSD, nor military disability. The veteran doctor recommends that I wear one, and someone is going to help me out with purchasing it. I just need a good idea on what to buy.
Do any of these allow it to be used without haven't your phone nearby? I am looking for a tracker that I can use at work, but I work in a warehouse and am not allowed to keep my phone on me.
Ayy i also have the charge 2
Hoping for a Charge 3 in 2018 with full GPS so Fitbiter's don't have to lug an old Surge, cell, or pay 300 for an Ionic.
Daniel Jackson
What about the gear fit 2 pro or gear sport
Was originally going to get Apple Watch Series 3 for Christmas. Your video changed my mind! Apple Watch is such a waste of money. I’m getting the Charge 2
Chase Schuchardt.
I love my Fitbit charge 2
I like the forerunner 35 best
You should review the Huawei band 2 pro
It looks like an Alta has more features than the charge is WATERPROOF UP TO 5ATM and is 50$
Dan Alcantar
Great vid as always
malek samman
Can you please advise which fitness tracker for crossfit training? Something without a chest strap, not a huge watch.
julius godinez
I want the fitbit change 3
Nichole Young
Thanks for vid! Have you looked into the Vivofit 4? Respect
Alex Wolf
I am legit drooling over that Garmin you have on your wrist. 🤤 Hope you don’t mind if I copy you, haha.

Thanks, big guy! 😁🤘🏼
Jacob Ramirez
I need one for running and fitness. Hopefully around 120 ish, any suggestions?
Thomas Salter
I think if you had reviewed the gear fit 2 pro it would've been on the list. GPS, swim tracking, running tracking, UA and speedo apps, beatiful screen, and Spotify syncing
Julian Nainggolan
Which one has the most accurate heart rate monitor?
Valerie h
Which is better misfit ray or fitbit flex 2?
I have the fitbit charge 2 and just recently got the charge 3 and I love it.
Jack Zyz
Can you review the mi band 3?
All he reviews is Garmin bands, Garmin is probably paying him. What about Samsung Gear line?
Slice and Lo Traveling
Totally agree on the Vivofit 3. I've been wearing it every day for a year and still haven't changed the battery! The display is a little beat up but I guess that's my fault for not taking it off during kettlebell workouts. The Garmin App used to suck but the current version is a lot better. I pair it with my Wahoo TickrX (which I also bought because of your reviews ;-) and it works great.
Thanks for the good videos, keep up the good work!
Strong Addictions
Okay I would like to know which fitness tracker does NOT have GPS tracking, in any form but has all the basics.
Walking, swimming, step counting, heart rate, calories and etctera.
Patrick Olson
Could you do best budget activity trackers?
Eugene Foo
love your presentation.
Alessandro Marro
Troll video? You don't even review the amazfit from Xiaomi or the ones from Samsung or even others. How can you even make a video like that?
mark smith
Charge 2 is a good tracker far better than the blaze I had a blaze and went to back to charge 2
Leandro Lemos
fitbit 2 vs letsfit tracker, what's the difference between those two? (technical specs, not the price which is too different)