Garmin Vivomove HR Review!


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Garmin Vivomove HR Review. In this video we discuss what you can expect from the vivomove HR, including price, wrist heart monitor, activity and sleep tracking, and more. We didn't get a chance to do a full garmin vivomove review so we're pretty stoked to post this video. Additionally, this will be featured on our list of the best fitness trackers 2019 and best activity trackers 2019. Sure, it looks like an analog watch, but like the Withings Steel and Nokia Steel, it is a full blown activity tracker and heart rate monitor. With an MSRP of $200, it's on the expensive end, but we've done plenty of garmin reviews and fitbit reviews of various activity bands and fitness bands...this is a pretty good one, though we do worry about durability.

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Nate The Great
It's not square or rectangular. Thank God.
More lifestyle watch (gadget), not for people who are serious about sport.
Katie Hinshaw
Thanks love the compare compare video so I can pick which device will work best for me
Can you make a video comparing the features certain garmin products have and don't have. Ex: training status, vo2 max, training effect.
can you see whos calling and read SMS-Whatsapp etc?
Gabriel ar
Does it track cycling?
Btw great review
James Ip
What are the notifications like? Does it tell you when your phone rings?
Alex Wolf
Yass, this is the review I’ve been waiting for! Awesome video.

Also, loving the scruff, Jeff 😍😜👍🏼
Michal Babič
Now, I think you're wrong. It does track swimming.
luis Gonzalez
Could you review the G Shock GBA800?
Yo beard be crazy, but you knowz yo tech. Thnx!
Riz, can you please review the samsung gear sport i am thinking about buying it but there arent many reviews that i can find.p.s i really like your videos keep going.
Violet Rose
Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ive been waiting for this review
Zacson Skaria
As per the specification, this watch is good for swimming.
Katarina Dzojic
It's a pretty fucking cool device. I have one and it's great. Battery life is amazing,it's light and it's pretty eye catching.
Yessenia Juarez
my heart rate sensor is not working on this device what could be wrong? Help. Thanks
Tirza Martin
It doesn’t have a gps, right? How accurate do you find the tracking?
Aiman Nazri
Which one would you prefer? Vivosport vs ionic vs vivomove hr?
Anagh Josh Banerjee
Hi riz ....
CH Lee
Vivomove HR is ant+ certified. But can it pair with ant+ sensors like Garmin HRM Run?
Audrey Zygmunt
Is there a workout mode on the watch?
Muhammad Wafi Aminuddin
How accurate is the heart rate monitor?
So basically they stuffed a Vivosmart 3 into the Vivomove 🤔
Carlos Guzman
It DOES support swimming!!!
Josh Morrison
Torn between Versa and Vivomove HR any recommendations. I mountain bike, jog, and gym all with my phone.
Calum Coyle
Your videos have been massively helpful. Really good information. Keep up the good work 👍👍👍
Andre Torres
When you received 2 messages from the same person if you click in the X from the first message you can see the second one ?
i wish the premium version of the vivomove hr would have sapphire glass instead of normal glas. For that extra $100 they should have upgraded that.
Katarina Dzojic
Its really good watch actually,i got one yesterday and its pretty cool! Even tho it shows time like a normal watch,i always doubletap it to see what time it is😂
Man, I saw a new Garmin review and got mildly excited, yet again, no FR 245 or 645. Nice simple design though.
long david
Hi Jeff, mu vivomove has been drained and left unused for about a month. Now it wont charge, any idea how to fix this?
Drea H
I don't believe you mentioned, but is it safe to assume you can use the Garmin chest straps with it?
Katie Switzer
I saw in the owner's manual about syncing data to your computer. Do you have to do that? I only have a Chromebook and that isn't compatible with the Garmin Express
Benjamin Harrah
Does it work with Garmin golf?
Noah Roberts
bruh its swim ready tho so you can wear it swimming or in the shower
Dennis Rogers
Well now disappointed, 4 times my hands have got out of sync, so makes this device not a reliable time piece so unacceptable. I love the design and loved it, but when your hands get out of sync from time to time is no good
Lisa Lovely LPA
I can see how some like the watch look but I not like it lol

Hey riz, what's it like to use the strength training part of the watch? Is it anything similar to the Vivoactive 3?
Will there be Samsung Gear Sport review?
Senad Bayan
does anyone knows does it support whatsapp notifications ? Thanks
S. Vukovic
Hi Riz. Can you hook it up with the phone while running/walking for assisted gps in order to get the exact distance covered and map overview?
He R
Does it have an alarmclock with buzz?
Shane Warburton
Watch looks brilliant
Napat Chulikpongse
Very good very clear easy to understand keep doing good job bro.
Michele B
It shows swim on the garmin site.
Thanks for this review, I really like this watch as a concept and I wanted to know how it fares in real life. One key question - how's the screen readability in direct sunlight?
Oliver Richetti
How does this compare to the withings steel hr sport?
Luca 12
Track the Watch biking ?
Sayed Hasan Sayed fadhul
Do about Nokia Steel HR ,and how accurate is it compared to the Apple Watch and this one ,please do it
lydia kilkelly
On the Garmin website, it does say it supports swimming?
Chris Fwm
They should have put in a GPS in this.
SrK cLk
can you compare hearte rate sensor with schosche hrm?
Thanks for the review! You said the Accelerometer is „pretty accurate“ in i‘m not mistaken. Did you do a comparison to a gps watch? And do you think there will be a gps Version some time soon?
Christine Pleiman
I’ve had mine for over a year, and as a kindergarten teacher, I’m rough on my watches, and no scratches! I love it. This device has been everything I need. It is well made, comfortable and stylish. My watch band did rip, bit I found some cute leather replacements and switching them out was really easy.
Great watch. I have it myself in black/rose gold and LOVE it. I wear it all the time even at night for sleep tracking. My left arm feels empty without it 😂
Lead Domination
I like it and am looking for a watch style fitness tracker but it’s $300 Australian and your site doesn’t work in Aus!
Alex Badea
Does it have a km counter? Like how much distance you can run
Jonathan Parham
Excellent! I'm using the Garmin 3HR. You should do a comparison between active, move, and fenix
Viliam Sonntag
You basically said 0 things about this watch as a smartwatch.. How does it connect to a phone? Does it show all the notifications from all the apps? Does it vibrate? ... A lot of missed infos.
Imthiyaz Ahamed
hi there.. I have a doubt, can u take and decline calls directly from watch?
Naigh-naigh Why
I swim with the watch no problem
Dean in BNE
Be nice to be able to see the hour hand
Rahul Gupta
Is the visibility of the hour hand a problem in ambient lighting?
Azmi Rahman
Not really sure about Garmin these days. They came out with a lot of products, most of them are somewhat redundant and at the same the designs/features are not "fluid" i.e. some has quick release, some doesn't. The BT connectivity issue still happens, the durability and reliability of some models are questionable - my VAHR failed on me twice on 2 different units. Also, the prices OMG, they keep increasing a couple of hundreds each time newer models are out.

If they keep the design "fluid" across many models which could drive down the manufacturing cost, I could see myself using different Garmin devices while using same parts of the watch at the same time. If would be cool if straps are interchangeable between all models, or I can use HRM-tri/run or even the Pod on all models. But I don't know what Garmin is thinking.

I am holding any Garmin purchase for now until they figured out what they want to really do.
Arno Ardianto
is the analog clock needle's real?
What is this, i'm in love with this watch.
Carlene Candelaria
Great video 👍🏼
Jacob Levenstein
Does anyone know if this watch will auto-recognize cycling? If so, will it estimate the distance or speed? Thank you.
Wanlyn C
Does it show the full message? Or simply a notification?
Gold Bar
Is it water resistant?
Mya Smith
I'm a swimmer and I'm SUPER bummed that it doesn't support swimming! 😭😭😭😭😭 They really need to fix that!
do you get call notifications on the "hidden" screen?
Brenton Edwards
No seconds? No thanks.
If only it has GPS or an option to connect to smartphone GPS sensors :(
Can I link this to my iphone?
how accurate the pedometer is compared to the model with gps?
Does it display seconds ?
Asees Hera
Is there a sport watch that has a music app. Most watches has the download 500 songs. I use Spotify.
shubham gupta
Should I buy Garmin vivomove hr or misfit command ?
Dylan Redmond
Take a look at the new Emporio Armani connected watches
Can I view my incoming messages with this watch?
Whateva Gurl
I just bought this watch and in Australia is costs $300
David Graham
Why does the watchface move when you look up at it?
saif khan
Any idea which one to go for Garmin Vivomove HR or Nokia Steel HR ? which is more close to Fitness tracking functions ? haven't seen a comparison done by anyone yet ? thought you guys can help !
Jack Reacher
Is it compatible with external heart rate sensors like chest straps?
Oren Feld
How accurate is the HR monitor? Is it good for Crossfit training? can you pair it with an external HR strap? Usually your reviews have much more details in them compared to this one.
Does this device or any other activity tracker you have come across provide HR alerts where the device vibrates if the heart rate goes above a set level?
reza m
You show yourself much more than the watch
Any idea when a new version of this will come out? I wanna go for it! :)
Leilanie Janse van Rensburg
Bought one when it was just released. Love it! no scratches yet and that says alot!!
zafer alemdar
Hello I have a question. Does it have a dual time features? I mean can it shows two different time zone
Mallory Galvin Fairless
I relied heavily on your review and feel it really left out a lot of what this watch doesn't do. It's much more stylish, yes. Love the looks of it, but compared to other activity watches by Garmin, it's very disappointing.
Pietro Andrade Pastro
Hi there, thanks for your article.
I just do not understand one topic, the GARMIN MOVE IQ works for cycling even if the watch does not have the cycling feature? So if I would like to select a cycling activity i can not, but if I just get my bike and ride to my university the watch will understand that i cycling and will calculate the calories and time spent on the activity automatically? Thanks in advance
their website says u can swim with it
Ruslan Kaktus
Хотел такое но у меня Samsung gear
vlogging peacock
Well no gps I guess my next garmin will be vivosport. I currently have vivosmart hr, had it for about year and half and want to upgrade to something with a gps. I need something small.
2 questions:

1) Does it have timer? (count down from 1 minute or more - I use it often on the gym)
2) Is it possible to set alarm (preferably vibration) each hour or two hours (or couple of times during the day)?
Its Zayonide
Your vid is awsmmm!!👍👌
Leanne Minuto
I was looking at Vivomove 6 months ago thinking it's a great analogue watch but lacking HR, intensity minutes, stairs etc... Then 3 months later, a month after I've brought the Fenix 5s (which is a great watch by the way) and Vivomove HR comes out. I would of brought it in a heartbeat if I knew it was coming out. The Vivomove HR is a great looking watch for going out to dinner or worn at office or even at a wedding and you want to continue to track your activities that your Sport watches do minus the GPS and Sport tracking. This would be more ideal