V SHRED: Youtube Fitness Peer Review #3

V Shred Vince Sant Channel Review.

VShred Mean Comments Video Here:

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Mario Tomic
Nailed it. Great job James. This whole series is epic!
Scott Macnab
"I like lifting until failure."
You can stop now, Vince. You reached failure a long time ago...
Every Damn Day Fitness
"That's what she said" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Chloromancer
I have no choice but to call you out on your correction of Vince's vocabulary.

Vince is a fitness professional, not a surgeon. Furthermore, he needs to communicate to his fan base in a clear and understandable manner. Expecting him to use erudite vocabulary like "legs" is a step too far.

Edit: Congrats on your first use of "bro science"!

Keep the awesome videos coming. <3
Dan Compton
"The lower part of your body..."

Literally made me spit out Marinara sauce.
Pranav R
Can he spell Mississippi?
Lloyd E
I'm glad to hear someone say 'social responsibility' :)
The One Invincible incarnation of power
It is sad and also quite disturbing that someone who spits out so much broscience, has a 30 times bigger channel than yours. Also, great content as usual and love the concept of the peer reviews!
Mutt Fitness
"It's the optimal amount of time to optimize."

They spend so much time making these videos. Why not reshoot when he messes up?
It's even generous to consider VS a peer ^^
I have been wieght training for a whole 7 weeks! And I now believe I am more qualified to train other people than vshreds!
Christian Perez
"Gym I haven't been eating the gummy bears post workout

This is so funny but I cant explain to my friends why.
"He doesn't understand," that should be tattooed on his forehead.
vince mancuso
That intro was so funny!!!! I can’t believe people take him seriously.
Grey Wolf Fitness
Sweet baby Jesus James how is V-shred still going I think his channel is more like a parody of a proper fitness channel the way he believes what he's saying MINT
Gin S
Here comes Vshredders who will attack you for wearing glasses and not looking like you lift (not just because you film your video's wearing a shirt, but also because you wear a shirt that actually has sleeves. Yes they still make such shirts).
"The optimal amount of time to optimize" - I WANT ONE!!!
Jayson Febles
Thank you for taking the "bro" out of "broscience"! Your videos are awesome and give an abundance of excellent information that's easy to understand. I also enjoy your sense of humor. Please keep doing what your doing, the internet needs more honesty in the fitness industry!
Brandon Quinones
i gagged when you referenced Jim Stoppani LOL
Do you know De way
Plz do Kenobody next.
I want to make muscular gains! And also learn how to get elbow tendinitis And learn how to romain deadlift! Haha great video bro! I was cracking up the hole time
Bruce Wayne
Vince is the David Wolfe of the fitness industry.
This tool's adds used to spam my fb, ig and YouTube quite a lot in the past a few months ago
Cassian Wong
Very high risk of offending them snowflakes. Savage in your own way 🤣🦍
Delia Peterson
"Vince and context cannot coexist in the same video" 😂

Koos Kaelo
Hi James,
Please review Tyrone the Fitness addict for us
Lift For Life
Nothing but facts here. Glad I found this channel super early. James, it's a true service you provide and you really educate us with actual factual science. Also, this is funny as hell man! Haha

I applaud you, brother.
Fat Loss: FTW!
Can you do gravity training zone? To me hes a mini v shred. Pushing incorrect nutritional info
I laughed just seeing the thumbnail wondering what you have in store for this one 😅
Thor Odinson
Vince is such a skinny loser lol. This channel is fantastic. Love the breakdown of research. Not everyone has the discernment to understand why a study is or isnt helpful. Thank you James.
Chris Cronin
Love the new peer review vids... keep them coming.
Hahahaha Omgosh. This was hilarious. Well done.
joanna prevost
T-shirt goals ! " The Optimal Time to Optimize 💪💪! 😁
Daniel Ingle
I followed advice posted about lunges from V-shred. It was about using resistance to focus the knee outward to get better activation on muscles during the exercise. The fact I have had a knee injury and the way to perform this movement, well needless to say I was lucky. I felt the agony in my knee on the first one and said "Nope". After that I really started looking and found several videos that mocked to a low degree what Jeff and Athlean X provide with much greater detail. Since then I left everything to do with V Shred be. Thankful for videos like this and great work keeping us all safer.
"struggled to burn muscle"
Great analysis. Thanks for always explaining the science based evidence on training and diet. Additionally, the humor is spectacular!
"Low on the totem pole" means very important... just so you know. False quotes make false points.
But your videos are amazing so carry on!!
Nicholas Wan
We about to go innnnnnnn
Johnny Bravo
Hahahaha! Thank you James this is gold 😂
daniel wang
You and Alan really need to meet up.
You've got ads. 👍
Flash_92 Gaming
That cease and desist letter killed me omg 😂😂😂
Corrs Raddo
36 vShred heads don't like you calling him out... Not the first time he has been called out for been a vFake.
Love this channel and you are the double of my uncle!!
i swear your videos get better and better. keep up the awesome work.
Roy Harari
"i love your vids man this is comedy gold, or as alan says "comedy that writes itself
Lerys lodonou
haha that is definatly a t-shirt :) . is it posoble to make a video about Prilepin's Chart it a good chart to use?
OMG the phone call with Jim Stoppani I almost spit my coffee out
Coath Jason Bluph Blaph Bleap Blahp's #1fan
I just want to know why no one has called out Scott herman for being the original athlean x swagger jacker
ᴛᴀʏʏɪʙ sʜᴀʜ
Great content as always
Mark D
Great vid as always. Good to see the comdey expanding in you videos in context of course😂
SOMEONE PLEASE confront him/them by person and put it on YouTube THIS HAS TO END
Liking the voice quality coming from that mic. Good choice on changing from that black one.
Johnny Bravo
Hahahaha! Thank you James this is gold 😂
Rossana Motta
V-hilarious :D Oh my, this V-guy.... can't he really find another field of work?
Thank you for making this so well articulated video!!!!
Conner Sinel
This is your best video yet. Nice job my friend!!!
As a coath Blaha says - V Shrunk!
Ariel Toron
Maybe in the next Vshred video, instead of inserting the mind into the chest, we will be shown how Vince can pull his brain out of his ass. Assuming he has one (a brain that is). Thank you for the great video James!
Jacob Armstrong
What time is it?!
Enahoro Asein
Thoughts on Athlean-X's view on bulking and cutting
Benny B
Vince the cringe machine
You should do a peer review of Jeremy Ethier
Vince is cool,he takes us back to the age of bodybuilding magazines lol the good old bullshit articles
samudra sen
I hate it when you call him a peer
Rudy Mettia
Damn James, you made me laugh so hard my coffee came out my nose.
Brad Fry
Optimal amount of time to optimize haha i dribbled my coffee a little
Can you do a video addressing if we can do upright rows safely?
He has been just ripped to shreds :P
Mária Hétszáz
"That's what she said." :'D :'D :'D
Irving Limlengco
vince and context cannot exist at the same time haha.
Marie Anna
I've been seeing some Female "fitness" booty gurus do those kettlebell elbow tendinitis workout 😂
keat van lowe
Hey James, I want my "Optimal time to Optimize" shirt!
I liked at the 6th second, while laughing hard!
Fev Ola
If you look the part you’re followed no one sees behind the bullshit.
Thankyou kind sir for ripping these blokes in such a humble entertaining manner
Pallav Panda
09:32 LMAO...I'm dying bro!
Jody Wainwright
“That’s what she said “
😂 love this dude
Fit & Forty
Keep it coming! V-shred professional fake fitness
Muhammad Asif Sheikh
Waiting for AlphaDestiny Channel review!
Doingit Wrong
Lol, the athleanx vid was absolutely about v-shred. He just doesn't want to drive any traffic to him.
Watching V-Shred try to explain basic exercises is like watching someone with a 2-digit IQ try to explain particle physics.
Hyrum Nonette Rivera
I trust BroScienceLife more than V Shred.
Keith McKeone
I could listen to you tearing down Vince and his “copy and paste” videos for hours.
Your reactions after each clip of his, and "that's what she said" comments! OMG I'm done. 🤣🤣🤣
Clockwork Anima
When you said, “Legs.” I think I peed on myself.
Brad Fry
Been watching videos in the YouTube fitness community for a while and I'm glad channels like this have come about to make things honest. The disheartening thing is that the other channels surely see this and rather than reaching out to collaborate and learn so they can bring themselves up to a higher standard they prefer to side step the issues and plow on ahead anyway. If they were big enough people to open up and learn a bit more about things and admit failings like Alan from eddf did with alpha.m people might have a little more respect for them.
Chris Bronson
"That's a T-Shirt!" Hahaha so funny.
Justin Y's Disciple
*"Thats what she said"* - Shredded Sports Science 2018. Epic vid btw :D
but if vshred stop making workout vids we won't get any more jessie the instagram model skits
jungle heat
I can't stop watching this, over and over
Radoslav Raychev
The part with a thinking cap almost kill me. I suggest we all put one when watching vshred videos so we can get what he is trying to teach us. Or at least to have some chance
Oops nope no way...
I always come to your videos for information, cause you are great at it. However, this is a full on roast done in a very sublime manner. Absolutely Love it!!! Brilliant work James!
Vardas pavarde
Iam realy struguling burn muscule because Im getting stronger
Love your vids bro. Straight knowledge.
jungle heat
thanks for making me laugh.. really funny
Excellent and informative review. Thank you!
Chris Silva
Lmfao bro-science 🤣 rectus abdominals. You just saved me time and money thank you
Marc Wittkowski
"Of course you are, Vince."
Amazing comedic value. Why am I not subscribed to you yet?
Ryan Jones
You're awesome. I always thought that Vince dude was full of shit! 😂
I need that t-shirt. Sounds like one of those (absolute gems) Japanese shirts with made up English inspirational quotes, such as "Music of heart, it is live forever" 😂