Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor Review - Great Feature-packed Fitness Band!

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Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Cor Review - Great Feature-packed Fitness Band!
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76 комментариев
techline - Linus
This is a great fitness tracker that will replace my Xiaomi Mi Band 2 which looks like a gadget from 1995 compared to this one. I know that some of you may think that $80 is a lot more than $25 for the Mi Band 2 but you are paying for color display, better and more premium design and 5ATM water resistance. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/2pkUrPl
usman abdulkadir
Awesome review Linus
Drazen Tor
Its a pretty "clean" and solid looking device
Hello and thanks for this nice rewiev. Question is, can use it without phone and transfer the data later when connecting with the phone? thank you :_)
Moon Star
Mine fell apart within 5 months 😂
Rhett Oracle
Up and running! Nice watch and review!
Can Cor track workout on elliptical trainer?
Abdullah Yaseen
When are you going to review xiaomi redmi note 5 which is launched in china today?
Evzen Pour
Wow you are using ZTE Axon 7! Nice to see. I have it too. Do you still like it so much or why do you use it? :)
Anas Ahmad Nasir
The style reminds me of the Microsoft Band. I had that for years. And it was amazing. The things it could do was excellent.
Panagiotis Lazaris
Hi Linus. Great review as always. Would you buy this one or the amazfit bip? They are both at a similar price. Thanks!
Eszter Dusza
Is that really survive the swimming?
Jack Hii
Bought 3 Amazfit Cor for the family. Eight months later, none are working. Amazfit Cor is really a substandard product form Huami. Very very disappointed with it.

Now I am using Bip. Hopefully it will last me a year at least. My Mi Band 2 lasted 2 years before the LCD starts to dimmed out (now cannot see anything on the LCD screen, but can still sync).
Daniel Esimu
Amazing review Linus.
I really like what I am seeing. No complaints. To me it is about size and looks and this one ticks them all. Obviously I will have to compare it with Mi-Band but now I have a reason to own a watch any time.
Nupurkuldeep Tomar
Great review!! Thanks.
Ellis Tiu
Does this have always on aod?
Hi kindly suggest or make a list of smart watches which is suitable for small wrist
Joyboy 82
Is it swimmproof?

Does it has silent vibrating alarms? Is the the vibration strong enough?

Can it be pair with our smartphone to function as anti lost alarm? (When we moved away from our smartphone to/over a certain distance the band will ring or vibrate)

Can it measure blood pressure?

Please let me know, thanksn
Mr bonezyp
Would definitely buy this
I Am The Carrot
ive never bought a smartwatch before. do you think bip or cor is better for first-time buyers
Erbil forever
This or Honor Band 4?
sweety grover
honor band 4
Isfaran Ahm
Can it control music?
Robin arnaud
Is it better than the Xiaomi mi band 3?
Oleg Skay
Huami Amazfit Cor release was in September 2017 and has long been sold in stores
Call decline is not working for my band, even if I click that option call won't get disconnect ..I am using Google pixel 2 phone
Ali H. Selim
Can I sync it with Strava??
Dwi Pangestu
Mine is "dead" after 2-3 weeks of usage.
Shoeb Adnan
What should I buy? this or amazfit bip?
Raja Padala
Hey Linus, how do I keep the screen on during activity? I can't see any setting for that and the screen always turns off a few seconds after starting an activity.
Watched a few of your videos and you often mentioned you wish for more watchface. You can add many more from the internet and its not hard to add to the watch. The newer amazfit/huami band has very good selection of faces and ways to make your own. It's like u complain about not many wallpaper on your phone not realizing you can get more elsewhere.
It burns when i pvp
Thought this was cheaper than the Bip. The Bip is better in every way, based on the footage here :

+ looks like a watch
+ 40 days battery autonomy
+ €50 to 70
+ too many smartfaces
+ GPS, waterproof
+ Interchangeable wristbands
+ Looks better than the Cor, and is light as well
+ all the same features, wish it had a Swimming one though
+ Good tracker, a accurate enough

Seems to me, that the Bip for a similar price is the better choice of the Two.
Dipankar Ray
does it get translated to English??
ján česelka
Can you help me please ... Bip or Cor?
Currently I am using my band 2 and my requirements are to have a track of my activities and see my notifications , although few of my requirements are full filled by mi band2 , still notifications are not good to have on my band 2 ..

Please help me ..should I go for this band or I should stick to mi band 2
can I swim with it?
Буду брать!
Gabriel Sá Pinto
I'm looking for a replacement for my mi band 2, specially because the display has got so low lit I can't see anything during the day. Would you recommend this one, or should I wait for the mi band 3 to be announced?
Hartzz Anjellzz
are the cor still good now?
I love bts
How did you change the language to English?
Nonna El Habibi
I want to ask if I received a phone call will it appear in the watch by the name or the number...or not
bjay dy
Is this better than mi band 3? What's the difference aside from colored screen and price?
Magnetic charger?
That reminds me of pebble watches, which WAS SHUT DOWN.