Apple Watch Series 3 Workout/Fitness Review (watchOS 4)

Can the Apple Watch Series 3 stack up to Garmin wearables for fitness? Let's find out. Get it here: (Amazon)

Episode 1 - "The Honeymoon":

/// THE GEAR ///
Favorite Wearable (fenix 5X): (Amazon)
Bike GPS: & (Amazon)
Adventure GPS: (Amazon)


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Luke P
I love all the colours on the Apple Watch fitness
Ramon McNally
Totally agreed on the heart rate accuracy. Did a few HITT workouts this week around 60mins each and it was spot on and more consistent. Even compared to my chest strap and Fitbit. The amazing part is the fact my Fitbit Charge 2 lost my heart rate a few times like usual meanwhile Apple Watch didn’t, even with sweat.

Best part is I didn’t need to fix it on my wrist at any part like I do my Fitbit to get a good reading during a workout. Kudos to Apple for the improvements. 👍👍⌚️
Samuel Lavoie
I'm an amateur runner 🏃‍♂️ (half marathons) and was looking for reviews on how much the Apple Watch was useful for outdoor, indoor, runs but also training. You have THE extensive review. Thank ​you!
Do I miss the ex?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏼
Lauren Bonsor
Love this review. Very comprehensive and what I was looking for 👌
Eva PM
Heart rate is on point ... ALWAYS! I recently had a heart attack, which is the reason why I bought this watch. Heart rate was exactly or one point off compared to their machines that I used, even now at the gym when I finished my 12 week cardiac rehab program. I definitely recommend this watch
Jim Smith
Des, did you ever post a final verdict video? I couldn’t find it anywhere. I am considering going from the Fenix 3 to the Fenix 5 or AW3 (or wait till the 4 comes out). Thanks!
Marvin A Johnson
I'm watching this video a city away from Fort Collins
Fort Collins? I’m from Denver 😎
Such a good review. Thanks!
Would you say paying the extra buck for a Series 3 is worth it instead of a Garmin Vivoactice?
thibaut noah
O M G i had no idea there was so many things under other !
You just blew my mind mate !
Cezar Navarro
Great! Due to sweating, has the watch's paint on the started to chip off? I have heard issues like these.
M Mariiie
I still cant decide between AW Nike + series 2 or AW series 3? Any helper?
Chris P
Hi, I know this is an old video, but any thoughts on the Polar apps for data management and training/monitoring? tia
Brian Lancaster
Wow, great job!! I’ve been waiting a long time to view this video also. Looking forward to purchasing the Apple Watch series 3 based on your review. Can’t wait to see the head-to-head with it and the VivoActive 3.
Dean Ainsworth
Thanks for this, you answered two questions I had. I’m also left handed and wondered how it was worn for lefties =)
marvin polanco
Really really REALLY great review on the apple watch
Val Garcia
You did place the vivo active watch lower on your wrist which can impair the results. Pulse is stronger closer to palm.
Jimmy Nguyen
Excuse me, does anyone know if the Apple watch series 3 can estimate vo2 max?
Ishwinder Singh
Review for Apple Watch series 4 and Fitbit charge 3
Love the old school boom box in the background...the tech juxtaposition is hilariously ironic. Great review.
How exact is the watch counting the kalories during workout walking sleeping?
Scholars & Culture
Thank you for this review!
Shao Herr
good detail content
Have you tried it with hot yoga (105°)?
Very fair. For the serious athlete, Garmin has the wearables which have been perfected over time.
However, for the casual athlete or just someone who wants to track their activity, the Apple Watch does quite well.
Ben Jamin
Great Video. Is there an option to do nordic skiing with the apple watch?
mendel lopez
sorry if i missed it but may i ask how did you manage to get the badminton activity under the "other" option
sapir Y
My garmin is just not accurate on anything, so I’ve been thinking of saving to Apple Watch. But garmin app seem better, what should I do?
Do I miss the ex?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏼
Ethan Corsbie
Does the Nike Run Club show your VO2 max with the apple iWatch?
Joey Kappaz
Can you do other with Apple Watch Series 4 Nike + Bc I literally just bought one!
Jared Jensen
Absolutely stellar reviews! I have a Fenix 2 that I'm wanting to upgrade and am considering the Fenix 5x or the Apple Watch Series 3. Your "Honeymoon" video along with this video were very helpful! Thanks so much for all the work you put into this!

You've got a new subscriber here!
Militant Atheist
I subscribed to your channel!
Your in great shape sir
My fitness app will stop in middle of a walk, or when it starts it will stop 1 min into walk, it’s frustrating when I have to resume also when I workout, 20-30 mins I look at it and it has stop...once again I have to resume to complete my ring....🤷🏾‍♂️
Dmont Vape
Great vid & accurate to my current thoughts. Looking forward to your final instalment.
Des, great review, must admit I never have loved the Apple Watch but you’ve given it some credibility with this review and as you say Apple just need to work on the software and it’s going to be more or less spot on.
jennifer izett
My Apple Watch gave exactly the same distance as my treadmill, crazy accurate. But to me strength training is sooooo common I don’t know why it’s listed as “other”
ashraf hossain
how to create a custom workout plan on apple watch,like garmin
David Mkhitaryan
By the way if you're using technogym's treadmill, you can pair your Watch with the treadmill (to further improve accuracy), it is a new technology called GymKit
Shaun king
Hey mate, How did you find the battery life....? Would the cellular apple 3 watch last a training or event run with a distance of 10km - 24km. Thanks for your help....
Thank you for informative videos.
Todd Wall
Are you still planning to do a final verdict video on AW3?

i cannot find the option to change the activity to table tennis. Everytime when i click on "Other" it starts directly and i have no chance to choose.
Zach Zhang
Thank you for your detailed review
Clayton Bollen
Wow! An excellent review. Thank you so much.
Usefull video, thanks!
I'm a fan of Runkeeper, but does that app work fine without a iPhone bluetooth connection?
Militant Atheist
Thanks for the video very much!
Cameron Lee
Looks like the Apple Watch has amazing hardware but the software needs some work.
Naum Rusomarov
Given the amount of data the watch gathers on you, it should give you an accurate estimate of your daily energy expenditure.
I've also been a Garmin user but since that broke down on me I've wanted to buy an apple watch and these videos were perfect!
Willem Smoor
Could you compare the Runkeeper watch app to the Strava and iSmoothRun apps?
Tom Cologner
Very helpful and informative review. Thank you
Amit Dhankhar
Love the way he started the video
Diego Lara
Should be nice if it has a recovery prediction just like garmin
Kendra Orndorff
Great review! I have had the Apple
Watch series 3 for 6 days now!! I love it. Changed from a Garmin Fenix 5. Love all the smart features
Shen Kai
is it possible to use Spotify on the Apple Watch?
Jon Jon
This is the best fitness review for the Apple Watch I've seen.
Running Addict777
Where did you get that Adidas top? Love it!
Alicia M
Super helpful, thank you for your thorough research!
Lydia Garcia
Thank you for sharing this detailed review! I was cross between the Garmin Forerunner 235 and the Apple Watch Series 3! Subscribed!
Yes finally, been waiting for this video!
kristoffer jensen
Island Girl
How do I get to total steps? Walking is my focus and I noticed it appearing on your watch. Thanks.
jaloon E
how long battery life with Apple Watch Series 3 in Workout ?
Sergio Davila
Man! This is exactly what I needed before buying one. Thank you!
This and That
Love your videos! I've been waiting to for this one. Once you release the final episode, I'll make my decision to buy it.
Thanks and keep up the great work!
Omercan Halil
Perfect comparison. Please keep uploading new videos frequently.
Thank you. Fenix 5x user here impressed with what Apple has achieved. It's not perfect, but big improvement.
Spence Van Meter
Loved this video! Great info—thanks for posting
Leon Manning,m
Another great video and review , well done. My favourite reviewer so I think!
Salt Lake
I really appreciate your review. Presenting the right data and valuable informarmation is highly appreciated. Do you have experience using the Suunto Spartan Ultra? Thank you.
Liz Brackenreed
Does the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS track runs (map) when you do not have your phone?
Tommy T
I own both watches. I really enjoy the user interface on the Apple Watch a tad bit better. The touch screen makes navigation (for the average user) much easier than that of all the side button inputs. My Garmin Fenix 5X Plus is a great fitness watch, but so is the AW series 3. I may be returning the Fenix 5X Plus due to BlueTooth issues with wireless headphones and the music experience is a bit convoluted.
Dale Jayne
I would like to see a apple watch 3 vs vivoactive 3 vs fitbit ionic review.
Talking about accuracy of GPS signal on Apple Watch Series 3, that means route from start to finish cannot be displayed like more accurate? I have a fealing that Apple Watch 3 a little bit approximates the route so it is not so detailed like I would want to.
you have only a couple video but imo you are an honest top notch review! would you review fitbit ionic?
Nick Toole
Can you run both stock app, and Nike Plus Run app? My route did not show up in the stock app but I had both running is that the reason the route did not show up? Also my Vo2 Max is not working....supposed to as far as I know I have the Apple watch series 3....Thank you for any answers. :)
Techman 113
What worknout do you use
Václav Ryč
How did you get the other workouts under OTHER. For me it just initiates a workout. I don't have the other options :(
Carlos Morales
Good vid man, I use the Apple Watch Series 1 with my chest strap Polar H7 to obtain my heart rate and is a lot faster than the optical sensor of the watch, I recommend you test it.
Great review and great content. Subscribed!
the best review of this watch!! thanks
Do you have to have your phone on you while running to get these results and to see the path in which you ran?
Mike Bredy
I like this a lot. This is something worth watching.
Frodo Baggins
Got a fênix 3, my next watch will be an Apple.
Henrik Linnarsson
Very nice review! :)
Molly Barry
do you have the nike + version?
Nicolás Araneda
You sound like Dave2D lmfao
Double Tap that
Very detailed review, 👌🏼
John Ruggiero
great video have you tried swimming? if so is heart rate accurate? How does it compare to version 2
Tom Brankin
Good review dude, Makes my decision a little harder. Can Anyone comment as to how good the connectivity is when connecting the watch to Technogym equipment such as treadmill and bike. I'm assuming it loads your heart rate into the Treadmill data and calculates this into your end workout stats. Thanks.
Manoranjan Nayak
does Strava works with Apple Watch data.
De Wereldreizigers
DesFit Thank you so much! You answered all my questions! Love your reviews and thus a happy subscriber too.
Binh Nguyen
What about plank
On the WiFi Apple Watch can you run without your phone?