Samsung Gear S3 Frontier fitness features walkthrough!

This is the video showcasing the fitness features of Samsung Gear S3 Frontier smartwatch!

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Hey this video was informative thank you!
Lars Steen
Been using this for a week now and it's brilliant. But the dynamic training feature is annoying. I work as a carpenter and it thinks I'm doing some sort of workout all the time and so the battery is drained. It's cool that it can detect exercise and give you a notice when being lazy, but for me unfortunately that function needs to be turned off.
b juardo
Is there a way to set the step counter to zero? And can you set the GPS to zero also?
Ivan Sotelo
which option its best for doing jump ropes?
is any chance to pair polar h7 with the watch ?
Intro song?
Mian Ijaz
brother who is the best phone F1s or honer x6?
ron greco
how to turn off auto pause on samsung health on gear s 3
Steven Lerer
We have dat and many tings.
Lolz Datguy
How do you find past workouts?
Cody Littleton
Does anyone know if there is away to customized the workout types?
Panos Kami
i took s3 and i have xiaomi the s3 works works the gps to see maps frrom running bu t in my phone i cant see any map of my training.
where is the problem?
Adewale Ogunleye
Sleep tracking is a very important health data, why would someone buy a fitness watch and not track their sleep data by wearing it to bed?
Emulation Simulation
Hello, sir recently I have been in a dilemma between the Gear Sport and The Gear S3, once you have given me the overview, it answered some of my questions but I still have a couple of questions.

1. For the water target will the sensor accurately track my hydration and tell me that I reached my target or not?

2. And does the S health have a weight management tool, like on the Gear Sport?

Plus I liked the video 😃
What's the name of the watch face?
Some Kind Of Fighter
Does it need to be connected to your phone to track activity?
Does it track calories, reps for weight lifting exercises?
Murray Odom IV
I couldn't watch anymore after you said "stuff"
nomar mar
most useless channel