Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Review | Sculpt Your Abs At Home

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro:

The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro is a great tool to help you develop your core, and get those abs to pop. Check out how I use it to get in shape at home.

Also, the Perfect Ab Carver Pro is one of the pieces of equipment in my fitness program. Check out the link below to access and download it.

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Carl Peeples
Inch worms on your hands and feet can get your body prepared for this
Dean Saylor
Thanks nice review,going to do this and then super set with planks.BTW you made it look easy.
Joshua Toribio
Just got mine and getting ready to add it Into my workout. Totally dig the DBZ edit at the end lol
Dean Saylor
Game boy had my second workout with the ab roller,like I said I would do I did supersets with planks,Can really feel abs working,but what I have out is if I keep back straight I feel less ab work and more strain on back .However,when I arch back a little while sucking in and tightening stomach I feel abs burning and hurting in a good way.Thanks once again for your intro to the perfect ab roller.
Decipher Code
Does this work well when using it on carpet vs. hard floor?
Mines is on it's way can't wait
G Garden
I got one last week it is a nice product.
I’m turning 54 today, May 18, and I really need to get back in shape. I have become fat and lazy. I have the ab carver pro and I need to get it out of hiding lol and use it.
Word to the Wise Podcast
This will strengthen your wrists, but will make your arm muscles sore as hell as well as your wrists. It doesn't have much effect on your core at first, but it will affect the parts of your body I just mentioned especially if you're a beginner to this like I am.
Carl Peeples
I think I don't have enough lower back strength. I feel the dip in my lower back in every time I try.
Patrick Ridenour
I have a few questions How has this product held up over time? Also can you describe how much resistance it provides as well as how far out it can roll? I've read a lot of reviews on Amazon stating issues like the handles breaking, it stopping the rolling motion too soon rolling out or rolling back in (which you did mention in the video). Do you know if it has a weight limit? About how far out (in inches/feet) does it go? I liked your video. Thank you.
Eduardo Rodriguez
Awesome video!!!!! Liked and subscribed!!!
Mega Awesomesaurus
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