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Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR Review – RIZKNOWS GPS Watch Reviews. We are back with another Sunnto GPS Watch review. This time we are talking about the new Suunto Spartan Trainer WHR GPS Watch. This new multisport GPS watch is essentially the Spartan Sport Wrist HR but smaller and more affordable. This fitness watch has one of the better wrist heart rate monitors out there. The Suunto online software is very good plus it has all your baseline smart features and activity features. The new Spartan Trainer also tracks all of the sports you could ever want. On the downside, battery life is just average. The GPS nub is back but at least it’s a little less intrusive. The onboard software is still a bit clunky and the mobile app needs more work compared to Garmin and Fitbit. Overall though, it’s a pretty good watch. Just not sure it lands on the list for Best GPS Watch 2019 or Best GPS Sportswatch 2019. Hope you enjoyed the video.

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Much better looking than Jeff.
Michael Tartar
That was really a poor review. Didn't tell me anything about the watch or how it works etc. mostly about the web portal and a lot of random opions.
I was actually really impressed with this watch overall. I just put a review out too, and for sub $300, I think it's arguably one of the best multisports watches on the market. For the same price out of Garmin you're pretty much getting just a running watch in the 235, and for equivalent abilities, you're basically paying $500 with the Garmin 735. I was really impressed with the Trainer overall. The screen was a letdown for me, though, vs the old Ambit line. I just don't think these color screens are up to where they should be yet.
Tanya Bakerwitz
How would you compare it to the Vivoactive 3 or Samsung Gear Sport?
Do a review on the aw s3
When you make the review..please even check how to pronounce items name :D
Hi Rizknows, thanks a lot for your review :)

Have you tried it in a swimming pool ? Is the pool swim pace, lap, distance and the cardio reliable ? 
Can you plan a swim training on it ?
Chris Reindl
I think this will be the watch I'm going to go with thanks
That screen looked really dark.
Chris Barker
1:12 ANTS 🐜 ALL OVER THE WATCH............... ANTS 🐜 ALL OVER THE WATCH 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jason cooper
Hi great video with this watch is there a settings were you can get a beep noise to tell you your on pace time every mile thanks?
JR Dutra
👌 👏 👏
Vicky Grat
Which is the best tracker for cross trainers?
Leone Lelen
can use for hiking as well? thought it doesn't have hiking features with it..
Arcade Party
Anyone compared fitness tracking between this watch and garmin? Wonder which would be more real world accurate? Also garmin connect vs movescoun?
Gigo Sulakvelidze
Got it for 3 weeks, GPS is a mess (had it turned on at home, got 3km distance hardly making few steps), resting HR is almost always accurate
games and more
Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR or Garmin Forerunner 235 which i take?????
Has anyone tried this watch with crossfit?
krishna k
what battery is used for this, can we replace the battery self, please reply
Khoo yao jiunn
For new wrist heart rate monitor, is there any implementation that as good as Mio accuracy and speed? It's 2013 tech and yet i don't see option on market that match it.
Still not sold on wearables. Livvy McLiverton is absolute killing it though.
How does the Garmin Forerunner 735xt compare to the Suunto Spartan Trainer WristHR overall?
I want something fairly well built that works good with manual lapping, for when running track and other types of intervals!
Andy Seal
Her hands look just like Jeff's
Will Bartle
I am quite tempted to buy this but i wonder if anyone who has one can asnwer the following:
Does it automatically track your activities eg if I am walking the dog will it record this as a walk ?
Is there a generic sports mode to cover a visit to teh gym and doing multiple cardio and weight training?
What is the minimum pool length you can enter?
What is the app like for looking at your daily data, steps, distance travelled, calories?
Mirko Menegazzo
Dear Lord that's so ugly
2.23 made in china!!!?????
Whoa... who is this hot Vixen?? 😍😘
Matej Schaffer
Just face are never going to like suunto cuz you are garmin people..but saying that this watch is nothing new,as opposed to gamin who is basically making the same watch vivoactive 3,is just a bit hypocritical...
Sprung Jitsu
i love this woman
Mat Setizar
Wow, and the watch aint too bad either
Nenad Nenadan
Ur phone number, to explaine something about?
Samantha Noble
Object sharply approval ask leader directly inquiry.
Sasa Yourmuli
Any smartwatch over $150 is to much $80 for a gear fit 2
Its Zayonide
Garmin is way better!!
Mark Wayne
You are cute
Sasha SP
good MILF
Wayne Richter
Whew! This lady is easy on the eyes but very hard on the ears. I have to turn my volume way down to even try understand what she's saying. Yeah, it seems like a pretty decent device for it's price. If you think it's the kind of device that'll suit you, I'm sure you can't really go wrong with it. I wouldn't mind taking it for a spin around the block... but not in that colour.