Training Mask Review by Master Fitness Trainer Clark Bartram

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The Truth About Training Mask revealed. Master Trainer Clark Bartram gives his no review on using the Training Mask in your workouts based on his 30 years of experience in the fitness industry.


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22 комментариев
I need this new 1. I got the 2.0 way back n used it for a whole summer for running. Mind u i have asthma. It helped me control my breathing n stamina easily. I went to play ball at the courts. I was out hustling n running everyone who's just as good as me n better. Was a crazy feeling! Get this shit now!!
Dominic Purnell
People ask me when I use it does it work I tell them ...hell yeh . Breathing is my main focus in fitness anyway can't breath can't live lol
Excellent review, I will buy it and give it a try. Thanks.
what is your resting heart rate (RHR) if you don't mind me asking,I need to buy one :)
Leonardo Mieres
thank you so much boss you're totally right
Tony Frazier
I have a training mask an it is great I lift an run in it an it makes my workout harder but worth it. One of my buddies said don't buy it I'll waste my money. I bought it because I did my research an I let him try it he ran around the track once an said get this thing an he was breathing super heavy he doesn't have asthma like myself. I asked him if he was going to get one he said no because his normal one lap around the track is easy but with the mask it's super hard 😂😂😂
Kong Truong
Not meant for body builders.
swapnil shakya
plz do a video on training mask 3.0 vs phantom training mask
A wasteman From Croydon
Great detail. Love this training mask 👏🏼
David Hydock
Thoughts on the Halo Sport headset?
Tommy Mai
Someone said this mask is dangerous as your breathing in trapped carbon monoxide from the exhale
Anthon Meyer
Dude... I wanted a review, not a 10 minute speech of you blabbering on about your pseudo science bullshit. Typical dad, loves to hear himself talk believes everything he says is true. I've been looking for an honest review and absolutely no one has one I can relate to. Def feel my lungs and related muscles working harder to draw air in and push it out. The physiological benefits that accompany that are good too. But the product is so uncomfortable, it digs into my nose and covers a small area, it also doesn't make an airtight seal.