EMS Ab and Bicep Muscle Stimulator Workout Pads Review

Good for toning/massaging muscle, strong EMS pulses, battery sometimes comes loose.

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Gel pads needs to be replaced every 2-3 months with regular use. Find them here: [Amazon Affiliate Product Link]
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Can someone try to link me this product or one that would work? The link in the description gives me a variety of ab trainers and don’t know which one to buy
Finally a legit review. Like I hear everyone just use it one time then give up on it and some people were already ripped to even tell any difference. But you actually used it so I may buy this thanks to you
jon 79jw
Bro ur stomach really changed a lot..great review brother
Todd A
I use the small one on my forearm when I masterbate. It makes it interesting
Finally a review that actually convinced me into buying one 👏🏼😁
Rino M
idk why no one is mentioning how he is pushing his stomach out on the before part
Ay Kay
This os a more legit review. The other reviews I've seen were people who already had well defined abs. I like this review is done by someone with a "dad" bod and shows drastic results. I just might buy this.
lourence dave aragon
phil new butterfly abs
Shayna Wheatley
i just wish with reviews like this people show their faces on before and after so we know its them with no questions asked. other thank that good review
Chris Barlow
I've now gone on my fitness belt EVERYDAY for three and a half years for THREE HOURS believe me it has made a big difference.
GraalOnline Classic Rnatcer
Awesome review
Hi Phil
Is the battery rechargeable? And how many days will battery last? Thank
Sophia Ferry
You're the best phil i looked at sooo many reviews on the rear window tent style sun blocker
To begin with people were muttering & stuttering & i could tell it would be awhile before they actually got to the point ...like i haven't got all day people ..but you phil speak clearly & you get to the guts of what i need to find out quickly. . So thnx soo much phil
Alisha Seer
Great review!!
the Serpent Shaman
In my experience, the key benefit was developing mind muscle connection and getting more fibers to contract. I've had a notoriously weak chest, but using electric pads really got my chest activated when I lift. I feel like a lot of fibers than would never have come into use are now being recruited when I exercise.
I wanna give this a try , thanks for adding how long it’ll take for us to see changes
Ariel _afroj
Awesome review! Thank you for sharing.
Bardo Thodol
Thank you
Sheikh Kelvin
This is a great video. Detailed and well explained
Golden Mafio
Really good review!!!! Thank you so much
Leroy Baek
It's true. You need to atleast incorporate strength compound workouts and be fit. Other than that, the simulator works. It's like a secondhand workout while regaining your body. Great review by the way!
Briana Bastien
I love that u didn’t just do a one day review. Happy u can see results. Thank you so much
Efrain Gallardo
I got cursed with chicken legs so i got to try it.
lourence dave aragon
but phill how about me lourence dave aragon
franky centeno
Finally a good review that goes over the product over time. Oh and great results man you can tell the difference.
Albert S.
Amazon keeps sending me free stuff, this time I received this ab trainer
Durgaa Devii Nila
0.00-0.01 "hey, how is it going guys" ?😂
Slippy_tunezz z
great review, I love how realistic you were being during the the whole process, great video👏🏽
Nigel Chambers
Bought one fromgroupon and it burnt me so beware of the cheap ones
I had this in my storage for a year I thought this wouldn’t work but holy shit this review made me use it thank you so damn much.
Damnn he got “ripped”
Mike House
Thank you for a honest review, I'd been doing college classes & working full time.

I purchased it last week, got it today!

I was curious how often do you change the gel packs, after each use or is there a number of times?
Fatima alkhamis
Hey, Thanks for the Review! Could you share the name of the Brand I might find it somewhere off amazon. This brand looks more professional than whats on amazon now. Thanks !
C Kande
Hits where do I buy this particular one, I like the support belt that come with it, can’t find one like that online.
Kris Engelo Alvarez
hey phil.. what actually stumulator u did bought??.. bcos in amazon i cant see same like urs. hope u reply ty
I'm too lazy to exercise will this work without going to the gym?
Rajesh Kumar
Bro my leg got operated a few years ago and I have rod in my thigh ! So my question is can I use this? Isn't it harmful in this situation?
Nelly Beltran
Wow 6 weeks result! This is a good review! Thank you so much I’ll be sure to buy it!
It was awesome
Poop Guardian ❶
Hey phil, I just watched the video it was great got myself a device and was wondering can I use it while I do my cardio running/jogging? or anytime which u think fits the best? pls reply...
Ahmad Faris
Did you add some workout or the gain just come from the device?
Joonies Paninis
Okay but what if me(a girl ) wants abs but I only want the 11 style abs . Will it do that or will I still get 6 pack type of abs. Also does this work on my sides. As in hips.
can` ucks
Great video bro just what I was looking for a good in depth review 10/10
Mustafa Yusuf
Amazing review Phil! If all review videos were like this.
If I use the bicep units to train my pecs, would that be okay? Will the electrical signals interfere with heart function if the device is too close to it?
James Hansen
Great review dude, it's good that you actually explain it and show it in action unlike all the other useless YouTube video on the ab stimulators
Susovan PAL
Hello and thank you for your review-it's helpful! I'd like to ask one question though: for people with fat on the cheek, is it possible to place part of it on the cheek and reduce the cheek fat? Thank you in advance!
Rob Jones
I cant find that exact green one your using
Domingo Santiago
I definitely see results on you good review I tried looking for this model but the link just shows all available on Amazon how do I find this model ?
Shannelle Collins
Can you do another review on this
Seems like a fair result. I just need to get my core musculature in shape.
Sam O
I have something similar to this, I'm pretty sure you forgot to mention that you will have to replace the gel pads after long usage. But good video all in all.
aaaaaaand now I really really want to buy one!
Is it the same person though :)
Morgan Bennett
I need to work on it
Doug G
I didn't think that this thing worked, but after watching this review, I'm reconsidering now. Those were impressive results for the abs.
Usually people be reviewing this product and they already ripped. You actually had a belly and showed us it actually worked
How often do u have to replace these gel pads?
Jaymes Guy
Could I use my own aloe vera gel instead of those expensive-to-replace gel-pads?
Mark Joseph
I can’t see this one in Amazon
Regent Djan
Ordered one just one.
a spider
I'm always working too! Just ordered
Lazaros Parasidis
Hello, i have a question
After some weeks without using it do you lose your six pack abs???
so you should use it.
Dominic McQueen
Where exactly do you put the an on to work best? Here lately I’ve had weight above my waist, so what is better for that
Gold King
At min 1:30 someone explain me please, do we need change every time those 6 "mini plastic" or we can use the same for all time? Thank you
Michael Gullo
Finally a good review
Soo, this really works?
Low Horvath
Ramneek Lamba
When you started using this toner for your abs, did you also do any dietary changes?
qwest -_-
I already buy it so lets wait
Hi, Phil, great review! Do the gel pads become less sticky after regular use?
Chris Nguyen
Could we get an
Update on your progression does it still work ?
Bro I started to used today tell me how much time I need to use it to have a big change?
Do you have to replace and buy new gels for the pads everytime you put it on
Taleni Crichton
Hi....have u done any workout about ur abs during that event?!
Paul Sweeney
I use mine 3 times a day 12 minutes each time yes they are uncomfortable they itch and sometimes it just hurts but it works like crazy if you do it right
David Morris
Best review so far, how often did you need to replace the gel pads/how much did they cost?
Garfit Gar
I have the dr ho tens from cne was going to get the ab ems they wanted 180 canadian
strong guy with rly big sword
Did you also do a workout routine in couple with this?
Yasminb32 Yasminb32
I ordered it and using it day two today looking forward to see if it also works for me
Shantalle Lolagne
Just bought a set thanks for the review
You know it’s him from the mole and dots on his chest
Great review! Gained a sub
Abraham Lincoln
And is it true that it give you abs?
Cameron Eledge
Can you give us a link that you ordered these from?
Thank you!
Do y'all know if there are any negative side effects ? I just received mine in the mail and it feels extremely weird.
Be 100 percent honest with me did this work ?
Thanks for review شكرا
U Wot??!
Those are some good results!
Diego Lwis
Do you advice me to buy one instead of doimg abs workout?
OneTime Gregory
Thanks for the honest review, my brother!
the link sends you to a amzon page of a lot of them can you make it cleare
Ahmadun Bee
can it re-use for another time?
Anderson Lam
You have abs now?
I got it for mothers day
Ur brand seems better i cant find on amazon