EQUINOX the $240/Mo Gym Review - Worth the $$? [2019]

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[Equinox 2019 Review]

Having moved to NYC from Florida, I had never come across an Equinox gym before and didn't understand the hype and outrageous $240/month price tag. Watch the entire video for my full Equinox Gym review or just read this quick-hits breakdown.

After living in New York for 6 years now, I'm a believer, and I chose Equinox for these reasons:

1. It's super clean. Whenever I'm in there I feel like I'm working out in a clean room (where they create microchips and wear those white suits to avoid dust). Haven't been to dirty gyms where I've possibly contracted ring worm, this is a big deal to me
2. The towels. At Equinox you get free dry towels and towels cooled in refrigerators soaked in eucalyptus. I use maybe 5-10 towels a visit. I put the cold towels anywhere on my body that's sore and use a towel for every machine or bench to avoid contact with my skin. I also use their alcohol wipes which are everywhere to clean equipment before I use it.
3. The equipment. The gym has a full Lin of machines, free weights and multiple squat racks and power lifting areas and they're always maintained and new. While I would prefer 3-4 squat racks instead of the two at my local Williamsburg gym, there's rarely a wait and plenty of free barbells for me to use if one of the racks is taken

// Equinox New York Sports Club Gym Review: How does Equinox compare to other gyms?

Retro Fitness is $20/month and is a great budget gym. It has tons of equipment, plenty of space, but the place feels like a Walmart. Nobody around to help, clean, etc. but for the price, I mean it can't be beat.

New York Sports Club is about $50/month and offers, again a good gym with quality equipment, and a lot of convenient locations. I don't really have much negative to say about it except for the fact that it just doesn't have the polish of an Equinox, so if your budget is $50/month for the gym do the NYSC.

Chalk is like an in-between Retro Fitness and Equinox. It's $80/month and is nice, but doesn't have the polish of Equinox nor the wallet-friendly nature that Retro Fitness has.

So in my mind, either go with the cheapest option or the best option, skip the tweeners.

Let me know what you think of my Equinox Gym Review in the comments. Do you pay $240? Would you pay?

// Where does Equinox have locations in New York?

+Upper West Side
Equinox West 76th Street
Equinox West 92nd Street
Equinox 160 Columbus Ave


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Life, Tailored [Andrew Wise]
Ding! Sorry for so many dings guys! Ding!
Sound Therapy
No, you don't need to spend that much money to get fit. In fact, you don't need to spend no money; look at convicts for example.
Ana Batiz
why are you wearing sun glasses
Alicia Geng
seeing that your face was so serious when you said "mcdonalds play area" made me laugh so hard
In conclusion, if rich ppl want to waste their money then yes
Dark Fusion
🤣 "I've worked out every day for the past 15 years" looks like the average person who has worked out one year
ASMR Ladybug
There’s a gym in downtown san diego for $145/month, it’s beautiful but kind of pricey. The thing is a beautiful gym will give me motivation to want to get in shape, so I’m really considering it. I’m conflicted 😬
Declan O'Cuidighthigh
Sorry to say, I go to Equinox in Boston, and the only complaints I hear are from people who can’t afford to go to Equinox. My complaint is that a lot of people don’t actually pay full price, most of the people in my particular gym are there on corporate programs. I pay full price, and I spend 1.5-3 hours a day, 6 days a week, at that frequency, I’d justifiably pay $500 a month, I don’t care, and I’m not rich, but I’m not poor either.
I'd rather go to 24 hour fitness and put the other $200 a month into a savings account
Aatif Azio
if they provide you with free Pre Workout drinks and isolate protein shakes & right after workout, then it has a worth of 240$
Otherwise, a big no :P
well this is the first time I can admit mr Whittaker is MEAN next up how could you
Chris M
Do you workout with shades on too?
Ciara Corr MUSIC aka Ms.Wunka
the glasses are very uncomfortable
Ernest Jackson
He reminds me of one them girls on Clueless
You remind me ofThe Wolverine from
x-Men! I mean that in cool way
Brian Wong
It's hard for alot of people to understand because all they see are $values. But it's really about the environment. It's like moving yourself from the projects to your new house you just bought. The better the environment translates to better quality of workout, and that includes all the nitty gritty details such as cleanliness ,etc. Also, because of the higher price point, it makes it more convenient for those who can afford it. Time is luxury. Not to mention, also a good net working opportunity because you meet others who are willing to spend that money
LeJone Ehran
Lifetime gym offers more but for a lesser price
Christine C
I have a Crunch membership with access to all of their locations in the city for $80. There are no eucalyptus towels or any pieces of gold accent furniture in the bathroom (lol) but I find it to be great value for money and I am happy to workout there!
Lucas Bedolla
stop pavlokking me bro
I’m in miami and the equinox in my area is $160 a month so compared to $240 that sounds like a steal
Product placing
I workout at planet fitness and lost 30 lbs so far. $240/month isn't worth it.
Chris Sinha
I appreciate your review, screw the haters. Atmosphere makes a big difference at the gym you go to. Is Equinox 24-7?
Sebastian Macdonald
my friend goes to equinox and loves it, been wanting to try
John Fernandez
What's the initial enrollment fee?
3 hours at the gym,...um no
Keely Thompson
keep it up
Darth vader
Join Equinox. It’s the ultimate place for a yuppie douse bag.
Cia Lu
Why do you say the Soho pool is worth the 240 when you only have access to one location for 130? 😬
Dannyll Kannan
Your such a daddy
Bridget Keefe
i love equinox
Gabriele Pozzolini
My dad works for them I get all of my phones and Macs from them
Jen Lauren
I honestly think it’s worth it if you fully take advantage of the steam room shower situation and make a spa day out of it everyday- can really contribute to your overall health!
Jocelyn Wehner
nj andrew
Dat Lam
$240 you pay a month and your body look like that!?!?!?! you mind as well sign up for 24 fitness
Josh Silkworth
LA fitness offers the exact same thing for 30$ a month. Your wasting your money.
Peter Török
Kaylah Reichert
Javier Goyette
Salvador Hickle
would never pay $240 for a gym
Jack Deschamp
Equinox is the best!
Nathan Kay
this video is a scam, the gym is only $120
H. Anthony Ribadeneira
... waste of time.
jay newcomb
15 years invested and that’s all you got to show for it? Better find a legit gym..lmao.
Yosef Roth
I live in Connecticut. I guess you can say a wealthier town. I live right next door to it. So my Membership is already like 60 bucks a month. I check out Equinox, and I sit-down with someone in the office. SIGN ME UP! ok, today it will be like 400 , and your monthly membership is like 170 a month. WTF. I'm like kiss my ASS. 🤔 I'm still debating though. ugh I needddd the Steam-room in my life. No gym has one!
Another man infected with Asians. It’s a disease spreading everywhere. Soon there will only be ASIANS
Razer Blade
too bad that muscles do not give a fuck about price u spend for gym membership :D
First of all this 24hr super sport is better, 2nd you don’t need to work out for 3hrs that’s bullshit!! I look better than most of these pussies and I pay 30 bucks a month
isnt that the gym to have shower sex?
Brayan Espinoza
I’ve been watching for a couple seconds and already think he’s a douchebag. Maybe I should reserved judgement until the end of the video.
Been going to Equinox in NYC for a year and the #1 reason I pay that much is because people go in there to actually work out. The vibe is much different than most gyms. There's no hoe in the way taking selfies fake squatting, douchebags texting on the machines for hours. Even during rush hour you can get it and get out in a good amount of time. Yes, it's a bit overpriced, but it's worth it for me. There's alot to love about it, but that's the main reason when people ask why Equinox.