Anthony Joshua looked uninterested in heavyweight loss to Andy Ruiz - Teddy Atlas | SportsCenter

Teddy Atlas joins SportsCenter to break down Anthony Joshua’s stunning defeat vs. Andy Ruiz Jr., who is now the heavyweight champion. Teddy says Joshua seemed like he had no interest in fighting inside Madison Square Garden and had no sense of urgency throughout the bout. Teddy says Ruiz, “just wrecked a hundred years of physical fitness.” He praises Ruiz for getting knocked down and standing back up, and adds that he “behaved like a fighter.” Teddy looks forward to the future of the heavyweight division and how it is all about the power of the promoters.

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6 853 комментариев
young Da
Joshua: this is going to be a piece of cake
Ruiz: somebody say cake
Nikola Milosavljevic
Mike Tyson :" Everybody got a game plan until they get punched in the face"
"Look mama I made it!"... Don't ever judge a book by its cover. Shout out to the new champ!
Respekt from Poland
Work hard and dreams come true
Viva Mexico 🥇
Richard Blankenship
“Caught him behind the ear.”

The key to understanding what happened and Teddy Atlas is the only one in the media to recognize the fact.
El Grynch
My boy Andy looks like he got pulled from a Raiders tailgate.
Leyland Porter
I loved his analogy.

Tall building with a lot of windows to break 💯💯
Ruiz will be getting a good payday on his next fight
Ako Rose
Ruiz you got my respect well done champion of the world!
Ruiz exploited Joshua's flaws like a fighter, Teddy is the only one who has given both the right analysis. Excellent
rasheed rashad
"He just wrecked 100 years of physical fitness " beautiful.
Judah Telesford
Teddy Atlas - Respect.. He knows his craft.. That behind the ear breakdown.. 👍👊
How did this happen? Why is everyone trying to explain away Ruiz's victory?
Joshua lost because he was unable to defend and keep Ruiz at a distance. Big gym muscles don't guarantee victory.
Cass Karo
Wow teddy is the professor of boxing I enjoyed his lecture
" Michael Jordan made a lot of money but he was still Michael Jordan."
Joshua: this is going to be a piece of cake
Ruiz: somebody say cake
Mahir Karim
Joshua try to be too friendly with his opponents, in fighting you had to have some hot blood or people will just step over you just like that. I still believe AJ is much better fighter then Ruiz it just that he wasn’t hungry for the victory as Ruiz and so he lost, I just hope that he learned something from this match and realised that boxing is not fight between two friends is much more than that.
Anna Lexi
*_He seemed uninterested because he was so confident that he was going to win & then look what happened!! Never underestimate your opponent!!_*
brandon veach
Biggest upset in American boxing since Buster Douglas beat Tyson. Congratulations to the first Mexican heavyweight champion!
Roitte Andrei Xencois Cañaveral
"Be a champ, go eat some potatoes and jellos" -Teddy Atlas 2019
"You can't get up and do road work at 5:00 in the morning when you're sleeping in silk sheets."

-Teddy Atlas (via Marvelous Marvin Hagler)
Maurice Brodie
Gotta give Ruiz credit Tho...
He came into the fight with A Pot Belly
And A Plan... Executed Perfectly..
AJ was exposed as a Bad Boxer..
John Carter
RUIZ Sparred Parker - he couldn't eat for 3days.
Ruiz threw bombs at Joshua never really recovered n quit the fight.
Well done Champ.
Pako Moalosi
You win some and lose some. Great loss for you, you needed a reality check. Come back stronger champ.
biggy man
I agree, AJ was really uninterested, he took ruize for granted
Troy Shea
Ruiz dropped Joshua 4x one for each belt haha!
I lost all motivation to get in shape after Ruiz winning
Wilder the best heavyweight?
Think he’s too quick to dismiss Tyson Fury.
Deal It
You have to love Teddy Atlas,......"He just wrecked 100 years of physical fitness''.
G Culmer
Uninterested no, outclassed yes. Give Ruiz his credit. Reminds me of Cain Velasquez these guys dint have the best bodies but they still have great cardio
Abner Jr. Paredes
First Thor and now Ruiz.. its a good time to have that belly...
Ayo Deji
I don't agree AJ was overconfident. He worked hard for this fight. He just made a mistake by staying in the pocket with Ruiz who was the shorter, faster guy. I have AJ for the rematch
Samuel Sakyi
Of late Anthony joshua was hanging around with rappers and chilling alot u can't do that when u got a fight
Azza AFC
How can Teddy say Wilder is the best heavyweight out there when he got outboxed by Fury? We all know Fury was robbed, cannot wait for him to unify the division and go down as a legend in the sport
Tony G.
"Wilder, a guy who really can't fight"🔥🔥🔥
Teddy speaks truth💯
Ijaz Khan
Wilder: i'm gonna knock Joshua out
Ruiz: hold my tacos
Edit: woow thanks for 1.2k likes
1thug aka Hollywood Coke!!
A boxer wit a big head a easy target for punches!! You gotta have a small pinched peanut head like floyd dat no one can easily find!!
Guillermo Figueroa
is not the belly ,is Mexican style....just like Marquez put manny Pacquiao to sleep. nobody expected that. 🤜🤜👍🇲🇽
Tyson Fury is the best HW fighter.
Oscar _YT
Haters gonna hate face it he’s the new champion now he won fair and square a win is a win!!!!
Millions Social Media
Wilder: I’m gonna destroy Joshua.

Ruiz Jr: Hold my tequila, tacos, tamales, burritos, ceviche, and cerveza.
Michael L
A chiseled physique does not equate to having boxing skills, coming on Teddy you know that.
Khatar Shab
Ruiz got noticed 6 before the match and still he was ready and shock the world
el candelas macias
Ruiz win the fight 💯🔥🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥💪🙊😎
Science Fiction
I think theyre mistaking uninterested.. more like BLUDGEONED
Junior Escamilla
respect for this champ...mama dont have to worry no more
Ruiz was throwing short fast combos like mike Tyson and David Tua.
Joe Lucas
That's a marvelous quote by Hagler. It's so true...its like when Hollywood Rocky had to fight Clubber Lang.
jesus's vlogs
B******* you can make excuses all you want the fact we got a new champ.
Carlos Rodriguez
Looks don't matter
Not a bodybuilding contest
Can you fight ?
Ruiz can fight !!
Durandisse84 Durandisse
AJ got greedy, plain and simple, thought he had Ruiz hurt, got reckless, then got sparked, never recovered.
AJ has all the physical attributes of a heavyweight but I always felt his heart was lacking. He never seemed hungry for it.
*News Alert: health and fitness business moguls across the world have had there earnings slashed in half, some even gone bankrupt.*
Fabian F.
Absolutely spot on this analysis!
mohammad alshammari
I agree with him, obviously Joshua made alot money until he got not interested in fighting anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️
Michael Musial
“Tall buildings have a lot of windows”🤣
Bytricia Bailey
Teddy I disagree Wilder can fight and he proved it in the Stiverne first fight for 12 rounds flawless.
Buzz Shock
Joseph Parker may wanna fight Andy ruiz,after beating him for his belt.
Tyson Fury is number 1 wilder lost to him
Col Dark
Ruiz was to fast and a very talented fighter forget what he looks like
Traslen Patterson
Ruiz folded AJ like a soft taco supreme😂😂😂
Troy Ellis
Joshua's overexuberant congratulations at the end of the fight seemed to be a moment of a sigh of relief, as if a weight was taken off his shoulder: BIZARRE !
Stevie Thomas
Watch teddy atlas with joe Rogan podcast the 3 hours flew by ! Can listen to Teddy’s stories everyday!!
John James
I hope his bottled water was checked ,, Josh looked a bit spaced out before and during the fight
Adam Serrano
Deontray wilder or Andy Ruiz who would win?
Erm no Teddy Ruiz will fight Joshua in the contracted rematch
Lets just be glad for Joshua's health that it's a very good thing that he didn't face Wilder with how he was Saturday!!
Jason Merritt
Congrats to Ruiz, Im a fan until he faces Wilder, but I'm still a fan. He so humble it's refreshing cause someone was poor but he rich now.
Chuck Van dam
Andy has shifted the heavyweight division man...congrats🤟🏿...keep eating snickers Holmes
Ruiz will be champ for atleast 2 years before the next Champ steps up. Congrats Ruiz!
Paul Jos
K: I'm going to train hard and beat ur @ss
D: Ya think! I'm gonna eat - I'll wipe ya @ss
Laz Toth
Got to love Teddy Atlas he says what he feels he's very intelligent. The man knows his boxing he is truly one of the Great God bless Teddy Atlas
anthony rosales
Now i wanna see Ruiz knockout Wilder...another building to knock out windows...ha
Tolley Carter
Andy Ruiz is shaped like Patrick starfish but got hands!!! 😂 Congrats
Carlos Rodriguez
Say it loud
Ruiz, world champ !!
Jooked Ace
This guys got a strong New York accent
Big Brim
Teddy is super disrespectful! Ruiz's size is irrelevant. He did what he came to do and that's it! Give the man some dam credit!!!
Robert R
This whole fight is a perfect example of what happens when you look passed your opponent and don't take him serious
Jack Ellison
Ruiz shocked the can't believe it. Congrats to the 1st Mexican Heavyweight Champion🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽
Non violent Anarchist
Well said Teddy you are the man brother.
Dino Carlucci
Teddy Atlas brilliant. Good communicator
Richard B
This wasn't the first time Andy's opponent did not want to continue..
Carlos Ramos
Everything Teddy says is gold, loved the 'breaking windows' analogy lol.
imagine all the mad trump supporters LMAO!!!!
Capcom, please make Andy a new Street Fighter character
Teddy Atlas is the only boxing expert. He knows boxing better than any ESPN hack.
Pedro Hernandez
Andy Ruiz destroyed joshua
East West
AJ got dropped so many times that, after the fight was over...he thought he was there to promote Ruiz 🤣😂🤣
Such disrespect, why cant people be happy for andy ? Well done any u the champ now ... Aj ill be there at the rematch u need to bring it bk home bro to the Uk god bless both fighters , ......
O'hamski Herock
Endurance was 🔑
Heart or hype
stiffller russell
ruiz jr sat in the centre of the ring aj was the man that run around and gassed out to musclebound
G. Scud
Something did not look right with AJ even from the ring walk. I think it was so obvious for anyone to see.
Augustin of hipo
The new TMT, tacos menudo & Tamales! Good job Champ

Andy: Mooooom!!! <----- respect!!
J Godwill
Only imagine what fury would do to Joshua 🙈
i always listen to teddy atlas because his perspective is very respectable. i have a lot of respect for him.
Elmo de la Muerte
Lost to a better fighter, period
Rubin Saffy
Michael Scott "Prison Mike" voice 🤣😂
All of the sudden the internet is down in the UK🤣🤣