Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review: Best Cheap Fitness Tracker?

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is a steal at just $25. Seriously, if you're looking for a basic fitness tracker and don't want to spend an arm and a leg, you should check it out.

The best fitness trackers you can buy:

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538 комментариев
Watching this on my MiBand 2
Andrei Predescu
I only had half a beer, but I think I heard some Spanish in the middle of the video.
It's 25 bucks... What do you expect? I mean I love my own miband. And I have nothing to complain about. To be honest, no one should complain about an item like this.
Dr. Hassan Mohsin
Duo review... Never seen it before... Thumbs up😁
Lukas E.
People. Don't always look at the fitness part. Instead, think about this:

You get a beautiful piece of technology at your wrist that shows time, weather and so on,
You don't have to look on your phone to read messages,
You can set timers without needing to leave the kitchen because your phone is in the living room...
For 25 bucks. 25 BUCKS!

And come on, who needs games or an app store if you have a 100 times more powerful phone right in your pocket? I believe this thing makes most sense out of all the smart wearables out there, and it doesn't cost as much as a good phone.
Dan Soderholm
Liked the duo review. More than one review and opinion at once
Ricardo Bustos
3:39 "Por que honestamente necesito tomar una siesta todos los dias". Thumbs up XD
Garry Gershon Schwartz
Are you guys serious ? This band costs $35 ??? I actually have a Mi Band two and after switching from a Polar Pulse which cost me $79 US as compared to the $20 Mi Band 2 I was totally blown away comparing the two and comparing toma comercial blood pressure gauge that measures pulse as well the results are phenomenal .The pace measurement is bang on and the sleep app is very accurate . I absolutely find the Mi Band 2 app very easy to use and PS there is a third party app that lets you do measure constant pulse rate and a few other things .From what i can see the Mi Band 3 is even better so it's a easy buy .I have absultely no complaints about this $20 watch or would I have over the $34 Mi Band 3 . You get a very good deal here and I myself and willing to overlook some of the minor faults for this great tool .
Consume Anime
*Various drugs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*
Pratyaksh Gupta
Definitely like the video. Gave quite enough details.
Rafayel Islam
Since Joshua Vergara left, Android authority lost its charm.
lalnun tluanga
AA will never be the same without JV. I am yawning while watching this review.
Bruce Kennedy
This watch is a no-brainer. Like the dual reviewer format 👍
Joe Hartley
I ordered one and is on its way.. it's cheap enough to not be disappointed if it's not great
Thanks for the great review! Question, how do I turn off the heart monitor? My battery life is at 7 days and my notifications and other features are at a bare minimum.
Antonio Santana
Got mine 10 days ago from GearBest. The best $25 I've ever spent. It's very comfortable, useful and the battery is at 68% right now.

PS: It was delivered to Mexico and it comes in Chinese, English and Spanish.
I just order mine yesterday!!
You can also say affordable fitness tracker instead of cheapest
Rix Morales
Still waiting for GPS + GLONASS sensor to get install on the next model. Then it will be the total fitness tracker killer
Chris Decavalla
If it just told the time it would be worth the money.
Jerrome Kue
Apple:best phone in the market
Android:Hold my beer
Maxine Channel
Sin Stalker
Can you do a Mi ecosystem review? As in using the Mi band, the Mi scale, the Amazfit Bip, etc. How well do they all work with the app and work together?
Phvan S
No you can start and pause an activity from. The band itself.....I have been using this feature regularly
Mark Bossingham
Liked the dual-host presentation.
incognito 82
"Measure how various drugs affect your heart rate" this are for people who "scientifically" test drugs 😂
Mayur Arun
Me: not moving away from my bed entire day
also me: i should probably buy this
frank reynolds
Thank for the in depth review. Apart from fitness band, Xiaomi should do their version of apple watch soon.
Refa Griyanda
Buy this!.. The price is equal to a one time family lunch at McD.. hahaha.. Wear it together with a G-shock protrek watch, you got a perfect tracker.. ;D
Farzam Ashhar
"aout" are you Canadian??
נדב פרץ
what's better. The xiaomi hey or the xiaomi band 3
One of the reviewer might have constantly breathing on helium gas
Happy John
3:33 Because I assume not a whole lot of people have the time to sleep in the middle of the day...

11:03 AM
Menghuot Han
Mi Band 3 is latest version of Xiaomi Mi Band????? we have sold many sets in Cambodia.
Slightly Oddish
RIP my Mi band...fell out last week from the strap and Lord knows where it is 😭😭
A day and a half?! Mine's been running 1 minute for way longer
Michael Taylor
After using the Mi Band 2 and dealing with the horrible viewing outdoors and indoors, I'll still have to wait until they perfect the lighting options. Great review though fellas 👍🏼
Mohammed Shaarif
Guys could you do a review on honor band A2
Daniel Däuber
Nice dual review format!
Uh yeah. I have continuous HR monitor set to 1 minute intervals and my MB3 lasts ~5 (+/- 1) days.
Ceri Jones
Do we really need 2 dudes to review one fitness band?
I wanted a band with GPS. Do you think the $99 Huawei Band 2 Pro is worth it?
7:15 voice crack😂
Prolific Powers
Amazing material! Stay up with the videos, excited about paying attention to much more of these
3M subs and 74K views
Gokul josh Goku
There's a way to record workouts, try behavior tagging.
FLOXshui Lee
Waiting for the NFC version, need that for public transport
franz capones
It's a 1500 pesos or about $15 fitness tracker for crying out loud!!!
Ohh Kevin! ! !
What can I say? 5 times cheaper than other same quality band?
£26.99 in UK just announced. Or £19.99 for first 10,000
John Ehret
Yeah man! I love my Go-tcha! ... Errr I mean Mi Fit One! 🤣
Mrigank Shekhar
I like the new style of dual host. Keep up with the new style of review. And also keep inventing new styles of video making. Good Luck 👍
Tasneem Banu
I should have watched this before buying. I don't care about how smart it is. My problem is, what is the use when you can see nothing in broad daylight?!
dharmit zaveri
When will the blue variant be Launched? Any info on that?
Rithin Kumar
Poco F1 review please
Hasim 030
Bthis or the honor band 4
Points in favor for that little Spanish talk hahaha, I've MiBand 3 it's really awesome in general
Great dual video, keep em coming!
I have international version.. It will update with Greek Language??
crazy crafts
Sir if pin broke. What to do??
Valentino Nguyen
If they put more features and it cost 50 I would still get it
Pritam Aich
Worst review of mi band 3!!! The duo just forget it's a 25 dollar fitness band!!!
älä tule
$25? its 60€ in finland
Damn, this was a very different review, love it
Wendy Gustaf
Miband 3 vs amazfit cor

It's can be interesting dude
Vishal Kumar
I miss Joshua's Chilling Tea.
Omkar Kulkarni
Xiaomi Amazfit bip is also very good for the price.
This is a weirdly cringey video
Kam Ran
Love the double review idea..
Dhruv Suri
It's the best review that I found
They don't need ambient light sensor on Mi Band 3 when you're carry smartphone everytime and anywhere
Aaron Annim
Pretty late but your voices not being at the same tempo bugged me.
Asad Pervaiz
Woww best MI band 3 ever 🤩
Does mi band 3 have a screen protection?
Zain Anwar The Legend
is it just me or my miband 3 takes a really long time to meassure my heart rate ?
core tv
My s7 edge works as a fitnes tracker the only thing i want is hear monitoring withouth my phone in my hand but still great phone
I have both a mi band 3 and a smartwatch in the form of the Amazfit Bip. I love using these... There is a Bip lite coming to which I might upgrade to.
Little inaccurate on how long the battery lasts. I've had each and every band and have this one. 15 days on 1min heartbeat monitoring. You guys probably had all notification on etc
Guy im black talks yoo slow omg
Utkarsh Tripathi
Review for Amaze Fit Bip watch please..
Saiful Islam
Any noticeable battery drain on smartphone after connecting it with mi band 3?
Daniel MGF
I wondered for a second why he was speaking Japanese, and then I realized...
I enjoyed the dual review.
Can anyone recommend a Band or a Smarwatch for fitness classes? I would like to know how many calories I burn during other activities besides running or cycling :(
5ATM water resistance not mentioned
Why do they call the company Shami? Siaomi.
Alex Zhou
The alarm on this is very very very bad, the Mi Band 2 did it wayyy better :/ hope it'll get patched in a future software update
Mark Castro
Good review. I laugh after hearing the voice with high pitch.
Rjay Datingaling
Got mine just now!
Chakib BigBoss
If I ask you between Huawei band and Xiaomi band, which is the most accurate in the data collected? (Honor band 3 or Huawei band 2 pro vs Xiaomi band 3)
Rosin Patel
you guys talk a bit slow, but decent review
Andrew Hallstahl
What a nice Xiaomi fitness tracker I’ve just received from Qwy.io! This item is really cool! It does everything you need for fitness! Would recommend!
Oak Land
What's the best budget smart band that has Blood Oxygen Monitor?
Adam Hill
I was just wondering whether to buy this. Thanks for the video!
Kim Darryl Ong
It's 25 Bucks. lol
Shiny Heart
Dual hosting was kinda irritating mostly because of two different accents.
BTW mi band 3 seems to be a nice upgrade from band 2. 👍
Keith Liam Manaloto
"...third party manufacturers will be jumping on the *bandwagon* soon."
Couldn't stop laughing at this tag team review, it came across very 2013 high school presentation like lol.
Aslam Batcha
Is a Screen Protector necessary for this device?