Honor Band 4 Review and Comparison - Best Budget Fitness Tracker?

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Honor Band 4 In-Depth Review, FAQ:

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Honor Band 4 - Unboxing, Setup, and Initial Impressions:

Honor Band 4 is the only fitness tracker that comes with a colorful AMOLED Display in this price segment. But that's not all. Honor Band 4 has a lot of cool features and customizations.

There are two editions of the Band 4 i.e NFC Edition and Standard Edtion. We reviewed the Standard Edtion.


Dimensions: 43 mm × 17.2 mm × 11.5 mm (body size); 126 mm + 95 mm
Weight: 23 grams
Full-color AMOLED Display
50 Meters Water Resistant
Full-Screen touch + Home button
Battery: 100mAh
Works on Low Energy Bluetooth 4.2

Let us know your feedback or queries in the comments. Thanks.
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*_Watch the unboxing video here: _**_https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3bhRUycjtE_*

In the comparison list, the prices quoted in Indian Rupees signifies price on Flipkart, Amazon India and the price in dollars is the price on AliExpress.

*Update #3*

Please check our in-depth review at our blog (link in description) which answers all your queries, issues and also has the most battery efficient configuration. Also, check the new *_Constellation_* dial and its details on the same page.

*Update #2*

Honor Band 4 is now available at Rs.2,253 at Amazon India. Do check it!
Keeps changing. Try your luck!

*Update #1*

Honor Band 4 is now available in India via Amazon. It is priced at Rs.2,599. Check description for the link.
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Any new update for honor band 4 coming up ? I needed music control update n msg update and more watch faces
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Hi... I have 2 Questions regarding this band.
1.In free training mode, How does it calculate the number of calories burned for different workouts?
2.In Outdoor run mode, does it detect changes like in walk/run technique?
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Is it accurate at the time of running
Brother please tell me
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How i can change version
I think my phone is the fastest👍
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Nice Review bro, everything is covered, is there a NFC version also of Honor band 4 ? I use Honor band 3, and it has NFC, never used it though hehehe
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Plz tell me that if I remove the aap from recent aap then its bluetooth connection is cut or not ?
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Bro, I am using honor 8x.. But there is no option to open camera or clicking pictures. Could u please help me in this regard means how to enable it
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Bro i need help ..i ordered the Honor band 4 its Very good...but rhe issue is the Huawei health app in my phone counting steps and adding it to the bands steps .its horrible..if i stp the app permissions the the app isn't working... what to do pls help
Andrea Nisticò
They have to fix the sluggish notification panel, when I have more than 2 notifications piled up it takes time to show up. Apart from that, great band!
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Mi band 3 vs Honor band 4 comparison video Bana do ek
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Hai bro..... Please guide me for my below question

I bought it 2days back..

I Have an issue with rejecting a call I'm unable to reject the from band.(I'm using NOKIA 6.1Plus)
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Hi I want to know whether is it suitable for weight lifting purposes and track my calories by end of my workout?
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My band is not showing incoming caller name so what I want to do can u plz guide me
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Do u need to fix tempered glass for dis?or is it scratch proof?
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Can you change from km to miles
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There is something wrong with your mic? Or u have hoarseness??
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Is sleep tracking of this band is accurate
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I need to know how much hours I've been sleeping in 24 hours. Whether it can measure my sleep all day or just for sleeping in the nigh ?
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if I wanna do weight training..should I pick the free training menu?awesome video btw ! keep it up bro
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how do you select the language on the band 3 and the band 4
Sohail Khan
Does it work perfectly fine with Oneplus 6!? Because me and my friend both have OP6 and "Honor band A2" and it doesn't show caller name on band so I'm planning to get this band! Can anyone help to let me know that this band work with OP 6 without any problem!
Loved your review I just wanted to ask you one thing suppose while working out I had kept the band disconnected from the app i.e. my phones bluetooth was turned off after pairing the device again after workout will it update the workout stats after being paired?
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Please........ The h is silent. Therefore, it's pronounced as or-nor (ˈɒnə). Not hor-nor (hˈɒnə).
Anyway, great review.
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Out door cycling ???
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Bro your honor band 4 has 3 watch faces but the one which i have doesnt have the analog watchface why is it like this though please reply bro and by the way review was good and you deserve more subscribers and please sorry😅 for my very long comment
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Better than mi band 3
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Some people r saying that there is an connection issue , if u close the app den band get disconnected , any solution for that ?
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I want to buy blue one but it is not available😔😔😔 find it on other website but prize is too high as actual prize...😣
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caller name is not showing in my band
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Sir mai kya kru?? Find my phone not work properly, nd name not show on incoming call, nd not hang up
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Whether alipay present in Indian version also
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Can honor band 3 read messages from phone ?
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Does it work well with the Huawei health app?
Hii I have seen ppl telling dat Honor 4 is reading heartbeat if it is kept for blanket is it true??
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Can i see the whatsapp messages???
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Tran Thanh Hai
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Hey bro.. call reject option not working for me. Call doesn't get reject upon swiping up to reject
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Can I download more watch faces
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Can it track steps and heart rate without phone for few hours? At my office, we need to leave our phones at entrance and collect back while leaving for home 😕
I have already ordered this, and its coming tomorrow...
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does it has manufacturer warranty or not?
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Where in India can I use Alipay? Can you tell the government to make Alipay available in all stores?
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Does it vibrate or show you an alert if you are sitting idle at a place for a long time?
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There is no gps track wast of buying better to buy w7 gps Fitness watch and good heart rate sleep ect don't go for brand go for quality and quantity.then auto materially brand prices will decrease.
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is there any 'outdoor cycling' option in it? bcoz when looking at the advertising of this gadget, this smart watch have it. but when i see you scroll ..i didnt see it.
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Does all the workouts options work on non-honor devices?
Mere channel me honor 4 unboxing hone wali h 25-30 march
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Hi, I bought honor band 4 this day, but I don't have to take pictures. Comes with a new update? Do you have a photo taking ???Привет, в этот день я купил альбом Honor 4, но мне не нужно фотографировать. Поставляется с новым обновлением? У вас есть изображение картины ???
I wish your audio was better :(
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