REVIEW: Huawei Honor Band 3 - Smart Fitness Tracker!

HUAWEI Band 3 Smartband - HR, NFC, OLED
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Main Features:
● Perfect Personal Health Tracker: heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleeping monitors.
● Ultra-long Battery Life: it consumes less power and can generally standby for 45 days.
● Waterproof Design: 50 meters waterproof standard, suitable to use at home, office and during outdoor activities.

● Pedometer
● Heart rate monitor
● Sleeping monitor
● Alarm setting

Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.2
Waterproof: Yes
Battery Capacity: 100mAh
Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours
Standby time: 45 days
Mobile Payment through NFC
100 комментариев
Daniel Lacatus
"a little basic FCC information from XIAOMI" - heard that correctly? :) (4:10)
Faiz Zamzami
Thank you... It's very good to watch your reviews
Devansh Jha
is it ok to buy this band.🤔??
Aleksandar Tashev
Does the notification icons popup if u have some notifications? good video btw❤️
James Caylor
I'm looking for something to track my kayaking will it work with apps like that.
Fayeduzzaman Tamim
Huawei Honor Bands Is Best Band.
Roland Mesaros
notifications show text?
Pirates Setan
can u connect it's bluetooth to iPhone?
Can you adjust the band size so it's tighter?
Colin Keogh
Hi I bought used this but the strap comes easily away from watch with a tug is this normal? I removed it and put it back but still the same
Amsy Izzy
how can we change the time to normal mode? from 24hr mode to 12hr (am/pm) mode
Sheena Radha Sukumaran
Can you tell how did you Chang the Lang from Chinese to English .. it’s not working with my iPhone
Fir Daus
Does the screen scratch-able?
abby cenidoza
Honor band or gear fit 2 pro?
ARG Txby
Does your phone have to be on for everything to function or is it only for the notifications?
Ashwin Singh
It’s a smart band, you never talked about notifications and sleep tracking👎
Akmal Idrees
4:08 he says info from mi
mikey low
Worst purchase ever.... Doesn't connect and app doesn't work
Samuel Tetteh
Do u get notifications on it?
surapong thepgun
Gearbest Africa
thank you bro
Kristene Forest
HELP! I cant get my bant to connect to both apps! UGHHH
I like this review, thanks
Charan S
Nice review. TrueSleep not showing detailed analysis. Just sowing light sleep. Any help..??
Brad Macneil
Can it be worn in the shower ?
JT Cen
Great review!
Rajat Chiddarwar
How to enter into cycling mode
Venom _Yt
I lozt the chsger to it hos czn i l9cate it pls tell mde =*
Hardy Nero
Im thinking about mi band 3 or this?
Kow Labo
how long does the shpping take from china?
Alex Wong
How to reset the step counter?
Jerome Toledo
will it record when i run without my phone?
How can we change the language
FeLandert Landert
Great! Can I use it for cycling, and Strava app?
Alzena sabilla
Excuse me can you tell me how to change Chinese to English thx u
Achostic Music with Sidath
Good review for everyone! Thanks
Batido Martila
Can the smartband use on without connecting smartphone?
Мартин Мавродиев
Do you need to have a huawei honor phone to connect it?
Hamzah Dinath
Can I call with it
Good review
I cannot connect to my iPhone IOS 12
Bilal K
There is one watch called huawei band 3e ia it the same thing
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Hasanuzzaman Shoeb
Can I change the strap of this band
Does it track heartrate continuously? can I use it to switch tracks on my music app? Thanks!
Khee Hau
good video!
Dr.Husam Khalid
Does it show the calories?
G Prock
does it work with Samsung?
Eve Chuks
This review was very helpful, thank you very much appreciated.
Anant Negi
just a small amendment, usually no fitness tracker will track such things as steps uptil 10-20 times. if, it is shaken more than that then it automatically adds up the prior shakes too. hence I presume your watch shows 9 steps.
Alzena sabilla
Can you tell me how to change into English because Chinese don't understand thank you
Guilherme Borges Cunha
Can it's NFC be used for payments?
krishna chaitanya
I am not able to see caller name or number im honor band 3.can you please suggest how to enable it??
Joel Abraham
I don’t know if you can really call this a review when you just opened it.
No analog clock ?
Nalin Jayawardena
I paired it to my iPhone but the language is still Chinese, the language was not changed to English which my phone language, is there any specific thing to change the language?
aisyah8588 Baby
can chnage bracelet or not?
Nitesh Ahuja
Honor band A2 vs honor band 3 vs mi band 2....which one is best...any suggestions plzzzzzz